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I remember playing a game way back when I was a lad.
You had to jump over pipes and throw fireballs at turtles.
I remember you could get a mushroom and you would get bigger.
Does anyone else remember this game?
Thanks /vr/
Pic unrelated

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Sounds like Super Smash Bros Melee for the gamecube. The adventure mode.

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its a mcdonalds toy from the early 2000s, it was actually one of the cooler toy lines mcdonalds had

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oh shit didnt read my bad

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I remember my grandma went dumpster diving back in 2003 or whenever the fuck they were doing this and got all of them, wonder whatever happened to them

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It makes me really happy to see that game again. It brings me back to a great day I had with my father when I was young. We went to the US for groceries and had lobster rolls at McDonald's (that sounds apalling in retrospect) and that sonic game was my toy. That was McDonald's best series of toys.

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>dumpster diving

Dont you mean "dumpster driving"?
Wher you drive a dumpster from trainyard to trainyard, selling flash cartdridge heroin to transient andro-synths for adrenochrome, to help you finish writing the neural network pathways making it possible for demons to envelope a bio synthetic vessell capable of atomic regeneration?

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I actually played the shit out of the Sonic one, since I'd been raised on a series of Tiger electronics handhelds.
I still enjoy the simplistic gameplay of the Game and Watch series

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I believe it's called doki doki panic anon.

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i remember getting a spyro handheld from McD and it was actually a first person dungeon crawler, it was awesome

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I had the knuckles one.

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I had the super monkey ball one.

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You are not the only one. What about new Mr. Game and Watch games on Nintendo eshop?

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Yep, I had the soccer and sonic ones in that picture.

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