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> When we were stuck on talk of the spectacular 3D graphics of Mario 64 and racing games, we saw a huge hit in the form of Tamagotchi — a tiny key chain boasting pictures made up of no more than 10 or 20 dots. At that time, I thought that Mario 64 had lost to Tamagochi. [laughs. Miyamoto quickly adds in English: "I'm serious."]

Was 3D a mistake?

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>piss off Square, Namco in SNES era
>delay N64 for ages
>go cartridge with N64 for muh royalties
>yamauchi opens his mouth
>"let's weed out bad developers with memory limitations and difficult to program for hardware"
>"only the best shall rise to the top, we only need those"
>jap devs unimpressed
>panick and announce 64DD disc add-on with more storage

>Nintendo tries to get a Mario Paint by Nintendo of America to N64DD exclusivity
>NoA says we won't release N64DD and will port any games for it to normal N64
>NoJ gets pissy, make their own Mario Paint (Mario no Photopi)
>not enough for NoJ, get control of NoA's Mario Paint
>throw away most of the work, retool it as Mario Artist and a 64DD exclusive and Jp only
>never release half of it
>some jp third party devs interested in N64DD
>Nintendo goes lolno, 64DD disc maxes out at 64MB anyways cause we never changed our mind
>Hudson, Square and even Enix who had Dragon Quest 7 N64 already in the oven lose interest
>Nintendo goes welp, no one is interested anyways
>cancel N64DD, more like delay it as a joke mail-order release when DreamCast and PS2 are out
>screws over jp third parties who really believed in N64DD

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NOA was in the right. Fuck disc based storage pre-sixth gen. I want to play a fucking game, not stare at a long loading screen every few minutes just so I can watch a FMV cutscene at the beginning of the game.

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>yamauchi opens his damn mouth again
>"jrpgs are by loser developers for basement dwellers"
>"we announce our dream team of third parties"
>"none of them are japanese"
>japan third party support deader than the pc-fx
>Nintendo later did their best to scare away the western ones (some did GTA like two years later)
>Capcom tries to support the N64 after Sony tried to screw them over with Resident Evil and Mega Man 8
>but Saturn is dead
>rely on euro demoscene wizards to get it done because N64 cart limitations are so shit

>a wild N64 emulator on PC appears
>it's shitty but the N64 had so few worthwhile exclusives that was enough to run them well
>nintendo lawyers send passive aggressive letters to emulator devs
>but damage is done and after Sony's lawsuit precedent they can do nothing

>N64 is so obtuse to program rare got some jp hardware designer scribbles IN 2001 to understand shaders
>most of Zelda, Mother development wasted on fighting the hardware and 3D modeling
>games announced in 1996 never releasing or delayed to 99/00
>Intelligent Systems just gave up on Fire Emblem and Advance Wars 64 and sticked to the SNES as late as 2000
>Nintendo cuts budgets of Fire Emblem Jugdral to incentivize them to go for N64
>Kaga jumps ship to PS1 and programs and ships a working Fire Emblem less than one year later
>Nintendo is pissed and sues him
>Establishes yet another legal precedent that developers can pull an Inafune
>Many court-shy japanese devs start jumping ship after that

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Imagine being buttblasted enough to bother writing all of this. You also managed to forget:
>didn't have any JRPGs because it's a shit genre and nothing of value was lost
>weeding out devs actually ended up working and the console had the best games of the gen
>proper controls for every game, no loading times, built like a rock, best console for multiplayer, all for only $200
But keep on crying about big bad Yamauchi and how he didn't pander to your need for more cringe anime games. N64 was a fucking awesome console.

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>had a GBA level handheld successor for the Game Boy ready by 1996
>think another game boy that has still worse graphics than the game gear is good enough
>they had a virtual boy toy that's not ready yet and can't even do RGB and has seizure inducing 3D
>their best handheld engineer says it's not ready yet
>execs say do it
>punish engineer
>engineer jumps shit and develops the GBA level thing for Bandai for like 50 bucks, cheaper than a GBC game
>even designs good games for it
>Bandai and Square and Sony ally to screw over Nintendo
>Final Fantasy ports with 16 bit graphics on WonderSwan timed street release day with Dragon Quest ports on the GBC
>Most good anime licenses on PS1 and WonderSwan
>Even Sony throws the WonderSwan a bone with Arc the Lad
>Nintendo panics and buys some anime licenses to do it themselves, results trash
>Truck-kun gets engineer, only reason nintendo was not assblasted
>They have time to release the GBA barely
>rushed with awful sound and direct Mario ports
>again screwed over first parties and second parties working on N64 and GBC cancelling all ongoing projects
>again panic when Sony does the PSP and rush the DS out
>only reason DS turned out ok because Iwata was not an asshole to third parties and Sony was, on top of incompetence

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>I want to play a fucking game, not stare at a long loading screen every few minutes just so I can watch a FMV cutscene at the beginning of the game.

Developers who weren't lazy got around this by organizing files on the disc in optimal locations for reading when they'd be needed.

See: Crash Bandicoot

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>implying crash didn't have loading times
>implying most devs would even bother doing this
>implying anybody would want to play crash anyway

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You guys are basically proving that Yamauchi was an asshole and a fucking cancer for Nintendo. Thank god he stepped down.

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>and how he didn't pander to your need for more cringe anime games
But he did, see last part >>4690737
He was just being a big tsundere and ended up with Shueisha's leftover licenses and 3D so repulsive they cancelled Mother 64.

>N64 was a fucking awesome console.
Sure sweetheart, whatever helps you sleep.

It was the peak of their glory in Japan and the beginning of amazing western third party support in the west by everyone to this very day, nes and snes had nothing on the success of the N64, they sure capitalized on those NOT

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N64 was good DESPITE of Yamauchi. Even so, there's nothing wrong with more options and more games to play. N64 lacked too much genres (RPG and Fighting virtually inexistent for example) and Yamauchi is at fault for that.

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>But he did
Yeah, no, he didn't.
>Sure sweetheart, whatever helps you sleep.
Talking like a homosexual doesn't really make the N64 any less of a good console, just letting you know.
No it was good BECAUSE of him. Also, it didn't lack "too much genres", it literally lacked the two you just mentioned. JRPGs and fighters are both ass, so again, nothing of value was lost. In every other genre the N64 creamed the competition. The best shooters, best platformers, best racers, best puzzlers, best adventure games, best everything really. Ironically though, despite not having many fighters, it still had the best. Paper Mario alone is better than any JRPG on competing systems, and Killer Instinct is a better fighter too.

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I forgot to mention this, NoA did not release the N64DD because they found it pointless since they already had 64MB cartridges and the software simply was not there for it yet.
They were lazy with expansions before (the Famicom lottery add-on had a very limited location test in the US and Satellaview fell to logistical issues) but they had a point here. Nintendo Japan tried to get them to sell it as late as September 1999 AFTER the US cancellation announcement.

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Projection much?

>Tottoko Hamutarou
>Game Boy Color, GBA
>Producer: Shigeru Miyamoto
>Retsu and Go
>Super Famicom
>Phantom Zona
>as appealing as cancer

Only third party anime game I can think of in the GBC era was that Moomins game, not counting what were games first (lest I count Pokemon and Medabots) Now get that head out of your asshole

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Oh yeah, oh yeah, and that Kimba game they tried to make for the N64 since that had zero licensed anime games only for them to fail because their own hardware was too obtuse to develop for.

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Literally none of this has anything to do with the N64. What spectrum disorder are you suffering from?

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The real sign of desperation was not just when they had no one to develop licensed anime jank for their systems and had to do it on their own, but when for their arcade system, the Aleck64, which had an equally pathetic library, like every failing janaese hardware maker they allowed a softcore porn game, Vivid Dolls. Let that sink in for a minute. Actual porn.

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>posting all of this in a thread that doesn't even have anything to do with it
>literally having a conversation with yourself
You don't even see why this is disturbing, do you? Are you a Saturn fan by any chance?

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Being a Yamauchi fan is far more moronic.
Even Nintendo employees openly mock him.
Ever wondered who Andross was modeled after?

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>being a Yamauchi fan is more moronic than posting an essay's worth of text about how you hate a company in a thread that has nothing to do with said topic, and then literally talking to yourself
Get help.

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>topic about nintendo impressed by tamagochi graphics
>comments about how when they took that graphics don't matter to the extreme they screwed over themselves
>d-d-don't be mean to Ninty
>must be Segata Sanshiro and Kaz Hirai shitposting here
that persecution complex

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>comments about how when they took that graphics don't matter to the extreme they screwed over themselves
I think you mean literally 8,000 characters worth of opinion. I repeat, get help.

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>Was 3D a mistake?

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t. 45 year old virgin that grew up playing arcade games and thinks anything with three dimensions is automatically bad because it doesn't remind him of the one time in his life he wasn't a fat faggot

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>their own hardware was too obtuse
N64 hardware was not obtuse. It was just hard to get z-buffered performance out of it due out hte memory setup.

>> No.4690848

t. I need to cope with different opinions.

>> No.4690852

>t. I need to cope with different opinions.
Why the fuck would I "cope" with an autistic exclusionist opinion that labels anything with fucking three-dimensional graphic as a "mistake"? I mean shit, imagine being that retarded.

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It was you the person that posted that lenghty explanation on why someone else would think 3D was a mistake. Autisic and retarded defines your own persona.

>> No.4690859

>It was you the person that posted that lenghty explanation on why someone else would think 3D was a mistake.
When was that? The one sentence I typed telling you that you're a retard for calling all 3D games a mistake?
>Autisic and retarded defines your own persona.
No they literally define you.

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When I was a kid, I loved Disney's The Fox and the Hound. It was dull, overly melodramatic, lacking memorable songs and character and too sugary for its own good, but I was like 7 and didn't care. Then I grew up and looked for reviews out of curiosity. People who watched it as kids were giving 9/10 scores. People who didn't, 6/10.

That was my blog like and subscribe.

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>was 3d a mistake?
No, it was the right thing to do at the time.
There's the answer for the op's thread.
Amazing how you guys can't stop writing long ass shit about stuff nobody asked in first place.

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You're a dumb cunt mate

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>Thinks this is about graphics

Shit you're dumb.

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did you know Hiroshi Yamauchi wasn't actually a human being? He was a vessel that enclosed 7 yakuza oni spirits from 7 different regions in Japan. These oni monopolized the gambling in Japan with the hanafuda Nintendo cards and put a spell so that no other company could produce cards, truly evil.

Yamauchi, often referred to as "大魔王 ティラノ天堂" (Great Evil King Tyranotendo), tyranized the video games market with his monopolic practises, it is said that the Master System or the PC Engine didn't actually ever exist, and that they were invented time after so hide the fact that the Famicom was actually the one and only console existing in Japan.

>> No.4691548

>大魔王 ティラノ天堂

>> No.4691572

>JRPGs and fighters are both ass
>Paper Mario is better than Final Fantasy VII
>Killer Instinct is better than Street Fighter Alpha 3
This is why you're a faggot

>> No.4691576

You're talking to a guy whose response to having his argument thoroughly destroyed is "g-get help!"

>> No.4691587

>This is why you're a faggot
Not liking cringe anime games makes me a faggot? That's a new one.
>post wall after wall of text
>literally talk to yourself for half an hour
>get told you're a faggot and need help
>"i have destroyed your argument"
The only thing you've destroyed is all but one, final, struggling braincell thanks to how many paint chips you clearly eat.

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>not kwnowing that pasta
>japanese never use katakana

>> No.4691661

>disses JRPGs and fighters
>litterally ying and yang in videogaming
>"but it had a bunch of shooters and puzzlers and adventurers"
I give you the 3d platformers, but it couldn't compete in the 2d department. Racers were all shit before gen 6. Shooters are boring hitscan sims, puzzlers are JRPGs without story (which is pretty much the only redeeming factor about them), adventure games are mostly action games for scrubs.
Paper mario is only slightly good if you like mario, the gameplay doesn't accomplish anything noteworthy by itself.
KI is good, but nowhere near anything ever made by Capcom or SNK.

>> No.4691675

>Paper mario is only slightly good if you like mario
Not that anon, but I think Paper Mario is one of the best JRPGs from 5th gen, and I'm not that big of a Mario fan outside of the 2D classic games.

>> No.4691695

Really? I like mario and still saw it as generic but with gimmicks. None of it felt like it was as groundbreaking as people usually call it, it just looked like it had colored sprinkles instead of regular chocolate ones. Nothing wrong with that, but it felt old after a while.

>> No.4691706

Yeah, I think it was one of the better crafted RPGs I've played of 5th gen. Lack of loading times might have helped, admittedly.
To me it was the contrary, I was expecting a boring, generic game with plastic NPCs that would just give you hints, but I found myself in a world with interesting characters and a neat sense of humor, nothing too kiddy, nothing too edgy.
I wasn't expecting to enjoy a game with Mario characters like Koopas, Goombas, etc, but I ended up getting into it, it's well written, and the design and gameplay is solid. I don't know if I'd call it "groundbreaking", but it's very well done, definitely not just "slightly good".

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The thing is that tomagachi (or whatever) was a fad for a year. Mario64 has an obsessed cult of homosexual followers over 20 years later. Kind of puts it into perspective.

The keychain toys made fast money and burned out. Mario 64 helpes further build a brand and made nintenso a lot more over the long term.

Also, miyamoto was likely too busy shiting his pants over PC and PS1(and saturn in japan) kicking the N64's ass to give a fuck about 2d sprite based key chain toys.

>> No.4691730

Your point is good, maybe i was being too harsh on it for the sake of argument, but if it comes to the feel of the story it is something that appeals to some people and not others. It has it's public and it's well finished with some interesting stuff to keep you entertained, but it doesn't attract me enough to call it great, or to say it was the best in 5th gen.
Maybe miyamoto was worried about the lack of 2d in n64. The ps1 and saturn were still making good money with 2d games, and while 3d platforming was king in the 64 it must have felt like he was betraying the gameplay designs nintendo had with the snes. This is totally my headcanon but as a developer he must have felt like he was doing as much as the others with more resources when he compared n64 3d games to other 2d games from 5th gen, as if he jumped ship too soon... maybe he actually liked 2d but went away form it because he thougth it was over, only to get disproved by a fucking keychain toy (and his direct competitors).

>> No.4691748

Miyamoto wouldn't give a fuck about PC.
Saturn outsold N64 hardware-wise but N64 sold more software.
Also, why the fuck would Miyamoto care about sales? At the time of N64, he was probably already thinking about Pikmin. He's a developer, not a Nintendo finance agent.

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There are some very fishy Saturn console sale figures. I can't even find the source VGSalesdata cites.

>> No.4692141

Real text wall anon here. Did you get help yet?

I stepped aside for a while because you jumping at the throats of anyone dissing how N64 totally defeated the PS1 and had the best third party support yet since the atari pippin.
Best of all, you really think "Anonymous" is the same guy.
It was quality entertainment, you really made my day. Never did I think my ranting about retarded Yamauchi politics would summon a wild lolcow.

>> No.4692161

It's disk, not disc.
Magnetic media, not optical

>> No.4692178

>Also, why the fuck would Miyamoto care about sales?
>He's a developer, not a Nintendo finance agent.
>He's a developer
>At the time of N64, he was probably already thinking about Pikmin.
So close.

Yet it's to be expected. Here's a bunch of interview titles and quotes. See if you can notice a pattern.

>Miyamoto talks 3DS sales
>Miyamoto Talks Star Fox's Dwindling Sales
>Nintendo's Shigeru Miyamoto has said he is interested in continuing to produce video tie-ins for games, after this had a positive impact on sales for a past game.

>Mario and Yuji Naka interview, 2001
>Miyamoto: Well, whether you’re leading or trying to play catch up, I think that’s ultimately something that the players decide. We’re not exactly sitting cross-legged in some zen pose either; we’re diligently trying to stay ahead! (laughs) You overtook us in a big way in America, after all.
>Naka: But Mario has sold 100 million copies. We can’t compete with that!

>Yoshi's Island prerelease interview, 1995
>—Still, from a sales point-of-view, a game where you control Mario would likely sell more, wouldn't it? Miyamoto: Yes, and that's why we added the ability to transform into Super Baby Mario when you pick up a star.

>> No.4692185

Well, yeah, being a producer means he does care about sales. However, he only cares about sales of the games he's produced, naturally. Not overall sales of other publishers or even other Nintendo games that weren't produced by him.
I don't think he had to worry too much when during N64 he dropped some of the best selling games of all time.

>> No.4692207

>he only cares about sales of the games he's produced
>I don't think he had to worry too much when during N64

Other damning interviews even through the PR filter:
>I think the N64 hasn’t caught on as well as we hoped despite how incredible it is because the console itself isn’t entirely understood.
>When it comes to the future of gaming media, Nintendo will continue to make cartridges, but we concluded that DD was a better option than CD for expanding the range of gameplay.

>Famitsu: What is your take on the N64's performance in '96 and '97?Miyamoto: In regard to Nintendo, I think we can provide good stuff . But frankly speaking, I feel that there was a lack of variety, although I don't think there is a shortage of titles.
>Famitsu: Don't you think there are long intervals between releases?Miyamoto: Last year, we couldn't release anything internally except Star Fox and Yoshi's Story. That was indeed a lack of games. If we could release Zelda 64 and F-Zero X this year, we can show our wide variety of games. I'm terribly sorry about that.
>Famitsu: In regard to Nintendo 64, it seemed to struggle.Miyamoto: Indeed it wasn't selling well domestically. But it doesn't matter that much. I'm confident because it has sold well in the US with the current game lineup.

>> No.4692217

Also, you really didn't get it.

One of the developer's duties is to provide a pitch with a detailed market study and release strategy and a prototype, even in the NES --no, MSX era, and then management decides to approve it or not.
You think professional game developers are idea guys living in a dream world insulated from the real world. That's hardly surprising coming from you after all of your fanboyish outbursts ITT. How old are you? That's not healthy.

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>worry too much
Notice how he's always talking about his own produced games.
Yes, interviewers obviously would ask Miyamoto about the N64's overall sales, but the guy isn't concerned about, say, Midway or whatever's sales.
That's fine, but again, only pertaking his own games.
>fanboyish outbursts
Could you point them out to me? I was just discussing in a calm way. Maybe you misinterpreted me.

>> No.4692290

Nigger half of this post is completely untrue
>implying the WonderSwan was anywhere near the GBA in terms of power
>implying the GBA had band sound or that it was rushed
>direct Mario ports
>thinking the DS was rushed to beat the PSP

>> No.4692534

Is that why some N64 games still had loading times and loading screens? Nintendo """seal of quality""" at work.

>> No.4692545

None of those "some" had loading times as long as CD games.

>> No.4692548

Not all CD games had bad loading times >>4690738
*uses blanket statement to cherry pick*

>> No.4692941

Tamagotchi is a direct inspiration for Pokemon which has an even bigger fanbase 20 years later.

>> No.4692993

Miyamoto had a way, back then, to be aggresively humble at his interviews. He said Eiji Aonuma was better than him and he also said lots of stuff like that, almost diminishing himself. Very humble personality, although he was the genius that saved gaming himself.

>> No.4693035

>*uses blanket statement to cherry pick*
You mean like >>4692534?
also seriously, you can talk about all the benefits of CD storage you want. Loading times is not one of them.

>> No.4693294


>> No.4693298

The only games I can even think of that had "load times" would be the two Quake games, and even then, they lasted literal seconds. Every other game had no discernible loading times whatsoever. You have to be straight up retarded to think an N64 cartridge and a CD are even comparable.

>> No.4693319

Why did you write this gook gibberish as if anyone could read it

>> No.4693364

Is it bad that I can actually read it?
Actually half it's guess work, but I can recognize "dare", so I can assume it's "Who are you quoting?".

>> No.4693558

>after Sony tried to screw them over with Resident Evil and Mega Man 8

Whats this about?

>> No.4693568

I wonder how the N64 would have handled mid 90s Capcom fighters.

>> No.4693909

i don't know about the 2d ones, but ex plus and rival schools would have looked gorgeous on the 64.

>> No.4694153

Literally no one claimed Playstation has no loading times. N64 on the other hand you will see this shit parroted in every thread "dude no load times" but if you point out an instance of load times they will immediately leap to "IT DOESN'T COUNT!!!" Ridge Racer loads everything into memory and starts races instantly but you don't see me claiming shit.

>> No.4694160

I wasn't talking about the PS1, rather about the CD media. Calm down.

>> No.4694192

Given that it has a way faster processor, and just as much RAM, as a Saturn with a RAM pack, just fine.

>> No.4694385

I could read this 2000 times and I would still never remember that there's a difference

>> No.4694472

I think the audio would have taken a hit though.

>> No.4694835

>ex plus
>capcom fighter

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File: 960 KB, 245x245, 1403124733158.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>didn't have any JRPGs because it's a shit genre and nothing of value was lost

>> No.4694861

i dun goof'd, but ex plus would still look gorgeous.

>> No.4694884

If the N64 were the JRPG console of that generation and had no 3D platformers, he would have said 3D platformers are shit.

>> No.4694896

They're both shit.

>> No.4695341

Nah JRPGs are fine, just not when they're on CD-based systems due to loading times.

>> No.4695594

This so fucking much,I guess we can all thank CDs and Sony for giving us the totally necessary cutscenes on fucking games

>> No.4697061

He was referring to optical media, tard.

>> No.4697569

Nintendo was working on a CD based console add-on as early as the SNES, may I remind you.
They even hired TMS to produce 11-minute footage of quality animation for an action RPG that later became Marvelous and was Eiji Aonuma's debut.

They didn't cancel CDs because they had a sudden epiphany that loading times were shit.
But rather because Sony wanted royalties on all software produced on that hardware and then Nintendo's Yamauchi, after flying over Miyamoto and everyone for the announcement, changed his mind shortly before and decided to publicly humiliate Sony DURING THE ANNOUNCEMENT.
The ongoing negociations were torpedoed, Sony put down their feet on stuff related to their sound chip support for third party developers and that had to be negociated just to get smooth sailing for the rest of the SNES life, and Philips which Nintendo hired turned out incompetent and to save themselves from an even more disastrous deal for them since they had obligations, they had to allow the CD-i Mario and Zelda games.

After that Eiji Aonuma spent four years cutting that down for a small cartridge and some of the planned voiced content distributed piecemeal for the Satellaview, saying he was still hopeful their next disc-based console (HA!) will allow them to make a sequel which would have that original animation and maybe more. We all know how well that went, Marvelous was never heard of again besides its initial cut-down release, and the N64/GC/Wii/WiiU era medias either avoided discs or used modified discs so that they didn't pay royalties to Sony. And royalties they did pay in the end, since Sony was involved in J-Pop and many technologies like Havoc and H264 had to be licensed eventually (after Yamauchi's tyranny reign ended, coincidence coincidence)

But sure!
Nintendo need no JRPGs (nvm SMRPG, Mother, Dragon Quest and how they happened)
no loading times (except when their 1st parties had them)
no CGI (exept DKC)
no CD (except when they tried it)
no online (..)

>> No.4697573

did you know Hiroshi Yamauchi wasn't actually a human being? He was a vessel that enclosed 7 yakuza oni spirits from 7 different regions in Japan. These oni monopolized the gambling in Japan with the hanafuda Nintendo cards and put a spell so that no other company could produce cards, truly evil.

Yamauchi, often referred to as "大魔王 ティラノ天堂" (Great Evil King Tyranotendo), tyranized the video games market with his monopolic practises, it is said that the Master System or the PC Engine didn't actually ever exist, and that they were invented time after so hide the fact that the Famicom was actually the one and only console existing in Japan.

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>just not when they're on CD-based systems due to loading times.

>San Francisco Rush (N64)
>Star Wars Rogue Squadron (N64)

When the entire game is crammed tight into a small cartridge with a shitton of assets and textures discarded, horribly compressed, and still doesn't fit, developers used to resort to compressing the shit out of it. To be able to read it again at all it has to spend some time decompressing it, hence loading times anyways.
Not to say the PS1 didn't have the compression problem since its RAM was shitty small, but many developers were wise enough to be smart about when to load new stuff and sometimes managed it without loading screens. They then had 700MBs of space to store smaller blocks of data and load them as needed.

When Nintendo developers got a taste of CD/DVD technology, they filled up discs to the brim with pure game-y content, not muh "AAA cutscene and FMV and uncompressed voice acting shit that's all unneeded fluff"

The N64 was a joke. The color depth required for its graphics was much higher than older consoles so that meant bigger files, yet the COMPRESSED game data of a PC-Engine CD game like Rondo of Blood excluding all sound data was still bigger than Super Mario 64 with all of its sound samples included. Yamauchi thought it funny to have a death match between devs jumping down a burning circus hoop just to burn fat and impress him, yet in the end most of his developers were burnt over, and Kaga and Sakurai left Nintendo altogether over it.

>> No.4697606

Yamauchi really was the Great Evil King Tyranotendo

>> No.4697608

>Rondo of Blood
That's because of the Redbook audio anon.

>> No.4697613

>2 games
>not even JRPGs
>not even Japanese

Anyway, yeah, yamauchi, evil, etc, etc we know the story.

>> No.4697726

you guys are full of shit
the N64 was irrefutably SUPERIOR to the PSX
unless you were into RPGs, fighters, shmups, racing games, strategy and tactics, arcade ports, survival horror, light gun games, sport games, 2D games, weird japanese games, visual novels, rhythm games, licensed games like harry potter, etc
but those genres are all shit so nothing of value was lost

>> No.4697728

The N64 had superior hardware than the PS, which isn't really anything alarming considering it came out 2 years later.
>arcade ports, 2D games
I wouldn't really rely on the PS for those.
>harry potter
At this point I'm not sure for which side you're falseflagging.

>> No.4697737

those harry potter games were the shit back in the day

>> No.4697743

I remember them, my little cousin had one for PC. I guess I was a bit too old for HP by then.

>> No.4697845

That was excluding the redbook audio AND the PCM samples and comparing it to the full SM64. 22MB>8MB.

>> No.4697853

Really? That's insane.
What about Rondo took so much space? Sprites are well animated but it ain't SOTN or Metal Slug, and many backgrounds are just copypasted walls or simply black.
Maybe the cutscene graphics ate a lot of memory?

>> No.4697857

>The N64 had superior hardware than the PS,
except the storage medium and video playback
>considering it came out 2 years later
makes it all the more laughable

Sony had time to look at the superior N64 controller with analogs and rip it off two years later, yet Nintendo didn't even give a damn about the 64DD because of Yamauchi's stupid vendetta with Sony. "Discs are uncool!" "Because honor!"

>> No.4697867

>except the storage medium
had its advantages. Also CDs, as much data as they can hold, can't make better polygon graphics than the N64. Neither can FMVs (well, they can display videos of better-looking polygons, I guess)
And yeah we all know about how evil, tyranic and monstruous Yamauchi was, anon.

>> No.4697871


>> No.4697875

As someone tried to explain to you monkeys, the 64DD didn't use optical media. It was magnetic. It was slower than cart but not by much.

>> No.4697878

The cutscene graphics were compressed.
And yeah, that's what tends to happen when developers go from cartridge restrictions to discs.
It's not that strange.
When uncompressed, Star Ocean is about 12MBs, Far East of Eden is like 8MBs, Castlevania IV is 3MB-ish... and those were made with console game expectations. Castlevania RoB is on the lower end, I know some hovering in the 50-60MB range.

>> No.4697894

>had its advantages
hence why the 64DD was supposed to use the faster magnetic discs
>better polygon graphics than the N64
wobbly, varied, detailed polygons with good textures > good but less varied/detailed polygons with horrendous quality textures
(the goddamn space limitations again at work)

Face it, 3D was shit back then and Sony was retarded to push it.
Reason no.1 some games stand up the test of time more than others is how good textures hit its awefulness better.
Ocarina of Time was NOT one of those games. Worse, it tried to do the fake prerendered 3D background thing (usually seen in FMVs) but that turned out ugly because the bitmaps were that badly compressed.

>> No.4697896


>> No.4697915
File: 398 KB, 723x520, eva01.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sony didn't push 3D gaming though. Their system was mostly capable for FMVs, that was their priority, the video codecs. It could do 3D in very rustic ways, some devs were smarter than others working it around, but 3D has been a thing since many years prior the PS' release.
PC was leading 3D in terms of home systems, while arcades were doing their thing, Sega was doing avant garde shit like the Virtua series in the early 90s.
>good textures
You can talk about "varied" all you want, whatever that means. Textures looked mostly like shit on both PS and N64, but N64 had anti-aliasing that, against all memes made by people who play N64 for the first time on emulators on HD screens, was a good way to smoothen the pixelation of textures and make them look better on CRTs or any other SD display.

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