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I got a screencap of this before he removed it:

When is Twin Galaxies going to drum out that retard?

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Well, that does prove it.

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I remember that. I threw that line in there for a laugh one time.

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>When is Twin Galaxies going to drum out that retard?
Doesn't he actually own a large portion of Twin Galaxies?

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He used to, but it got sold to a group of investors. I'm not sure what his exact financial stakes in the company are now,

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You guys are expending way too much energy on being mad about this guy. What, did you really look up to him that much?

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What's funny is Mitchell genuinely doesn't give a shit outside of the press he gets. He's all about his hot sauce and his restaurants. They serve okay bar food.

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Twin Galaxies is a swamp and it needs to be drained.

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Are you kidding? He's used his supposed high scores to sell his hot sauce. Then he goes around acting like a moral authority off of his ill-gotten gains. Plus cheaters shouldn't get credit while the real winners are swept under the rug.

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I just want a verdict.
I never gave a fuck about this guy or todd rogers until about 2 months ago or maybe even less, but now that I've heard about the story, I want a resolution.

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I grew a mullet because of him. I endured being called a flag-tie-wearing faggott for most of my life because I wanted to be like him. And now it was all for nothing.

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The scoreboard that actually matters made their decision ages ago. All his 1m+ scores have been removed.

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who is.. the king... of kong...

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Supposedly we'll get one on the 7th because they said on the 27th that they'd be done in ten days.

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they already, not surprisingly, threw away that deadline. Twin Galaxies is an abortion and Jace is every bit of a huckster as Walter Day was

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Guinness needs to dump TG ASAP. TG is mostly a place where cheating cronies conspire against honest players. We'll see what happens tomorrow and if they indeed tossed the deadline, someone ought to dox the fuck out of them and more.

Not only is TG incompetent and corrupt, but their website is one of the most unintuitive trash sites I've ever witnessed. They make it near impossible to check some scores and their "maintenance" seems to break functionality more than it fixes, so they're lousy all around.

Back to Guinness, it's sad that the fat fuck in charge over there fell in love with Walter Day, but it happened. How can we get Guinness to realize that we don't need TG "expertise"?

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Guinness doesn't have the expertise on their own, so for arcade records they need to outsource to someone. If you know another institution that can hold their hands other than TG, you should write into then and suggest it. If a lot of people complained about TG-based records in Guinness, they would do something about it.

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That institution would have to be created and comprised of arcade game collectors. Or, Guinness could simply take their heads out of their asses and hire an arcade collector/enthusiast whose statements can be readily verified or debunked by the classic gaming community at large via youtube. Seriously, it's not that hard to weed through the pretenders because the real experts will chime in and make their feelings known, as they often do.

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Or, instead of what I just posted, maybe Guinness could hire the folks from the Donkey Kong leaderboards website. They're already proven their ability to discern real arcade gameplay from MAME. They've earned their credibility through hardcore proof, so if they applied the same tests to other classic games, I say we'd be golden.

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Could someone redpill me on Twin Galaxys?
Shouldnt Twin Galaxy be removed?
I mean all they have is their integrity and they already lost it completely, didnt they?
And their function is to track the records of speedrunning and make sure its done without cheating but they seem to be corrupt, so why does anyone still trust them?

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>Billy Mitchell used to own part of Twin Galaxies.
>new owner says that BM has not been connected to TG in any way since 2014
>BM suing the Youtuber who exposed him as a fraud
>TG taking their sweet time in stripping BM's fraudulent scores

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Verdict won't matter cause based Billy will do a live world record just to blow everyone the fuck out if they accuse him of cheating. Wouldn't be shocked if he intentionally sent bogus scores cause he got bored and needed a new reason to showboat.

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Why the fuck does playing video games well mean he gets a fucking wikipedia page. I masturbate better than anyone on the planet and I don't have a wikipedia page.

This shit's not fair.

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Your tits are hot, Billy's wife.

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You need to start masturbating in public, or at least on camera. How is anyone supposed to record your accomplishments if they don't even know who you are?

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Twin Galaxies doesn't have much of anything to do with speedrunning anymore. Speedrunners got fed up with their bullshit long ago and left for Speed Demos Archive, then speedrun.com. Unfortunately, arcade score chasers don't really have another centralized database they can migrate to, and past efforts to get one started all fizzled out, so for now they're stuck with TG and various game-specific leaderboards. Though maybe now with all the recent drama, someone will step up and create a good replacement.

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Im the FAPMASTER! My hand is the extention of my imagination and i can create worlds with my masturbation. Asians, blacks, fisting, bestiality, whatever I travel the world of porn and explore it like a guru travels between astral planes. In the miyoshin-ji temple in japan i learned over 350 masturbation techniques plus the 30 secret techniques available only to the CHOSEN ONE. Fapmaster!! You think i care about mortal fun? I can cum over 10 times and thats just in one day. What about you? You are pathetic.Cumming only 1 time a day. I came about 4 times a day in my first semester of The Elite Swiss Fapacademy in Bern. My hand guides my cock and my imagination gives me the feeling of real sex. Im not afraid to face new challanges since I cum for glory and epic. Im a winner!

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You're playing a dangerous game, Fapmaster. One time I tried to cum five times in one sitting, and the last two were absolute misery. Never again.

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Wow, you sure showed him!

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I didn't do it. Many people detest him, you know. Also, it looks like Twin Galaxies is as full of shit or worse than when Walter Day and Mitchell were in charge. The new owner said they'd reach a decision in ten days, and I guess he lied.

Someone please help come up with an alternative to TG for Guinness. It's like McDonald's being in charge of everyone's World Record Hamburgers! YAY!

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*March 27-April 7-2018 R.I.P. Twin Galaxy's credibility.

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Waiting for that announcement, Jace.

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Jace, if you don't make an announcement today, your credibility concerning Twin Galaxies ability to be the objective arbiter of official video game scores is done. Over.

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They never had any. They were always self-appointed cretins handing out world records to eachother.

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>be a sad pathetic wreck
>try to look like a famous video game player in order to impress people
>be even more of a sad pathetic wreck
>turns out the famous video game player was a fraud
>be EVEN MORE of a sad pathetic wreck

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This. If you want to oust Billy, then you have to oust Twin Galaxies too. There needs to be a new record-keeping organization made that competes & ultimately supplants them.

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Then what we need is just one major arcade and its owners to do just that. I've been wanting TG out of the picture because of their corruption for years.

Jace Hall-fuck you. Damn liar.

True, but back then there was no one else, but now we got choices, and according to them (and they may have lied again) is that Billy and Walter have had nothing to do with TG since 2014. Personally, I think they're lying and receiving financial support from Billy which is one of the reasons why they don't bounce his scores immediately, and perhaps from the threat of a lawsuit as Billy is suing one of the guys who busted him on his cheating.

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>thinking someone would actually emulate Billy Mitchell throughout their life and isn't simply joking


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>emulate Billy Mitchell
>not playing on original hardware the the developers intended

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Underrated post

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from Jace last night -

"We have been doing a final evaluation on all the presented evidence and should have a final decision ready either late evening tomorrow, or the following day. "

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It s the beginning of the end...


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just saw this to fucking kek

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Apollo Legend is back...


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Billy "The Scumbag" Mitchell and Joel "Ron Bailey molested me" West are both threatening to sue Twin Galaxies. Heh. Fuck 'em. And Fuck TG for putting up their bullshit, they ought to have made a an easy ruling against Mitchell months ago as the proof is myriad and completely damning. Most of those old guard guys either aren't gaming anymore or lost their abilities or both and it's crystal clear that BM (how fitting) is no exception.

Side note, I'm going to make a badly needed reedit of "Chasing Ghosts Beyond the Arcade" to completely remove Bailey, and to reedit Mruczek's portions.

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For video of BM being a coward^

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No one cares enough to do this. The only people that care enough about this are in the organization themselves. Once all these people in twin galaxies die twin galaxies will die too. Which means one and only one thing brother..

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That's untrue. An arcade owner in Austin is considering that right now, but he needs backing and without that he won't do it. It's a huge undertaking and they know it.

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>emulate Billy Mitchell

fuck, even his FANS cheat

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>Based on the complete body of evidence presented in this official dispute thread, Twin Galaxies administrative staff has unanimously decided to remove all of Billy Mitchell’s’ scores as well as ban him from participating in our competitive leaderboards.
>With this ruling Twin Galaxies can no longer recognize Billy Mitchell as the 1st million point Donkey Kong record holder. According to our findings, Steve Wiebe would be the official 1st million point record holder.
>We have notified Guinness World Records of our decision.

Billy Mitchell on suicide watch

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Maybe HE'LL be the one trying to make a new score-keeping organization to try and overthrow TG.

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It's over. Billy boy just got all his records stripped.


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This video gave me cancer.

That was the most boring shit I ever seen.

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It's fascinating. Too bad you're forced to come into threads like this.

Anyway, I bet ol' Roy Shidlt is feeling pretty good today. I wonder how many people realize that the very tape that had that distortion (which was witnessed live regardless of said movie's dramatizations) was MAME? Billy is such a joke. What happened is that he lost the ability to play at the higher levels as far back as the 1980s. Sad, but it happens all the time,many great players lose their skills, yet I would hope that most don't stoop to cheating to artificially keep their edge.

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It's the youtuber fault, I'm watching another video and what is happening (as it's the first time I heard about this) is more clear now.

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Ah, I see, I see, said the blind man as he walked into a telephone pole!

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You should try one of these.

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even his Pac Man perfect play?

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fuck off billy mitchell. shouldn't you be running a restaurant or molesting children instead of being here? or you on a break?

>> No.4709219

that's because he's retarded. I see a common thread with these compulsive lying americans: they believe their own lies and don't care.

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Get a sense of humor, anon. (funny pic, dough)

Not that anon, but yes. All of BM's scores have been removed. Besides, another guy achieved a perfect Pac-Man, yet was denied his rank because of BM and his sycophants who owned TG at the time.

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im so fucking happy im about to burst. ahahaha. made my day.

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Billy forehead Mitchell gonna an hero

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>Steve Wiebe is now the official first Million Point record holder for Donkey Kong. For those cheering for the underdog all these years, that’s a huge deal!

Awesome. Congrats to Steve, this is long overdue.

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Steve Wiebe will always be the real King of Kong.

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His page today said "formerly" next to where it says "Pac-Man and "Donkey Kong" under his picture on the right. Wikipedia is so stupid, why get rid of that, he cheated and his page ought to reflect that. Or is Billy himself that pathetic? His fans are pathetic.

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>Steve Wiebe would be the official 1st million point record holder.

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We should have a /vr/ Watches King of Kong stream to celebrate. The movie should be absolutely hilarious now in hindsight.

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>Billy Mitchell is finally outed as a fraud
>nobody can deny this anymore
>all records officially expunged
>Steve Wiebe officially known as the first million point record holder
>this is a real thing that actually happened


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>The worse thing that could happen would be to give somebody the credibility of a score that doesn't deserve it.

>Billy Mitchell

:D good times.

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Watching now, can confirm. Hysterical. Billy Mitchell looks like such a turd.

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just listening to his answers when questioned about cheating and MAME, he's obviously being evasive and is guilty as hell

but something from the infamous east side dave show interview kinda stuck with me. dave pointed out that billy is like a heel in wrestling. billy plays up what a goliath figure he is and you're supposed to hate him, and that drama brings more attention to the DK world record overall. dave claims that billy has always been a nice guy to him every time he's interviewed him for radio over the years. also dave obviously knows NOTHING about the intricacies of the scandal, and doesn't even know what MAME or emulation is, but is aware of the DK world record because of the mitchell vs wiebe rivalray and mitchell's heel persona.

tldr: we're being played. billy doesn't care about the record at all, and just wants headlines for himself and the TG scene as a whole. dave instinctually grasps this while we argue about whether he actually cheated

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Do you know if the guy in the pic is the guy who raped his daughter and is confirmed to be in the King of Kong? He looks like he's in a cell and wearing prison issue clothing and there's an echo..

I could be wrong about pic related, but one of those guys raped his own daughter, sadly that much has been confirmed.

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> windows 10

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Billy Mitchell chumpatized himself.

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You've been watching too much wrestling if you think this latest bout isn't serious.

>> No.4709660

wow. your insight into all of this is amazingly poor. not even a great job trying to deflect criticism from billy. you just copped out altogether and went for the fantasy/lets make up any old bullshit route! you gave it a shot.. but you've failed miserably. sorry, idiot. there is no coming back for billy.

>> No.4709670

Yeah, this isn't some rasslefag storyline. It's over for both Billy and Todd, and most likely TG as a whole. At least the latter were finally embarrassed enough to take action against several decades of cliquish bullshit that they've KNOWN was bullshit for at least as long. Real talk, these guys started telling and living these lies during a time when the methods and evidence used to expose them were little more than science fiction.

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no big surprise.

most retrogaming entrepreneurs are scam artists and conmen.

outrageous prices for hoarded shitty carts.
$150 shitty rgb cables that cost $1 to make in china
selling shitty repros as brand new
selling shitty knockoff emulator boxes

an entire industry built off the art of the con.

most of /vr is f the donald trump school of business. grifters, conmen, faggot beta cucks

>> No.4709696

>[TG] were finally embarrassed enough to take action
Or they finally realized that, amidst the growing mountain of damning evidence and public scrutiny, they'd have to toss their meal ticket under the bus in order to have any chance in hell of salvaging their reputation and brand. I'm sure they didn't want to, but at this point they didn't really have a choice in the matter.

>> No.4709706

Tell us how you really feel, anon.

>> No.4709735

>an entire industry built off the art of the con.
That's...completely true. Nolan Bushnell stole Ralph Baer's table tennis game used in the Odyssey and used it for Pong in 1972 and became the first SUCCESSFUL arcade video game, but not the first video arcade game with such honor going to Computer Space (1971)...which was stolen from MIT's "Spacewar" [sic] on their PDP-1 computer in 1962.

>> No.4709758

In 2018, there really isn't anything wrong with VLC anymore.

You are right about windows 10, however.

>> No.4709794

> Nolan Bushnell stole
then was forced to license it from magnavox in a deal which would have also given magnavox rights to other things atari made over a peroid of time. atari's lawyers withheld information from magnavox's lawyers until the time period was over, so rights of any new products weren't automatically given to magnavox. if atari complied with the orders, they might not have existed as we now know them today. it would have killed them off entirely.

only people that seem to complain about windows 10 are people that don't have windows 10 or have no idea how to use a computer.

>> No.4709796

>only people that seem to complain about windows 10 are people that don't have windows 10 or have no idea how to use a computer.
Well excuse me for not wanting to sell my soul to the devil in an EULA.

>> No.4709837

>we reserve the right to collect upload retain and sell as much data on you as we possibly can every chance we can get
>click here to accept these terms
Yeah, nah. I'm good on that.

>> No.4709912

>only people that seem to complain about windows 10 are people that don't have windows 10 or have no idea how to use a computer.
I have Windows 10 and complain about it all the time. I'd go back to 7 if I could, but I have hardware that only works properly in 10, so I'm stuck.

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>always the guy
>never credit fed
>goes home to a buxom trophy wife every day
>too busy cooking hot sauce to play babby games
>first to conquer pac-man
>undisputed champion for 20 years
>bullied beta Wiebe into submission
>upsets the autistic internet by using MAME

Has there ever been a more deserving /ourguy/ in /vr/ history?

>> No.4710340

dude got a fucking 8head

>> No.4710445

>never credit fed
Of course he didn't. You never have to with MAME.

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I have windows 10 on my laptop. It's dogshit

Windows 7 is still best.

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considering the amount of compulsive lying americans that have flooded this board over the last year, he'd fit right in here.

>>upsets the autistic internet by using MAME
thanks for your valuable contribution helping to make old gaming as shit as it possibly can get, billy.

>> No.4711587

Arcade games in general are cons. The whole industry was scummy as fuq.

>> No.4711991

Wtf are you on about

>> No.4711994

So who's left? Is there any other famous record holders within Twin Galaxies who have the potential to be brought down for cheating?

>> No.4712353

First Twin Galaxies, next Comet Ping Pong

>> No.4712408

They're hypocrites. It's the kind of person that spends several thousand on a computer, but they think that someone who paid 2000 bucks max for an old arcade game is a rich elitist. And now that Billy Mitchell was caught using MAME in the ARCADE CABINET CATEGORY (caps for the 'tards) he was disqualified, and those same brainlets now mistakenly believe that using MAME is not allowed for a world record, which it is, but it's for the MAME category and not real hardware. Don't fucking lie and you'll be fine.

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File: 1.38 MB, 1920x1080, king of kong prison shot.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can someone please confirm or deny that the room that guy is in is a prison room of some sort? Seems like a prison interview to me. Look at his clothes, look at the monitor. One of the Twin Galaxies guys was absolutely arrested and sentenced to prison time for raping his own daughter-of whom can be seen at TG events with her dad and Billy Mitchell, who didn't seem to mind giving accolades to such a creature.

>> No.4712551

This is all I could readily find from reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/speedrun/comments/7srsxf/twin_galaxies_response_to_the_apollo_legend_video/

He was being interviewed in prison. And he was just ANOTHER guy who was a pedo/rapist. Ugh. I had no idea The King of Kong featured so many despicable "people". Fuck Billy Mitchell and Walter Day for associating with them and allowing them to be celebrated regardless of their crimes against humanity.

>> No.4712567

Billy Mitchell is a hack-fraud conman

>> No.4712704

Make Arcades Great Again.

>> No.4714559

Mr awesome seen creaming his pants

>> No.4714565

Question about all the Billy Mitchel and Todd Rogers stuff

Were the two of them quiet before all this began, only being exposed for their past fraud, or had they been loud and boastful recently which led people to dig up their records and realize they were frauds?

>> No.4714630

They were the same.

>> No.4715103


>> No.4715191

Big nothing burger

>> No.4715285

Who cares what his fucking lame ass excuse is? He's officially off the records, and he's not coming back.

>> No.4715313

How can you live with that many tabs open?

>> No.4715374

I have a theory that Billy Mitchell isn't as evil as people make him out to be, that he's really a victim of circumstance and then became "too big to fail."

I think some of his original world records were recorded incorrectly, but because he's a dirty rotten cheater, but out of human error in the days before video game runs were recorded. He is pretty good at 80's arcade games, but the small errors in recording records made him larger than life that he, himself, believed was all true.

I think at some point he HAD start cheating so that he could keep up with his own legend that only occurred by mistake.

>> No.4716491

Not him, but I'm guessing it's some lazy loading extension. Basically, tabs don't actually load into memory unless you click on them, and they automatically unload if you haven't clicked on them in a while.

>> No.4716527

Wikipedia is based on 'notability'. Mitchell has newspaper articles and documentaries about him, which are 'notable sources'.

So, you need to have 'notable' news etc coverage of your wanking exploits to get on wikipedia. It's not impossible, people DID get on wikipedia for masturbation if it was notable.


>> No.4716950

>Billy Mitchell stopped being great at arcade games once he became an adult

His entire adult "career" of video games is a fraud. He has no great ability left. Look at his face-you that is not the face of a winner with amazing skills, no that's the face and the words of a desperate man who's out of juice.

>> No.4716957

Heh, sounded like Joe Pesci for a second. "Look at his face-you that is not the face of a winner (you,muddafucka, you)..."

>> No.4716965

>a desperate man who's out of juice.
But plenty of sauce.

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File: 1.56 MB, 1920x1080, hey billy.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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I have windows 7 on my laptop. It's dogshit

Windows 2000 is still best.

>> No.4719569

One man challenged the world and won.

>> No.4721213

With any luck, the independent investigation will uncover the real culprits who are to blame.

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