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For me, it has to be Final Fight

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that's a beat em up, and my fav beat em up is probably, knights of valor plus or bare knuckles 2 or peter pan arcade or punisher

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Zelda 2

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We usually call them "belt scrollers" and agree that Streets of Rage 2 is the best one, but there's no point quibbling

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Nah I also mentioned it in light way because if you want to find more games like these beat em up is the term to go
actually in our arcades they were also called fighting games.

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Didn't we just have this thread?

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>"belt scrollers"

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You guys excited for 10 player Final Fight?

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>actually in our arcades they were also called fighting games
In the 90s, games like Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, and Tekken were interchangeably called beat em ups or fighting Games, because beat em up was an umbrella genre just like shooter, or racer, but I've never heard of games like Final Fight or Streets of Rage called fighting games.

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forgot picture
you can play as all of them

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King of Dragons.

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It’s a fighting game. They fight in it.

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Golden Axe
Golden Axe: Revenge of Death Adder
The Simpsons
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Turtles in Time
Final Fight
Aliens vs Predator
Streets of Rage
Bad Dudes
Tecmo Knight

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>the weakest of weak bait

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Final Fight, of course!

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Thread over.

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lol konami

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My favorite fighting game is Aladdin for the SNES. It has better hit detection and nicer backgrounds than Final Fight.

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- Well Final Fight was the first belt scroller in arcade so I'm biased.
- The best one however would be Aliens vs Predator.
- Honorable mention for Cadillacs and Dinosaurs

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Belt-scrolling fighting games > versus fighting games

Prove me wrong.

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versus fighting games typically have more moves than belt-scrolling fighting games

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Kung-Fu was the first belt-scroller, not FF.

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SIDE scrollers.

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How can it be a belt-scroller if you can't move up and down in pseudo-3D?

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>belt scroller
What a dumb fucking name.

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Like "shmups". No, everyone back then called them "shooters", "assholes".

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School holidays...

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Streets of rage 2 is the worst game in the series

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Reasons why Streets of Rage 2 is garbage in comparison to the other games in the series.

Lets begin with the meat of the game
The combat in SOR2 is incredibly slow and unresponsive, theres huge delays on everything moving and attacking is not fluid, the super attacks in the game punish the player with huge chunk of health loss and are more or less completely useless outside of committing suicide unlike the other games which limit but dont punish the player for smart use of specials.

SOR2 also has no coop/team moves, throwing the other player in the other games resulted in a powerful special attack which was both fun and rewarding, also holding the other player from the back gave them access to new moves like a long range kick that could knock down multiple enemies and vault attacks, these are COMPLETELY missing from SOR2

Another feature missing from SOR2 is the Fatguys, a staple of the series while they have a sprite in game they simply function exactly like normal enemies and can be thrown normally with no repercussions.

>Level Design
Another huge flaw in SOR2 is the level design. Levels in SOR2 are nonsensical and completely unfitting for the games setting, "a pirate ship" "an alien hive" "a baseball field" its just stuff thrown together with no rhyme or reason.
Aesthetics is only the tip of the iceberg with SOR2 however, stages in SOR or extremely short with many bosses being copy pasted and reused over and over again from previous stages giving the game an overall unfinished feel, also once again the game removes series staples such stage hazards like pits, hazardous factory machines and others, and while the game has an excuse for lift stage it is completely impossible to actually throw someone over the side making it just another generic level.

While generally being praised as having good music what most people dont know is that all the music in SOR2 is entirely 100% stolen

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Its a really skinny belt anon

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It's a shoelace scroller thats what they called them in Japanese arcades

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Corkscrew Blow is a freaking loser. Why is he so obsessed with a shitty game like Streets of Rage 3? At least upgrade yourself to something like Alien vs. Predator.

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It's good but the bosses in typical konami fashion are junk only beatable by very specific tightly executed exploitation.

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Agree with this, AvP is a perfect game from every aspect, the weapons routing, the moveset, the enemy count and variation, the music and atmosphere, the pace. Everything about it is spot on, i clear it on hardest dips for fun a few times a week with the predators, still not cleared with a human.

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they were called "TravelatorBeaters" according to my gran who used to be Japanese but is now Jamaican.

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Dynamite Cop because of collectable artwork and cloth ripping :F
And of course all the cheesy tropes

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>woooooow I can't even do anything

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I pity the way your brain formulates opinions. it is best not to share your thoughts in the future, anon.

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Well, obviously the best beat-em-up fighting game is Guilty Gear Isuka.

But this is /vr/, where the only real answer is Mighty Morphin Power Rangers for GameGear.

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Renegade, zx spectrum port

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I enjoy how MK2's AI is simultaneously cheap and retarded.

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They're called bmups, stop calling them the wrong name.

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Best beat’em up for me is probably double dragon arcade. Such a wide variety of methods to crowd control and attack, where later titles focus more on move variety and flashy attacks. I much prefer beatemups with a focus on controlling the battlefield than “look, we added more sprites with different combos!”

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street fighter 2

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>violent storm
I was a bit harsh here and relearning the game atm, it's just a couple bosses that require dildo strats namely the wrestler,, the cunt with the bin lid and the last boss in particular.