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What are some good games that haven't been localized and are kinda obscure.

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There's one PSX japanese game where you make a band of explorers and go to an uncharted island where weird shit happens,I don't know the name trough

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Hourai Highschool Dramabomb.
It's fun and reminiscent of Earthbound but set in japan. The bad thing is the difficulty peaks and how the translation patch is bugged.

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How buggy is it?

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not bugged. I completed the whole game no problem.

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This and its N64 sequel. They're suspense adventure games aboard a ship at high seas. I think the N64 one would be really hard to get translated since most of the dialogues are audio.

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Wonder Trek?

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Jkkyou Power Pro Wrestling '96 - Max Voltage (SNES)

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Uo Poko (arcade)

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I haven’t finished playing it yet but I am really enjoying Another Mind for the PS. While it does play out like most of the console based visual novels of the time, it has this unique and cool choice system. Basically the basic premise is that you are like the voice in side the protagonists head and you make choices by making sentences or ideas. This adds a little more variety to the game than you standard 1 2 3 style of choice present in most siimilar games.

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Now this game is a rarity among JP only games especially adventure games. It’s called Tokyo Twilight Busters and was later re-released in the DS. The game starts you off as a young girl without any memory trapped in a military prison during the Taisho period and as you make your escape with a strange man you are attacked by a giant monster. Why makes it unique is that in addition to the “go here and select from all the options 50 times to progress the story” option found in most of the Japanese adventure games of the period, it’s intercut with long DOS point and click style adventure and RPG style combat. I’ve never finished it but this is a really cool game and if you can read JP I highly recommended it.

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A really overlooked shump for the psx. The whole game is a homage for old mecha shows (especially Getter Robo) where the whole game plays like you are watching an episode, with opening, tittle cards and even commercials (explaining the 4 discs) and to boost the game also plays great. A must have for any shump and mecha enthusiast .

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Are they jokes or do you actually expect me to watch adverts.

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If you want a game that's like Earthbound, it's got to be Idea no Hi/Day of the Idea. It's a bit darker throughout, compared to EB only really ramping up on that at the end (though it still has plenty of humor). In fact, the very first scene has the MC being tortured in a science lab as the researchers try to bring out his true powers, which doesn't happen until they kill his dog in front of him. I hope someone translates it some day, it really is a cool game (and came out before EB IIRC).

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Machi and Maria are two of my favorite games. Speaking of Machi the sequel game is going to be released this summer for PS4 and Windows in the West.

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Not >>4680813, but for commercials he is probably talking about those cut-out moments for commercials that most old cartoons have. Maybe is something that happen later on, i haven't finished it yet.

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I would say that Yuuyami Doori would get 5 PlayStations because sometimes the text goes by so fast you would miss important clues to whatever mystery you are trying to solve. You could get by wit’s an intermediate level of Japanese if you’re used to reading fast, and are familiar with a lot of Japan’s slang/how kids speak. Awesome game though just don’t let the ghosts into kurumi’s room

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It's more of a spiritual successor, isn't it? Still pretty cool that they're bringing it over. I'd love to see a Machi remaster/translation if it does well, but I wouldn't be surprised if they don't have the original footage and photos in decent enough quality anymore.

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Yeah, some of the ratings seem pretty off. Moon is much more advanced than Doki Doki Poyatchio, for example.

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Yes it is a spiritual successor, but it does have a few cameos and references to the first game; which is truly a masterpiece of the VN genre. It’s not NISA but Chunsoft so I suppose the quality of the translation would be better as they did a pretty decent job with Kamaitachi. The thing is they have less to work with this time because the game is explicitly set in Shibuya so you can’t change things to suit Western players like they could with Kamaitachi. What they should do is use the description feature (you can select highlighted words for more details) and add a bunch more for players that are not intamately knowledgeable of Japanese culture. As for Machi I’ll probably be doing a play through of it sometime soon where either I do a voice over or just add subtitles to the game; and hope that someone would want to help me hack the game. I’m also pretty busy with work and that would be one hell of a project but who knows I’ve already translated the first day for three characters already just for fun but it takes a long time to get past a barebones translation and to keep the same tone and humor that the game is packed with.

I was being a bit nit picky but overall it’s still a pretty good guide. I even saw a few games that I haven’t heard about so it’s done it’s job well.

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reposting from >>4681202

this is seriously worth it just for low poly fist of the north star intro https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fzGPzdlWENk

the combat is pretty fun too, and is pretty faithful to the anime. Too bad the gameplay-to-cutcene ratio is horrible and you cant skip them the first time through. At the beginning it was charming as I somewhat remembered the story, but the later chapters got really boring as its literally 10 minutes of cutscenes for a 2 minute fight.

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>boring cutscenes
>2 minute fighting scene
You’re right it sounds exactly like the anime.

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That game is as official as a parody can get.
All of the animations, even the idle animations, and the musical score, are honestly so hilarious there's no way it wasn't done on purpose. And then there's this game's version of the "Tales of" idiotic names for battle systems that's a parody of their marketing.

>Real Time Abeshi System (リアルタイムあべしシステム)
>A feature that allows the player to determine the death cry of the red colored enemy grunts. When the player attacks a red-clad enemy while he is flashing, a series of button inputs will be displayed on screen during the enemy's taunt. If the player presses all seven buttons shown on-screen in the correct order before the enemy finishes his phrase , then his death cry will vary depending on the player's timing. There are over 200 possible death cries. The player's health will also be restored.

The madmen got away with it too. The graphics are easily among the best among 3D PS1 games.

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the first half is kino, after a while it goes past what I watched and I just get bored of watching since its all in nipponese.

why the fuck doesn't 4chan support vp9 webm's? I had to go from youtube to ffmpeg to online converter to get this damn thing working.

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All those steps and you never took the chance to fix the aspect ratio.

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It's funny cause they have been making the same game for all three PlayStation generations. I played this one and the PS2 and PS3 ones and they are pretty much the same, just with different story lines.

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I seem to remember finding a fan translated rom of this or the gbc one but I don't know what I did with it.

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Planet Laika (PS1) - notable for being one of the last games Quintet worked on, though apparently they only did the sound side. This is all fine because whoever made the rest is on far more LSD.

As far as I can gather, it's a scifi adventure rpg in which strange not-furry-but-fucking-pushing-it dogpeople are under attack by those with 'different faces'. Upon investigating this, our hero is seemingly killed, but wakes up having the power to switch to multiple personalities at will, and also battles adversaries in a strange pong battle system. The creepy uncanny valley models and creature design are fascinating, as well as well designed prerendered locations.

https://www.giantbomb.com/planet-laika/3030-23138/forums/this-is-why-i-can-t-sleep-at-night-1438196/ is the most I've ever found about the game, and the unnerving dialog and imagery this guy's uncovering as he plays is kind of making me wish I wasn't a filthy EOP.

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Any for the SNES or GBA so I can emulate on my 3DS before I go to bed?

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Not sure if they did a new patch, but I could never go past the girl's dorm, the game got stuck on a black screen at the end of the chapter.

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Someone need to translate this.

Is the game actually even good?

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Vehicle Cavalier

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I only found out about this game because of one guy on /a/
Azumanga Daioh Puzzle Bobble

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Is it just a reskin or a new game, Zander?

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>If the player presses all seven buttons shown on-screen in the correct order before the enemy finishes his phrase , then his death cry will vary depending on the player's timing. There are over 200 possible death cries.
>There are over 200 possible death cries.

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This is an interesting game where you program little miniature mechs and pit them against other mechs to win tournaments and get better parts. I hardly put any time into it cause it was a bit more complex than I was expecting and I didn't want to put the time into reading the manual and all with my sub-par Japanese. There seems to be no story but I could see the mechanics being satisfying. My biggest problem with it on the surface is the menu controls. It controls entirely with a cursor which sucks on a controller. If anyone else has played this and knows whether it supports the mouse, let me know. I couldn't find anything in the manual or online saying it did.

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This, oddly.
Watched the episode and tried finding it online to no success.

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Gonna need some info on that.

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That game is suprisingly good and probably the best way to make yourself hungry

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All the information I have is from the episode and the few mentions on Japanese blogs and whatever.
It's supposed to have the same setting where monsters annoy the villagers and need to be hunted. But it's apparently a game about cooking the meat from the monsters instead of being a game about hunting them.

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I believe a TL project for that started recently. It's fucking simple to read too, anyone can read that after 6 months no problem. Fewer if you're NEET.

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On a somewhat-related topic, I've been wanting to get into ROM hacking with a focus on text insertion. Are there more noteworthy untranslated games for the SNES or the NES? I heard that the NES is really simple, but I dunno what games would interest me that aren't already translated. Leaning towards SNES/SF, since that has leaked technical documents (though I don't remember if I downloaded those).

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