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Fuck this game.

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I would, but the game has no vagoo.

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Good thing it was removed from the Wii Shop Channel.

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I remember playing it as a kid and thinking it was kind of fun but marveling at how bizarre all the characters looked and thinking it was retarded hard. Wasn't there some enemy that was like a pair of spinning legs or some shit? What were they smoking with this game?

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Wat wer dey thenking

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This was a game I hated as a kid but was determined to beat and eventually did. Grab up all the scroll weapon you can for that final level in the Technodrome.

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Play the DOS port.

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It was flaming leg.

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lol ya this game is puke on a elephants stinky bum bum hahaha

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>actually buying games from the wii shop channel instead of just using homebrew
Get a load of this guy.

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WHAT A SHITLOAD OF FUCK, WHAT A FUCKLOAD OF PISS, I'VE HAD MORE FUN PLAYING WITH DOG TURDS! It sucks so hard it sucks! It fuckin sucks so hard it fucks!

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Shitload of fuck

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>hurr impossible jump in the sewer
>gently press the jump button for a lower jump

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I think this game may be a little hard.

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I almost beat this game as a kid.
It took me over 10 years to get to the Technodrome and then I got my ass kicked inside.

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shitload of fuck

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its impossible in the pc port, not the nes one, you mongoloid.

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Wasn't it actually impossible in some ports of the game? like dos or c64

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but i still think the game is shit. Maybe theres a good romhack for it

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He's the angriest gamer you've ever heard...

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The struggle was real

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I don't know why but I liked getting projectiles stuck in walls.

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This game was my jam being a huge ninja turtles sperg back then. I overlooked every single flaw this game had just because it was turtles, and thus played it over and over until I got gud.

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Try bebe kids

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