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Hey, do you guys have N64 version of this?

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I have this one, not sure if that's what you mean but the N64 library is so small that it's pretty obvious which games would be considered the best. Same with the dreamcast, not a large library

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conker banjo kong 64 mario pokemon smash starfox etc

crash bandicoot? the games you have listed are terrible. ape escape? medievil? have you actually played any of these clunky n64 wannabe games?

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Where is Sin and Punishment?

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Overrated shit?

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Well since you asked it as a question, No. It isnt.

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What? No Shadow Man?

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>no ff8

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Is there an updated version of this or is epsxe still the go to PlayStation emulator?

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Also listing sotn as a platformer.

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ebin :^)

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Probably because its on dreamcast as well.

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We could put one together. I'll start.
RPGs: none

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Quest 64
Ogre Battle
Paper Mario
Hybrid Heaven
Aidyn Chronicles
etc; it didn't have much and they weren't stellar compared to PS1 RPG's, but it had some. Also, Paper Mario is probably one of the best RPG's ever created.

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There's plenty of other system non-exclusives on that list though.

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Well im a retard and didnt know that.

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N64 by no means has a large number of RPGs, but Paper Mario and Ogre Battle 64 are legitimately two of the best ever made.

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kys, my man

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Castlevania: Legacy of Darkness was way better than Castlevania 64

Also Winback was great and gets overlooked.

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>List of RPGs.
>Literally none of them are RPGs.
>JPRGs are not RPGs.

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>Hey, do you guys have N64 version of this?
There are plenty of analogs, but the 64 did have a smaller library overall. Quality however I think both systems are pretty equal.

RPG selections are weak, but that was due to the 3d stuff. I would think that paper mario may be the best RPG. Ogre battle is up there as well....Personally I like OB64 better.

Action and adventure category:
Plenty on 64. Almost too many to list. Goldeneye, quakes, doom Turoks

Killer instinct was great. Sure it wasn't arcade perfect, but it was a great fighter. I like MvC2 also, just b/c I am casul

N64 was a 3d system, and I can't think of a single 2d. SMB64, Conkers etc jump out as 3d platformers.

Ogre battle64. Starcraft. Worms

Survival horror:
Resident Evil 2...surprising but it works well. Possibly the Turok games.


I don't know shit about racing games on the 64.

NBA Hangtime's greatest version for home was on the 64.

I won't sit here and tell you one is better then the other. It is like comparing pizza to hamburgers. Both are very good.

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