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why do people say this had bad controls. i thought it had a satisfying boost system and handling that was easy to learn but hard to master and seperated the bad from the good players

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>why do people say this had bad controls
Another false narrative thread?

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No one says it has bad controls. Maybe you're thinking of the original Mario Kart because that can actually be challenging if you're retarded/4 years old.

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It's no CTR but it's not bad

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the controls are fine, its the rubberbanding thats broken

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>It's no CTR but it's not bad
Nigger, you've got it backwards. CTR wants to be this game. Multiplayer battle mode on block fort by itself is better than anything CTR has to offer. Stop smoking paint chips.

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>why do people say this had bad controls
Who the fuck ever said this? It ha the best controls of any kart racer ever made. Stop falseflagging, faggot.

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Validating a baseless claim by phrasing it as a question is fun and gets you (you)s DID YOU KNOW

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Metascore and popular rating say otherwise.

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>I need other people to tell me how good a game is
why do people do this? why don't they just play the games they like?

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video game fandom is all about ignoring actual video games in favor of engaging with review aggregators, youtube "criticism", memes and so on. video game fans don't like video games and evade them at all cost.

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No the SNES Mario kart did suck, even old bald limp dicked wizard virgins like yourself know it to be true.

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Super Mario Kart has the bad controls, not 64. Super has super-slippery physics, and only feels controllable if you train it.

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Double Dash babies hate 64 so they parrot the bad controls and over-exagerate the rubberband AI.
Funny considering their game is much worse in that regard.

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>why do people say this had bad controls.
First time I see someone make this claim.
The mini-turbo on MK64 is the most satisfying thing ever, DKR and CTR's turbo mechanics don't come close.

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MK64 doesnt have bad controls, only the worst and most dogshit track design. I cant think of any more dull rainbow road that 64 one.

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nah, ctr is better in every way to mk64 but in defense of mario kart, ctr came out 3 years later and is ripoff, so they had the chance to improve everything

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>Metascore and popular rating say otherwise.
"Official" reviews have always been a pants-on-head retarded metric of quality, and speaking of popular opinion, remind me which game still has an active community, tournaments and gave way to more successful installments in the future? Oh yeah, MK64. Keep letting reviews make your argument for you though, it's easier than actually using your brain.

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RR on MK64 isn't that great in its design, but Mario, Luigi and Royal Raceways are probably the best circuits not only in the MK series but in kart racing games in general.

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>ctr is better in every way
Except at actually being fun.

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i dont know why Nintendo fans get so upset about CTR. Nobody could make arguments that MK64 is better and most people dont even like that game even among 64 fans. Not to mention Sony never made any decent kart racers ever again. Cant you guys accept just for once that one particular game in one particular console of one particular gen is better than yours?

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>most people dont even like that game
That's a weird headcanon you've got there.
Also, I'm not the guy you're replying to but in these threads it's not about "sony vs nintendo" /v/-style, generally there's a division between MK64, DKR and CTR fans. MK64 and DKR fans often argue with each other, despite the games being on the same console.

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im not the one who started to compare mk64 to ctr but this guy >>4675378

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>i dont know why Nintendo fans get so upset about CTR.
Because CTR fans have a compulsive need to bring it up every single time MK64 is mentioned. Pic related.
>Nobody could make arguments that MK64 is better
Lmao, no kiddo, actually you can quite easily. Better track designs, better music, better graphics, better battle mode, better handling, etc. Even if you disagree, there's an argument to be had. Acting like CTR is so much better that there's no room for comparison on the sole merit of having more added content is only something a pretentious douche would say. By your logic, DKR is vastly, vastly superior to CTR then, because it also has more of everything.
>Cant you guys accept just for once that one particular game in one particular console of one particular gen is better than yours?
Yes? Dude, I own all three consoles from that gen and the PS1 has some games that are near-objectively better than N64 contemporaries, but kart racers are not one of them. MK64 is just a better game.

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Funny you mention that post because that guy also mentioned DKR. Your argument is invalid.

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all of the tracks in crash team racing look the same compared to mario kart 64. for the most part they all have the same color palettes and feel the same. mario kart 64 on the other hand, every track has their own personality and they all leave distinct impressions, everyone always has their favorite track, they all "pop" in your memory compared to one another because they have distinct color designs

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If there's a reason CTR is so praised is for the boost mechanics (which brings a lot of Advanced Tech) and the track design allowing for some really neat shortcuts, while Mario Kart 64 also has tech & cool-looking shortcuts, a lot of the SC/skips are more glitchy or dependant on something (for example, the Luigi Raceway skip requires you to be hit with a shell or crash into a heavyweight as a lightweight to get propelled high enough to land into the tunnel section).
MK64 honestly wins in the Multiplayer (the most important part here), but CTR is much more enjoyable if you like time trials (beating oxide is also tough as shit).
Both are great games in the end, and this obsession of "x is shit, y is objetively better" thing is obnoxious as fuck.

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