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ITT your favorite game from the year you were born.

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I'm sure nothing good came out in 1983.

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Ninja Gaiden II, for sure.

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Dragons Lair

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Fuck off newb, I was born in 73.

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Donkey Kong

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super mario bros i guess

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1992, so Sonic 2

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Boulderdash, I guess? I played it a decent amount when I was little.

I just looked at Mobygame's condensed list for the year, so there might be something way better from 1984 that isn't on the list.

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Team Fortress 2

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Mega Man 2.

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1989, River City Ransom

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86 was a glorious year

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1986, so the original Legend of Zelda, derp.

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Gonna have to go with Galaga.
I could have went with Donkey Kong. But I def. played alot more Galaga.

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I'm fed up with this industry bending over backwards for girl gamers.

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FF or SMB3

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Hello fellow 90bro

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1981 bro
Frogger is mine

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Not really leaving me with a lot of options to choose from here...

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1976 here.
uhhh... Breakout? i guess.... Death Race 3000 -meh-

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Castlevania 4

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Came out in PAL territories that year so it counts.

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GTFO underage.

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Donkey Kong Country

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Holy shit you're dumb. He's obviously just trying to be funny.

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Whoa, reactionary. Pretty sure he was just 'avin' a laff.

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You think this is a motherfuckin (video) game? There is no fun allowed on the internet. Check yourself.

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You're shitting me, right?

I have all of three options, and two of them nobody has even heard of.


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Fuck yeah.

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My bros!
I claim Tempest

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Quake 3 otherfuckers

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1984, I guess Gauntlet

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Aweso--wait a minute...

>born in 1999

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or this

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I've never played an ultima game

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Mah brethren.

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That's such classy box art. I wish we had more like this these days.

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1989, Prince of Persia.

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Im old.

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Boss. Bought it and loved it when I was 11.

There was no vidya in the year I was born..

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This, Mortal Kombat 2 and NBA Jam

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>csnsbo expected

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Same here.

Though it was not a bad year:

>Dragon Quest
>Space Quest
>Bubble Bobble

If we were in 92', I would have a hard time choosing between the last two. Though it would be Bubble Bobble.

>niiworse mary

Get better Mary.

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It was this, Zork I, Pacman, or Missile Command.

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I have a soft spot for Missile Command

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Mortal Kombat II

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>tfw born in 1993

Castlevania: Rondo of Blood
Final Fight 2
Golden Axe 3
Gunstar Heroes
Kirby's Adventure
LoZ: Link's Awakening
Mega Man X
Outrun 2019
Phantasy Star 4
R-Type 3
Raiden 2
Rocket Knight Adventures
Secret of Mana
Shining Force 2
Shinobi 3
Sonic CD
Sonic Spinball
Super Mario All-Stars

Huh... A lot of my favorite games came from the year I was born. Imagine that.

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I dont think I've ever played anything from 1984

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Hell the fuck yes

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Either Tetris or Excitebike

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Crash 2

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(92 btw)

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Ghost n' Goblins

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Gonna have to go with this right here.

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Dude in another thread told me the average age of /vr/ is 20 but if you looked here it would look like 26-27

Who's right?

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Well... I think a lot of people undershoot the age of both gamers, and people who post on 4chan.

Also, a retro gaming board is probably going to attract an older crowd by default.

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Mods don't give a shit about underage users and feel it's a waste of time to moderate. Also, that post was an obvious troll.


Don't take the data from this thread as gospel.

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>Also, a retro gaming board is probably going to attract an older crowd by default
You could argue that, however those people don't exist on 4chan in any significant numbers and most of the userbase is in high school. I wouldn't estimate 30 yos at more than 5% of all posters here.

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>Mods don't give a shit about underage users and feel it's a waste of time to moderate

Sometimes they do. There's one mod who'll ban you for three months.

>Also, that post was an obvious troll

How do you know?

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>Also, a retro gaming board is probably going to attract an older crowd by default

And then again, I could discuss 50s Chevys on /o/ but it doesn't mean I'm like 70 years old.

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Because those are some of the oldest trolls in the book.

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I would agree that /vr/ is one of the slightly older boards but when the average age of 4chan is like 17, it's not saying a lot.

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Probably one of my top 5 favorites of all time, too.

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Sonic the Hedgehog, no doubt about it.

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tetris was released in russia a day before i was born

that might be significant!

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Since I was born in the US in 1983, very few of my favorite games are from that year. In fact, I really could only think of two M.U.L.E. and pic.

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Sonic The Hedgehog, the very first one.

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I love it and hate it at the same time

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1989 release in NA so this I guess

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I didn't expect to actually find anything from my year. This counts, I guess.

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That damn dog when you miss lol

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There is a port for Spy Hunter for the NES? Contra for the arcades came out? I never played either one, I played Spy Hunter for the arcade and Contra for the NES. I guess I'll go with the port of Spy Hunter.

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Only game from 1980 I've ever played much is PacMan, so I guess PacMan.

But looking at the list, there's some neat including a 2p terrorism-simulator on the Apple II called "Terrorism".

From wiki:

> One player plays the government authority, while the other plays a terrorist organization in three scenarios: the capture of a building and taking of hostages, air piracy, and nuclear blackmail

So yeah, a plane-hijacking terrorism-sim. I wonder what sort of shitstorm would happen if someone remade it on a modern platform

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Seriously, though, it's Wizardry.

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>duck hunt
That games too easy.

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I think it aged pretty well.

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It's a toss-up between Donkey Kong Country, Super Metroid, Earthbound or Final Fantasy VI.

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