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Now that the dust has settled, which was the better game?

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They're not even comparable games you mong

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pic related outshines both of them

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not retro but this one is best

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Can't you read, or need your eyes checked? There's literally one letter difference between those games. One measly letter.

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The only time I see Loom on this board and it's in a shitty thread like this...

Loom is basically the greatest. I still actively think about it and quote it to this day. Played through it multiple times just because I love the art and the voice acting (and the music, of course).

A shame the fan- made sequel has such a horrifically awkward feeling casting mechanic.

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>and the voice acting

Looks like you played the worst version.

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the only Loom I played was the TurboGrafx version, how fucked am I

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> 1st person game has 3rd person box art and vice versa

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The Doom boxart is first person. The gun at the botton of the art belongs to you.

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Doom was more influential. But Loom is a fucking masterpiece and I can't stand people who shit on it. Lucasarts should have tried more interesting point-and-click interaction schemes.

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Loom is actually the perfect of example of a game so much ahead of its time it ultimately worked against it.

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Loom is actually the perfect example of a game so much ahead of its time it ultimately worked against it.

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it's sucks that the boom games pretty much hurt the show's chance for a third season.

it's was probably the best sonic cartoon

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Unless it's the demon arm on the lower right the one that belongs to you and you were the demons all along

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I don't play fantasy adventures. I'm not a queer.

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Step aside, youngfags.

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I'd probably had to say Loom, but I'm pretty certain Doom was the more popular one.

I still play Loom once in a while. Gives me shivers.

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A good indication of how revolutionary and unique it was is how fucking assblasted were other developers about it

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I used to always read adventure gamers claiming Loom was the worst LucasArts adventure. An acquired taste.

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I love both. Can't compare them. Neither are a particular favorite so I don't lean more toward either.

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Honesty the objective worst, not counting the last Monkey Island, is Zak McKracken. It's practically a Sierra game

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what the fuck is a loom

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Gloom is the better one...

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Giving me some Dark Forces vibes right there.

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A word most kids know by age 8

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That was so pathetic.

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