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Choose your Character

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Mercury was always my favorite

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I don't know anything about Sailor Moon beyond the OP/ED songs being hot jams, but Mars is sexy.

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There's only one correct choice for me.

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No Saturn no buy

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Choose your waifu

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Best girl hands down

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I love them all!

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Jupiter or Pluto.

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All day, erry day.

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Jupiter was always my favorite, too. The only ones that come close are Mars and Mercury.

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What games and are they any good?

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I thought the SNES RPG was fairly charming. Not very difficult but it sort of caught the series' feel.

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either Jupiter or Uranus.

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Is it good by easy RPG standards like Paper Mario, Super Mario RPG or Final Fantasy 2(USA)?

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As long as you dedicate every new section to leveling your characters up 10+ levels, yeah. There is a little bit more strategy than just hitting X to win like most RPGs, but nothing too extravagant or necessary(mostly involving your formations).
There IS one section near the beginning where you will HAVE to literally grind each senshi up from their starting points(the Inners all split up to find some gems). If you don't, you WILL be stuck on Mercury's quest for a long ass time(the others are much better on balance, but you should still grind them up).

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Venus a best

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Sailor Mars also has the best character singles.


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Jupiter and Usagi are both pretty fun in this game.
The backdash into instant airfireballs are fun.

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Mars is best

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I like the arcade beat em up. A simple FF clone.

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Before actually watching the anime and reading the manga, I always liked Mercury the best...now I lean more towards Jupiter and Saturn...well, Saturn in the manga, the old anime version is shit and kills all the badassness she had...I guess the didn't have the budget until Crystal to have the part where she goes Rules of Nature on Pharaoh 90.

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There's the handhelds (GB/GBC/GG) which are decent if simple beat 'em ups.

The Fuwa Fuwa Panic puzzle games (SNES) are simple fun but the first game's a bit easy and the second unfortunately has a lacking roster as Outers > Starlights for me.

Kurukurruin (SNES puzzle game) is an obvious cheap cash-in but it's decent enough to try. The music is terrible.

I remember loving Puzzle de Oshiokiyo (SNES) but it got old quickly and has repetitive music.

The SNES and MD beat 'em ups are great. The MD version has "less", but there's a Metallia fight the SNES version doesn't have. Great music on both.

The SNES JRPG is linear and grindy, with some wasted potential here and there (lack of player usable status effects, useless combo moves, etc.) but it captures the Sailor Moon feel really well and is interesting plot-wise. Great music.

The SNES fighting games are supposedly super good but I've never been too into fighting games so meh. Great music and backgrounds.

Panic in Nakayoshi Land (SNES puzzle) is a crossover with all the characters that were published in Nakayoshi or something. It's innocent fun if you have a younger sibling or something. Not a must play.

The arcade game is just like the SNES beat 'em ups but longer and better overall. The only problem is that it's a tad lengthy as it's obviously an arcade game.

IMO the PSX games are horrible sans their OST.

There's the Destiny Revival PC fangames that are surprisingly good, though the voice acting is terrible.

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Not to mention the arcade game is unfinished as hell


We coulda had playable Sailor V dammit

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There's also the arcade quiz game. It's cute, but it's hard to play even if you can read it, the questions can really be about anything and a lot of them Japanese pop culture or TV stuff from the time.

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I'd like Moon if she dialed back just a little on the brattyness.

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Then Crystal or the manga are for you...most of the bitchiness the girls have was added into the old anime as were some characters, though it does actually feel like they get some character development, where as in the manga it's the Usagi show with the others barely getting their own stories to the point where they feel like accessories.

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you only read the manga if you actually liked the plot and the drama (is also more mature and serious).
The anime is great on it's own for making the girls so charming and funny, and imo it has better character design than Takeuchi's.

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What happend to her legs?