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Can we have a NES/FC general thread?

What are you playing lately? What are you playing it on? Make any good pickups recently?

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Is there any good Famiclones out there other than Analogue NT?

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There's the RetroUSB AVS. Chinese manufacturer Coolbaby has been slowly improving their line, and just put out a model (RS-40) that uses pin-for-pin clones of the CPU and PPU. I'd like to try one out.

I have a Coolbaby RS-37, which is a NES on a chip design in a Famicom-style shell, and the colors are kinda bad and the audio channel balance is off.

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I recently modded my NES and 60-to-72 pin adapter to enable the extra sound channels in some Famicom carts and my Everdrive. It works great, but I don't understand why this functionality was removed in the first place. All it takes to enable it is a single resistor, that would've cost a fraction of a cent to manufacture and would've made expansion sound a lot more commonplace.

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I didn't know CoolBaby was doing non NOACs, that's awesome. $40 shipped ain't bad; I might have to try one out.
Due to cool anons in a different thread, I've been playing TetraStar to-day, which is radical.

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Seems like Nintendo took a lot of steps to standardize the platform in the US, while taking full control of cartridge production for the region. It was more wild-west in Japan.

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I googled RS-40 and that seem to be PAL only

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I recently bought kid icarus, ninja gaiden and life force.

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Huh, the several reviews on AliExpress agree with you. I wonder why that's the case.

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Would love to. It was a system that I enjoy playing in its day and I still enjoy the games from it now.

Lately, I have only been playing Nintendo's Tetris and Monopoly via my phone. I somewhat recently got Crisis Force for the Famicom.

Now that I got a NES again, there isn't much use for my Super Retro Trio anymore. I was using a Chinese Everdrive N8 in it, but I have been considering that Super Games 150 in 1 cartridge from aliexpress for the Super Retro Trio. It seems like a good purchase for $14 shipped, but I am running tight on money for the next couple months. I hope my financial situation gets stabilized by May to maybe hunt down someone able to help me RGB mod the systems.

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I got a Famicom Mini and wholly cows the controller cords are short. It's basically made to play on some tiny TV while you work a counter job like a Pawnshop or selling newspaper. I can't see any other way to play this extensively.

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Do famicom games have problem while playing them on the NES?, I have an adapter but so far I only have bootlegs, I would like to have more famicom games

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No issues at all. Games with expansion audio will be missing it, but that's the only real issue.

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It's just as easy to do a crap implementation of logic in 2 chips as it is in one. I'm guessing maybe you can replace the chips with original parts. But god knows what that fucking controller interface is.

>i wonder why china is pal
Because most of the world is

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The local place I bought my top loader from finally went under. Makes me sad.

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That's the standard Famiclone controller interface, they've all been using the same protocol and connector for decades.

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Other than the Analogue NT there's the RetroUSB AVS. That's it.

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Have you used an AVS? Looks like there's actually a new firmware update from this month, which leads me to believe it's not dead, but I've been on the fence about one forever.

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I've got an NT Mini, although the AVS is supposed to be excellent for the price. Only 720p output though.

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I wish they'd put the NT Mini back in production, I could legitimately replace all my hardware with it. I'm fine with 720p, but the extra console support on the NT was really cool.

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The NES/FC version of Boulder Dash is really good! Late release, Japanese-developed, lots of animation and good use of color. Nice controls and music. I had a PC version growing up, but that was kind of shit.

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I would like to do that and RGB mod my NES or NES mini, but I have brain problems and can't solder for shit

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Don't worry, if you want to play NES with FireBrandX™ color palettes, you can use an emulator for thr same experience.

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I've been playing Shatterhand and Duck Tales on the RS-97, because someone suggested I learn how to speedrun a game for my Twitch thing that I do.

Duck Tales is the most likely one so far, since I can do the thing in about 15 minutes. So that's nice.

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Sure they have sport. If you'd actually ever owned two different famiclones and tried to swap controllers from one to the other you'd know how utterly retarded your parrot is.

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imagine being so confident in your misinformation you use words like 'sport'. Everyone who's not a redditor knows 99% of Famiclones use the same pinout and interface.

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>epic irony
So how many famiclones have you tried other controllers on and how many do you own? Sport

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is it worth it to sell my nes for a fami and a nes to fc adapter, /vr/?

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The AV Famicom and Twin Fami are the apex of the NES/Fami hardware.
Other than nostalgia there's really nothing good about the model 1 NES design.
If you're totally fine with your NES and don't feel like switching I'd say just keep it but other than that I think it's worth it.
On top of that you can then get some fami carts with expansion audio hardware then, like Castlevania 3 which is pretty neat.

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Absolutely, that's what I did over a decade ago and I've never looked back.

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Any hidden gem/underrated games recommendations? looking for something new to play

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I would recommend you strike the term 'hidden gem' from your vocabulary, and simply ask for game recommendations instead. Play The Goonies, it's quite fun and Japan only (it only got a VS. System release in the US).

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>I would recommend you strike the term 'hidden gem' from your vocabulary
damn, okay. thanks for the recommendation though

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They got a complete in box AV Famicom with the necessary cables for playing it in my country at my local comic store for $140. Compared to what I've seen online, this is crazy cheap. How good is the deal?

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Best NES game coming through.

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B A L L S !

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>They got a complete in box AV Famicom with the necessary cables for playing it in my country at my local comic store for $140. Compared to what I've seen online, this is crazy cheap. How good is the deal?

Paid for about 100 euros(~125 dollars) for mine locally with all the cables and 72 to 60 pin adapter. It wasn't CIB though(and I personally didn't care about that). I'd say go for it and get the adapter too, if you haven't got NES already.

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It's a great deal. For your local comic store. Then again, if eBay is your only other option, and you really wanted it, and you already have enough money for rent/food/weed/etc then it's a good deal for you.

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Just beat Mario 2 (Japan). Got to 7-4 blind and those crazy fire bar pits fucked me up, so I did it with warps, maybe I'll try warpless again sometime. On to Rockman 5 for now though

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I liked that game on my Amiga when I was a kid, picked it up for $3 for the nes. Good God is it terrible

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Is this a perfect video game?

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Guys, does the NES Max controller work on a famicom? That would be a huge boost to cord length

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It will work on an AV Famicom, since the controller ports are the same. You'll need an EXP Port to NES adapter to use with a SHARP Twin or regular Fami.

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You know there are 5 extra worlds right? You can only do world 9 is you beat the first 8 worlds warpless, and you can only do worlds A, B, C and D if you complete the game (with or without warps) 8 times.

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Maybe I'm just too young to appreciate it (27), but the first year and a half of the famicom's life is full of garbage. I'm honestly surprised it took off as well as it did, though I suppose games in general weren't up par with the later years of the NES's lifespan yet, so everyone was just used to those kinds of games

But fuck, Nintendo's first party lineup until late '85 was just miserable

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I'm 29 and I love first gen Famicom games. You've got solid arcade ports, and weird 3rd party kusoge; what's not to like?

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I've started picking up famicom carts on eBay after realising how cheap they are, and since I've been watching a bunch of GCCX lately.

I don't even have a famicom.

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I'm guessing you also don't like anything pre-NES?

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You'd be correct. Though to be fair I've not really explored pre-NES stuff, but I'm not a big fan of (single player) single screen arcade games. Possibly because I grew up with later NES titles like Castlevania and Ninja Gaiden, and earlier stuff felt so primitive and uninteresting as a result

Note I do love arcade puzzlers like Puyo and Magical Drop, and multiplayer single screen games like Worms and such. But the idea of loading up Popeye and playing for more than 5 minutes just turns me right off. And that's largely all the NES was at first

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Popeye really kicks ass

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I just got my Everdrive N8, what famicom games should I play? I finally have room for my crt and nes av mod toploader.

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Is the Famicom as cheap feeling as it looks?

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No, they're absolute tanks. I buy all mine 'untested' and I've never received one that doesn't work. My one-armed-bandit in the top left had a bad Controller II that I removed, that's the worst issue I've ever had. My NES-101s on the other hand feel like they would shatter if I sneezed on them. PC Engines are similarly indestructible, since they're also in the pic.

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Jesus that game's brutal. I knew about world 9, but not how to get it. Guess I'll have to go back to it someday

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I mostly feel that way too, but there are some nice arcade conversions. Donkey Kong and DKjr. were almost arcade perfect (inb4 pie factory) and still hold up. Galaga, Xevious, Lode Runner are worth mentioning as nice time wasters. There are also a couple of pre-SMB Nintendo originals worth playing, namely ExciteBike, Wrecking Crew and Devil World. It wasn't all that abysmal.

Now as for the Master System...

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Of course I'm referring to this post:

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To be fair, the master system early on had Teddy Boy, which has a shit name but is pretty fun, astro warrior is a pretty neat shoot em up. I've played tons of Pit Pot, and The Ninja is one of my favourite retro action games. That being said, I love the early Famicom lineup. Even Golf, which is not a game I thought I'd ever find myself playing, let alone two player with a friend for hours in 2017.

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I was thinking of buying a Famicom but bought an AV famicom instead since the channel input is channels 95 and 96 but if I were to hook up the famicom's coaxial cord to my SNES' rf switch will I be able to get it to play on channel 3?

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Does anyone have a good resource for Sharp Twin Famicom rgb modding? I'm interested in the sharp twin since it looks good and has the extra audio that you can't get from an NES. I plan on buying a flashcart, I just want the best hardware.

All I can find is foreign posts about rgb modding it.

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cute and, dare I say, comfy cartridge and game.

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There's a channel switch on the system itself.
Apply some critical thinking.

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>There's a channel switch on the system itself to select channel 95 or 96
>I applied some critical retardation

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If you are, in fact, the one who asked the question, you have just proven yourself to still be a useless child.
The answer is no.
The channel switch is on the console because the RF transmitter is attached to the motherboard.

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I just love how cute and colorful the famicom carts look. It has a special charm and comfiness that lacks in the NES.

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nes carts are hideous and tacky.

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my tv doesn't catch channels 95 and 96 is there another way

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A VCR or another TV.
You could also just build a simple composite amp and replace the RF modulator with that.

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I am, in fact, not. I was just making fun of your fedora post. The channel switch is on the console so you can switch chanels, not because the "RF transmitter" is on a daughterboard.

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80's usually goes hand in hand with tacky

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like, ed 209

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Such a nice creme-tone on that famicom

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i need me some famicom games that don't require reading and are cheap to buy

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I've been crunching away on an anglophone-friendly famicom list, I'll report back later
really sucks that famicom pricing lists are all hideously out of date

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Do I get myself an av-modded regular famicom, or a really yellowed AV famicom? I'm seeing both for about the same price right now.

I prefer the aesthetics of the original one, I just worry about the hardwired controllers wearing out and not being easily replaced.

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get the av famicom its composite signal is better, the modded av famicom has jailbars like the US top loader does.

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>i don't know how to mod but i sure know how to parrot
cool story kid

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well that wasn't nice

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Parroting underage are cancer. Cancer is never nice.

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Well I'm sorry for parroting.

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Can anyone tell me why there was no NES port of Tapper?

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The reason the original wasn't ported is obvious. As for Root Beer Tapper, putting aside the stupid but possible idea that Nintendo still didn't want a game with "beer" in the title, my guess is that it wasn't as popular as other pre-1985 arcade games that got NES ports.

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Or dig dug

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