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>read about the infamous Suda51-penned suicide ending of pic related
>suddenly reminded of Chris Benoit double murder-suicide

Wrasslin' thread I guess.

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Fire Pro games are some of the best, same with the AKI/THQ games. Pic related was my fave even though I'm not a huge puroresu guy. Having the AJPW, Americans and people like Hayabusa and Great Sausuke in the same game was a lot of fun. After virtual pro my list would go wm2000, revenge, no mercy, world tour. I also really liked the Extreme Warfare games, even though my favorite(revenge) isn't retro. Best memory of virtual pro was a 60 minute triple threat I had with 2 of my buddies. Last 3 minutes were people getting stunned and barely breaking the pin. It was almost a win; one of us got our special, hit the finisher on both of us back to back, pinned the first guy he hit, I couldn't get up, but the clock ran out before the 3 count. Time limit draw. Everyone in the room lost their shit. It wasn't uncommon for us to have 45+ minute matches after we all got the reversal timings down and learned eachothers patterns.

There's a new fire pro out on steam but I haven't played it yet because I'm not nearly as into wrestling as I was back then. Looks similar to FPWR, which was my favorite in the series(but also not retro).

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I was pretty late to the party with the Fire Pro Wrestling games or japanese wrestling games altogether.

But I got bored with the formulaic western Beat'em ups that called themselves "Wrestling Games" and thus got into japanese wrestling after I decided to stop playing western wrestling games after the abysmal Smackdown vs. RAW (on PS2).

So over time I bought all the classics for the Dreamcast, PS1 and PS2 (I never owned a N64, so no AKI games for me). And I really liked most of the games, even the ones by Yuke's, the black sheep of the genre (NJPW: Toukon Retsuden Series).

I really loved playing games like Giant Gram 2 and Giant Gram 2000, Toukon Retsuden 4 and of course Fire Pro Wrestling D on the Dreamcast.

I also enjoyed Fire Pro Wrestling G on the PS1 and by far the best PS1 wrestling game (and last game by Human Entertainment) AJPW: King's Soul, but also stuff like the womens wrestling of "Zen Nihon Joshi Pro Wres: Joou Densetsu: Yume no Taikousen".

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Also the PS2 was the peak of the genre with games like Fire Pro Wrestling Returns, King of Colosseum or Squaresofts All Star Pro Wrestling III.

I enjoyed all of them, either the sim-heavy Fire Pro and King of Colosseum games and the more "arcady" All Star Pro Wrestling, but especially All Star Pro Wrestling III.

King of Colosseum II clearly was the best wrestling game on the system (but not the best looking one, that prize goes to ASPW3). But I liked All Star Pro Wrestling III enough to go through it's mediocre career mode again and again to make many wrestler edits and even wrote an (incomplete) move list translation, despite not speaking japanese at all.

To bad that the genre died quickly after it's success on the PS2. Most of the wrestling games since then were crap (since the PS2 era, I never played a WWE game again) and only Fire Pro Wrestling World looks promising. After all these years I might finally play a wrestling game again when it comes out on the PS4.

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