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These days it's pretty easy to tell which console a game came from by its graphics and whether or not it's using quads (Saturn, 3DO) or triangles (Playstation, N64). But back in 1994-1995, were they all that distinguishable? The N64 is a bit of an outlier in this conversation, bit I guess it's welcome too.

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How early are you talking?

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That is awesome.

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modern 3d is dominated by graphic card companies like nvidia and by big mainstream engines like unreal engine/cryengine, frostbyte and creation software like maya.

Because making 3d got too much work devs have to all use the same shit. The biggest flaw in the system are companies like nvidia, because they are the most backward ass retards. We should have gotten to voxels long time ago. But those shitheads are still stuck with the shittiest hack in the industry called tris/polygons...

Polygones lack any charm and are too stylised (reason why they sold well back in the past over voxels). For example no game nowadays looks like donkey kong country. With voxels they could. Also all models nowadays are hollow. With voxels they wouldnt. Destructability are difficult with polygones and particle physics are seperated from polygonal physics. With voxels we would have much better and a much bigger variation of physics and possibilities like changing aggregate states.

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off to tumblr, /v/ and /g/ with you

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N64 IS a bit of an outline, because it had the better 3d capability.

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Are you retarded or am I?

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Saturn games usually were blockier and had no shading at all.