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it's better than the Dreamcast, right?

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it's better than an orange, right?

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If you say so. Why not appreciate it without worrying about other consoles, though?

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IDK, at least i can say i enjoyed it more.

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It has a better software library, but the Dreamcast was a more well-designed machine.

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>Dreamcast was a more well-designed machine.
Only in terms of specs. In actual build quality and physical design (controllers, etc) Dreamcast was a disaster.

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Hard to compare the 2, the only thing they have in common is how bad they failed

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Dreamcast fucking sucks:
>terrible controller even for the time
>most games available in other consoles, sometimes with improvements
>can read any disc as if it was a game, no regards for privacy, suffered the same fate as the PSP in terms of piracy
>flagship title is a shitty mascot platforming game, no ambition at all
>needs internet connection to be any good
>beaten by Sony in literally every technical aspect despite the PS2 hardware being awful
>no EA support, Genesis was probably getting more sport games at the time
>cucked again by Sega of Japan
>uses useless proprietary media for games
>gimmicky devices like the VMU makes the games obsolete, you need to get every little piece of hardware the game asks you use or you don't get the full experience, worse than DLC
>Arcade ports to compensate for lack of exclusive multiplayer games, only one of the controller ports will be used 99% of the time
>Not even Brasil cared for it

Even Xbox was better.

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Well, Saturn has better ports of vampire savior and street fighter alpha 3.

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Which modchip do I buy and where do I buy it?

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Not going by my collection.

Although my favorite fighting game ever and best Sonic compilation are on it.

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> "retard" the post

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It had some of the best multiplayer games of all time friend, I'm not sure how that's a valid argument.

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>It has a better software library
This is bait.

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Literally no games.

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But he is right dreamcasts disc drives fuck up and the the controller kind of sucks were as the saturn was overly complex and outdatted at launch but is built well and the conrollers are top tier

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>It has a better software library, but the Dreamcast was a more well-designed machine.

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Honestly, despite having nostalgia for the DC and not getting a Saturn until about 2010, I would still say the Saturn is the better system. The DC might have been much easier to work with, but who cares? I'm not a dev, I'm a consumer. Outside of like 5 classics such as Soul Calibur and Jet Grind Radio, there just isn't much of a reason to own a DC -- especially when many of the good games have been ported to other systems.

The Saturn on the other hand... there's a lot to love about it. It looks really fucking nice, the 2D pad is one of the best controllers ever, it's an awesome CD player, and it has a lot of games I enjoy: Sonic Jam, Guardian Heroes, cool version of Quake, Legend of Oasis, Albert Odyssey, Dragon Force, etc. For me, I just enjoy it more than the DC.

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There were only 2 genuinely great Dreamcast games: Shenmue and Phantasy Star Online.

Saturn got the peak of Sonic Team and Yu Suzuki's output: VF2, Sega Rally, NiGHTS, Fighting Vipers, Fighters Megamix, Burning Rangers, etc. And that's without even delving into the world of Jap RPGs and shooters. And ten player hi-res bomberman. And weird shit like VF2 Kids. And PANZER DRAGOON. Come on, there's no comparison between the two system's libraries, Saturn is (PUN INTENDED) on another planet.

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DC had plenty of great stuff. Not to mention it almost always had the best versions of multi-plats as well as arcade-perfect ports of Naomi games or in some cases, better than arcade-perfect (Soul Calibur). To trivialize it by saying it only had 2 great games is retarded and makes you look like an obnoxious Saturn faggot. But I know it's April Fool's and you're just having fun, so it's all good.

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Now, in 1996 I thought the Saturn was crap and in 1999 I thought the Dreamcast was really cool. But today? Saturn all the way. I just don't have any desire to play the sort of 3d arcade stuff that the Dreamcast is all about. Saturn just has so many great arcade ports from an era I much prefer.

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>wow it's fucking nothing.webm

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I had both and it's honestly hard to say.
Maybe saturn.
Fighting games, beat'em ups, that perfect pad for 2d, plus those delicious 3d shooters done by Lobotomy.
It may have lost badly to the other 2, but I had a great time with it.
Looking back now the DC had a good, probably better library overall, but also a shorter lifespan.
Also after Quake 3 I rarely fell for online games, and that pad was shit on fighting games.

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>no EA support
this is bad, why? who cares about ea? dreamcast had way better shit than the garbage ea was churning out on the ps1/n64 in the late 90s. It had nfl/nba 2k at launch, blew everything else out of the water at the time.

>gimmicky devices like the VMU makes the games obsolete, you need to get every little piece of hardware the game asks you use or you don't get the full experience, worse than DLC.
you mean the memory card? how does it make the games obsolete if you have the memory card. every piece of hardware? a controller can be used to play every game and ps1/2, n64 had memory cards too. I know your whole post is bait but cmon man, a memory card was pretty standard, who doesnt buy a memory card when they buy a console?

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Pussy cop out point. Comparing 2 SEGA consoles is completely fair and the Dreamcast was a better system.

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He probably doesn't remember that other people besides EA used to make sports games.

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You really want to do this?

The Dreamcast had better hardware, great games, network connectivity, a better OS, better gimmicks, a cooler look, better controller, more accurate arcade ports and a larger dedicated fan base.

The Sega Saturn has mid-90s appeal and some great games in their own right.

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Saturn had pretty good ports of arcade games
Dreamcast had Jet Grind Radio and the best version of THPS2
Dreamcast can also play burned discs and emulators
Dreamcast wins

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Xbox had the best version of THPS2. Saturn can play burned games. Dreamcast is a shit emulation device.

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Well fucking said.

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most of this is false.

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Anything is

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I genuinely don't understand how someone could be this fucking stupid and still articulate posts.

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>Not even Brasil cared for it
Tbh almost no one even knows what a Dreamcast is here, the PS2 just wrekt every other gen 6 console.

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>don't have to peel it
>you can easily tell if it's ripe or not
>doesn't start to mold after 3 days
>many distinct varieties to choose between
apples kick oranges' orange ass

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Saturn has no games. Just Japanese weeb bait.

Dreamcast on the other hand:
Soul Calibur
Power Stone
Tokyo Xtreme Racer
Get Ready 2 Rumble
Jet Grind Radio
The best versions of 5th gen multiplats.

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>The best versions of multi-plats
It doesn't even have the best versions of its own "exclusive"" flagship e.g. PSO:BB on GameCube is better than PSO on Dreamcast
>arcade perfect ports of
Yawn, what? And there were better versions of Soul Calibur on other contemporary platforms
>saying it only had 2 great games is retarded
But true; and you've only cited one, non-exclusive port as evidence against my statement

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No matter what games are brought up you're going to deny them. Why bother with a discussion when the only contribution you're capable of making is plugging your ears and screaming until the noise stops?

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Exactly, the only objective thing that can be said is that some people like the games. If one person says "no good games" and someone else disagrees, then "no good games" is just an opinion.

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That's not true

I didn't say Dreamcast had no GOOD games, I said it only had a couple of truly GREAT games.

Example: Rez is a good game, Panzer Dragoon Zwei is a GREAT game.

Example: Skies of Arcadia is a good game, Panzer Dragoon Saga is a GREAT game.

Example: VF3 on DC is a good game. VF2 on Saturn is a GREAT game.

How to decide what makes a game great? I'd say, exclusivity, pushing the boundaries of what a machine is capable of, creating a new gameplay experience, exceptional artistic achievement, that kind of thing.

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So VF3 is actually a GREAT game because it created a new gameplay experience (uneven terrain, dodge button) and is still exclusive to DC as far as home versions are concerned.

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Is that a serious question? Dreamcast has Shenmue, Jet Set Radio, Power Stone, Soul Calibur, Project Justice, CvS2, MvC2, Ikaruga, Mars Matrix, Bangai-O, Illbleed, D2, Maken X, Crazy Taxi, TXR, Rush 2049, etc. Also Seaman, which is awesome in its own right.

Saturn has...
An overrated RPG that commands a high price now.
It doesn't even have a proper Sonic game lmao

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Saturn has arcade perfect Afterburner II with a great flight stick peripheral, the best home port of Outrun, other assorted scaling games such as Galaxy Force 2, Night Striker, Power Drift, and more, mostly arcade perfect. A great selection of mid 90s arcade shooters, though not all are exclusive. D&D.

No Sonic sucks, but 3d Sonic games all suck, and they weren't going to make a 2d Sonic for the system anyway.

Couldn't care less about any Panzer Dragoon game.

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>It doesn't even have a proper Sonic game lmao

Sonic 3D Blast has aged better than Sonic Adventure.

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No it hasn't

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universal modchips are a thing nowadays, so you just need a chip and either a 20 or 21 pin flex cable (for the vast majority of Saturns, there's a few rare revisions that need two cables). You'd have to crack open your saturn and find how your CD system is setup and find the flex cable and count the number of pins.

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why is sonic R on there? I know it's a nostalgic game, but it was kinda crap at the time and aged even more poorly (killer OST tho)

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fuck, meant for >>4684547

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Not true. Brazilian here and at it's lauch, every boy dream was to have an Dramcast. 6 months latter came PS2 and only then no one cared about.

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Sonic R is a pretty good racing game. Don't think about it as a sonic game.

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another shit tier console by a shit tier company.

>>muh Sanic
>>b-b-best 2d games!

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Why did Sega do well in Brazil? Was it because of cloned carts or something?

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I think your opinion of whether Dreamcast or Saturn is better depends on whether you owned both during their heyday. I did, and the Saturn has an unquestionably better software library than DC.
>>4689629 here is just displaying his ignorance.

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You are either a blind Sega fanboy or just retarded. No one cared about the Dreamcast launch, everybody was busy playing PS1 classics like RE3, GT2 and Silent Hill at that time.

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Tectoy, a national company that produced, published and distributed Sega products. Nintendo could barely compete.

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he's right it was hot for about 6 months or so

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I forgot to mention something important, they even translated and released games on their own. It was like Sega was a brazilian company. Meanwhile Nintendo sided with Playtronics/Gradiente, that just imported shit from outside (they started manufacturing hardware after some time SNES was released iirc). That's one of the reasons we had so many Famiclones, Nintendo did the barely minimum to stay relevant here while Sega was marketing at full force.

Not here. Where are you from?

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The dreamcast library isn't even close to Saturn.

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DC unequivocally has the superior library. Posts like these >>4684232 >>4690864 are just plain nostalgiafaggotry or contrarianism.

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there's nothing to be contrarian about, Saturn has always been better, DC being better isn't some long established canon

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Saturn had great exclusives. Almost every good Dreamcast game was ported to other consoles.

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Only if you know Japanese.

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Most Jap only games weren't Saturn exclusives though.

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Considering Dreamcast was a crap rehash of Saturn, obviously.

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>Saturn has always been better, DC being better isn't some long established canon
Contrarian faggot detected.
>Almost every good Dreamcast game was ported to other consoles.
The same can be said for Saturn, i.e., VF2, Daytona, Radiant Silvergun, Nights, etc.

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>many distinct varieties to choose between
That's a bit of a moot point.
If you're not eating honeycrisp, you might as well just eat a lesser fruit.

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