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I played them when I was a kid and I didn't like the tank controls or the game in general. What are your thoughts?

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Shit-tier SM64 clone. Nothing to say really.
>inb4 muh Argonaut and evil Shiggy

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fun game that gets way too much hate, 2nd one is not as good, but alright.

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The final boss is like something out of a Unity game. It's embarrassing.

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More character and polish than most platformers. Really fun game unless you're trying hard to be an edgy fag like this >>4666436 >>4666739

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They're alright. I had a lot of fun with them when they came out, but I toubt I'd ever bother with them again. It's been this long already and I still have no desire to play them.

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Call me an "edgy fag" if you must but nothing I said is untrue. The game is a 6/10 turd with little to no redeeming qualities and is inferior to Super Mario 64 in every single conceivable way, from graphics to controls and beyond. Literal bargain bin shit right here. And the fact that people pretend Nintendo somehow stole the idea for SM64 from the guys that made this game is laughable, as we can see with the finished product that they had no idea what they were doing.

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I can see you feel the need to really explain yourself, going on and on. Us Croc fans know what's up. Buzz off.

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Yes, I do feel the need to explain myself, because unlike you I have an actual argument and don't find it mentally challenging to write a few sentences. And no, you don't know "what's up", if you did, you wouldn't be asshurt over someone calling a budget platformer what it is.

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One of my favorite 3D platformers, and the music is great.

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Croc is great.
Croc 2 is shit and the final levels feel extremely unfinished.

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Croc is great. Atmosphere, characters, music, I even like the tank controls. I don't care to convince you so I can't make an argument, I'm not sure where you want to go from here? Are you one of the people that shows up to gay marriages screaming about how you hate gay marriages? You can leave the thread if you don't like the subject of the thread, you know, lol but you can stay because it's fun to watch you sperg out.

Croc's visuals are great. Lots of shiny things, colors, etc.

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croc 2 improves on 1 in every way

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with shittier levels, minigames and mechanics?

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Fun fact: the Saturn version is superior to the psx version, especially in sound. Not sure about PC version, anyone else know?

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>Are you one of the people that shows up to gay marriages screaming about how you hate gay marriages?
Did you suddenly forget that the thread asked for opinions on the game? I offered my own and apparently you can't deal with that. Little bit different from showing up at a gay wedding, retard.
>lol but you can stay because it's fun to watch you sperg out.
Apparently not liking a shitty knockoff platformer is "sperging out" now. If anything you're the one sperging out over someone not worshipping your favorite childhood game. Then again, you fucking like tank controls so this kind of autism is to be expected I suppose.

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in what way? the saturn version is more known for the way you have to boot the game.
And PC version is best, there's a mod for adding the ps1 OST and higher resolutions, which makes the game looks gorgeous.

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>worse gem graphics
>pointless shop for arbitrary gating
>shilling for lifesaver candies
>shitty quests instead of pure platforming
>dumb gimmicks like some of the most pathetic racing minigames in history

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Ok. What else makes you angry about this guy?

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lol it absolutely did not have worse graphics. man I have to play these games again tho.

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Sounds like someone wasn't able to save the Gobbos.

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Oh it's you. Yeah you post that unfunny image in every thread after your arguments. I should have known by your autism it was you. What a disappointing end to a debate, like always. You get that meme from Reddit I assume?

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>being this assblasted

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why do people take time out of their day to shit on people talking about a game instead of playing a game? do you really think you're hurting peoples feelings with your reaction images? grow up.

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>still being this bungruffled

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Croc is cute

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not the same guy, go play a game

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Playing croc on PC is one of my earliest gaming memories. I once got passed the first area and freaked the fuck out. I was probably 4 then. Haven't played since

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My first two games were Croc and Quake 2 on PC

What a week

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The only croc game I played as a kid was Croc 2 on GBC, and I actually thought that one was pretty good as a sort of adventure game. Last year I played both PSX games and jesus christ it's a completely different, and extremely shitty, experience.

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bitches love croc you faggot kys

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>this filthy duck-faced whore
Is this supposed to support your argument?

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like I said faggot. go jerk off a fat italian homo. alligators get wet.

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>go jerk off a fat italian homo
How about you go suck a black tranny's cock, eh my boy? EH??

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lol you wil never secure a sexual partner until you embrace croc. pack your shit cunt.

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My wife's favorite character is actually Toad so your argument is invalidated. Now get down on them weak little bony knees and get ready to slurp you down some fat old tranny pickle my mans.

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> supposed to believe a guy posting reaction pics of people crying has a wife
if real a whale

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I have fond memories of them, but I haven't played either of them in a very long time, so it could just be nostalgia. I still love the music, though.


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>if real a whale
Nope. Keep worshiping my wiener.

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Both of them are really fun, but the first one is the best

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