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1st attempt Edition

>Fighters anthology Files - Mods for Jane's Fighter's Anthology

>WCnews Database

>F-22 Total Air War(its Freeware)

its time /vr/ we need a good Space sim and Flight sim general, atleast something that fits from the 80's til 2k3, there's a lot of good retro space and flight sim games that fits this timeline and its hard to come by to find something to talk about those

hence why its time to create its own general for it, anyone can help with guides, mods and shit.

so lets try make this one work for once

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Forget it anon

nu/vr/ doesn't give 2 flying shits about retro sims unless its weebshit

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Not really much to say, I had a few flight sims because I had a PC in the mid 90s, and that's what was on PC. I still have US Navy Fighters, box and all. Never was a huge fan of the genre though, just played them because that's what there was.

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theres a lot of people who still plays old flighs sims til this day and theres acraptom of guides and mods around the internet about it, but no one ever made a general thread for all of those

this thread could also use MEch2 since MW is also a sim

and Mech 3 modern patch for PC's

also Tie Fighter and Xwing soundtrack patches for the Special edition

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>Retro Flight-Space Sim General
Is there perhaps some room for underwater sims?

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even Aquanox if someone played that

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I wish there it was a way to mod the old Jane's Flight sims into modern machines without breaking that much

FA runs on windows 10 without problems, but the Cockpit resolution is limited to 640, and beyonf that the screen doesn't scale well

also DID games needs love too

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2bh I've never been great simulation games guy, but I played shit out of pic related (on bit too casualish difficulty settings but not on flithy casualish diff. settings).

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you should try Firestorm Thunderhawk 2 or Apache longbow someday, both are furcking great

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thanks for recommendation, first one is for free now, appareantly http://www.oldpcgaming.net/firestorm-thunderhawk-2/
Brb, checking it out

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OP here

this one would be great since many sims are free by now

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I find it hard to enjoy old sims (most of them). Yet some stuff is still enjoyable even today, e.g. the pic.

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the old Combat Flight Simulator series was good though

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Well, it wasn't bad. But when you compare it to Jane's WWII Fighters, CFS was meh. Actually, everything was meh when compared to WWII Fighter until Il-2 got released.

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is x-wing alliance welcomed here?

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>/vrfssg/ - Retro Flight-Space Sim General
Every single retro flight and space sim from the 80's till 2003 timeline as Op stated, So Yeah!

in other news, contributing to this thread

the updated version of Wing Commander Saga -Darkest Dawn mod was Updated to the modern FSO builds

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Flight Unlimited 2/3 is still a blast nowadays. It's probably the most atmospheric flight sim I've ever played. The ATC (and audio-environment in general) is great, and while the systems simulation is about as basic as it gets it doesn't really cause any problems given the general aviation focus of the series.
The only problem I've encountered is that the physics get quite screwy when you emulate it. At least in VMware. I can't imagine what causes that, but I think it's present with both 2 and 3. Even with that in play it's still functional enough to try out. Even just sitting parked at San Francisco watching the AI plane operations is enjoyable.

Honourable mention to TRI's Fly! series, which is less atmospheric but has ridiculously detailed systems simulation and (If my memory is working?) global scenery coverage.

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a guide and links about about how 2 play it would be nice

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F14 fleet defender is underappreciated and the last time there was an f14 sim

Tfw no bombcat blowing up Afghanistan

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Doesn't fleet defender has its own Mission editor like falcon 3

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I know you can setup like a number of enemies from x altitude and you at y going speed z with headings. I'm not sure if you can actually set them on a map though. Been a long time since I actually played. The most standout thing is the simulation of the radar and phoenix tracking and even how you can download targets to shoot from another f14 or awacs

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F-14 is now on Steam and Gog and playable with modern sticks

Even DOS and Win Fighters anthology recognizes thrustmaster sticks like the FCS and its entire mapping

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/scg/ here what chris roberts game should i play first?

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WC3, IV or Prophecy would be your best

WC3 and IV runs on Modern Machines even without Dosbox due to patch, but mileage may vary.
GoG versions are fully patched, and Prophecy has some Cool Ass mods like the remaster patch being made Atm at WCnews and Unknown Enemy + Standoff are great Sidestory mods.

The old games are a bit tricky but WC1 and 2 are good, said 2 had a livestream made by the CIG guys and CR during the anniversary releases, WC3 may be next since Mark Hammil is in and he loves the series.

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As for privateer, you will need a good stick since the game is a bit tricky on Dosbox

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I remember playing this game and Demo when i was kid, i loved the Mi24 design

Strike commander, its pretty much what BAMCO stole and noobfied later on to create Ace Series, though its better and the story itself is great.

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Would you recommend the origin version of WC3?
I read that the political themes are still relevant.I'll definitely check it out after i play through the WC series.

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its Dosbox as the GoG version, and you can use the files to use the Windows patch, i use it.

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i hope this general continues on

/Scg/ and /simg/ needs some retro talk once and another and thing like janes WW2 and Microsoft CS were the shit

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>Microsoft CS
I miss it. Part of me wishes that they would give it another go but I know it would end up like Flight. Maybe even worse.

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/vr/ nowadays is too much of a brainlet and full of /v/ crossoboarders who played only shit like weeb games on consoles after 2000, the good part from /vr/ left this place for /vg/ or reddit, but this thread gives me hope

Longbow was a better game in my opinion

i wish DI had lived enough to make more games

the first game was known as AH3-Thunderstrike on US and Americas though the original name was Thunderhawk

i played the demo of the 1st game and it was a blast when i was a kid

MS wants to regain the PC only crowd, if AoE4 ends up being good, they will touch on the rest of their franchises

a new Flight Simulator or Combat would Sell like cookies

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"Welcome to Chuck Yeager's Air Combat."

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>/vr/ nowadays is too much of a brainlet
but there were also sims like pic related. simple af yet really fun to play, so lets give brainlets a chance :^)

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retaliator was great i miss those games and Novalogic ones

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NovaLogic had great music in its sims, "NovaLogic-style-music" I'd say.

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it appears that vnfawing possess the Source code for Jane's FA from the devs itself, how long it would take to make a new fledged Sourceport for it in another engine like what that guy is doing for X-Wing?


really its boring to play in 640 due to the cockpit and screen not scaling with higher res

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Why Jane's had the coolest Covers in the 90's?

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Needs some Mercenary.

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it needs more Fleet Defender

also, since i never bothered to ask on /simg/ is Falcon Gold Worthy for a Retro gameplay?, i remember playing MIG-29 when i was a kid and that game was tits

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Can't we still play FA together? There's a multiplayer patch for it

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Wait who has the source code to FA?
How do we get it?

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VNFAWING forums has it, hence why they still have working mods and such, but as far as i remember, they were struggling with the resolution issues on the exe since at 1920x1080 the sky textures goes nuts

but then is something that can be fixed

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what's the best games for fucking shit up in a jet or chopper? I don't even care if they're sims
bonus points for great soundtracks

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X29 retaliator is great.
I forget what the actual game is but like apache.exe and it's got voxel ground.

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any good flight sims with a strategic layer like microsoft combat FS battle euope which predate that game?

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The Comanche Series for the chopper action. Comanche 4 is pretty much an arcade action game, even tho it isn't retro yet (2002). Go for Comanche 3 / Gold, if you wanna stay /vr/ friendly (also more simulation elements in Gold)

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the sierra WW2 games

also Red Baron

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Gunship 2000, Apache Longbow and Hind are good to as >>4693874 >>4695192 pointed it

also Firestorm Thunderhawk

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Just discovered Moonfall on the Amiga. Apparently it never saw any success since it had to be released two years after development!?
You know that melancholy when you find a developer that has defunct long time ago? The programmer and designer of Moonfall left the industry after he had been screwed over and died a few years after.

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this is some sad shit

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everyone who was still developing for amiga in 90/91 should have killed themselves desu

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>plays USNF for the 1ts time
>gets raped by the mechanics and the targeting because my sister lost the manual and Keyboard overlay

fuck my childhood :\

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i suggest putting this video on OP

Metal Jesus covered some of the best shit, also someone managed to Mod DID Tornado with more stuff like trees and etc


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Are there any good 2D space sims?

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I have a really beat-up copy of this that came with a MadCatz Joystick. What you think?

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Post pics, also Red Baron 3d is a Nice Update to the old RB2

i played the demo when i was a kid thanks to an old magazine that came with MiB the Game

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Starcontrol 1+2 are fun but I wouldn't call it a sim.