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How long are the batteries in NES/SNES games going to continue working? I just sold off most of my collection, but I tested every game and they all can still save fine, not a single one had a dead battery. This is fucking insane considering some of these carts are over 30 years old. How long will they keep working? Is there going to come an age where everyone's batteries start to conk out around the same time?

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Depends on how often they've been loaded from. I know lots of people have reported their Zelda batteries are dead.

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Most of my nes games with battery still work, only game I have that stopped working Poke Crystal
I have been thinking of taking of the batteries of all my games just in case, but I am too lazy

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It will happen gradually over a few years. My guess is, in the next 5 or so years you'll be seeing a lot of these things die. The good news is, batteries are relatively easy to replace, and once you do, you won't need to do it again for a very long time. The scarier situation is actually in terms of games that save to flash/EPPROM memory, as those things can only be written to so many times before they finally give out. Once they do, your only real option is to replace the game or find a donor cartridge that you can swap one off of. As far as I know, there aren't any manufactured alternatives, but maybe they will become a thing once enough of these cartridges die that finding donors that swapping is no longer economically feasible.

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>Depends on how often they've been loaded from
Are you actually retarded?

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Flash/EEPROM is usually at least around 100,000 writes. That could take centuries to go through.

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Pokemon G/S/C batteries die a lot quicker than any other games because the battery has to power the RTC too.

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You can buy a new EEPROM to replace a dead one. Yeesh.

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>You can buy a new EEPROM to replace a dead one. Yeesh.
I'm not saying you're necessarily wrong, but I have seen no such thing. Can you link me to replacement EPPROM for an authentic N64 cartridge? This is one case where I'd love to be wrong.

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100k is just an estimate though. Some last a lot longer than others. Could be 10k, could be 50k, etc. But, 100k really isn't all that much when you take into account that many of these games have been around for 20 or 30 years. Depending on the kind of game, you could blow out a cartridge in only a few years of heavy use. There are guides all over telling you how to swap out memory from donor cartridges so obviously it happens quite often and will only get worse with time.

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save 10 times a day, everyday, means 3650 per year, times 30 years = 110k saves
nobody will reach that
although I do have to mention that whenever I play ocarina of time, I save it every time I open the start menu, always have, always will

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I repeat, not every game lasts 100k writes. And if nobody reached it, there wouldn't be countless pages talking about replacing EPPROM all over the net.

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100k sounds like a datasheet figure, meaning most will do much better, but some will do worse. These won't ever be a problem, but if they do then junk sports games will finally have a use.

but anyway the batteries thing is pretty interesting, I always thought 2010 would be when the mass failure would begin. still not there yet but I'm guessing when the time comes it will be related to storage temperature

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What capacity/size is the EEPROM in a N64 cartridge?

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Depends entirely on the game. Most were about 32 mega bits, but could go up to 512 I believe.

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512 megabits is 64 megabytes. You sure you're not confusing them with the program ROM?

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Yeah I realized I misread right after I posted it.


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N64 EEPROMs are probably 1-2k, it can't take much space to store game variables for a save game. Not all carts use a save method like this anyway, others have a battery backed SRAM or even a password save.

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My PS1 memory cards have been in use over twenty years at this stage. They use EEPROM if I remember right. How much longer can I expect them to last?

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>I tested every game and they all can still save fine
A functionally (or completely) dead battery won't keep you from saving and unless it's dead to the leaking acid stage it will likely even keep the save data through a few power cycles just not for days.

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Until your children die.

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I can't tell if this is an insult and you are implying i'm a virgin or you are saying they will last a long time.

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The latter. See: >>4662751

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I'm glad I bought overpriced first party memory cards.

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Depends. If you leave them sitting on the shelf, 4-5 years. If you play them then longer. The low voltage going though the cart does refresh the battery a bit. But really in the end, who cares, its DRAM and the battery is just a CR2033 99% of the time. You can just swap it out for like $2.

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I think OoT has a battery in the cart anyway so how often you save is irrelevant.

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Nigger, it's fucking SRAM.
You may not find one in the exact same package, but it's trivial to make an adapter board.

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Nigger, only 13 NTSC-U N64 games use SRAM. Try again.

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I have had two carts with dead batteries. Donkey Kong country and Shining in the darkness.

My n64 memory card died but it's a 3rd party one.

My sega saturn internal battery died twice already.

fuck batteries.

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So replace the batteries and then you won't have to cry about it for years to come you dingus.

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then fix it.

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Depends one many things. Most of which you would not understand.

>the N64 is the only console with on cart saves
If you're that retarded you'll never manage to figure out how to replace an N64 EEPROM.

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>the N64 is the only console with on cart saves
Where did I say that? Apparently you're too retarded to understand what an example is so I wouldn't be talking.

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You know what the funny thing is?
It doesn't fucking matter.
You can use any type of RAM, as long as it has the same interface (serial vs parallel).
If you really wanted to go the extra mile, you could use FRAM, which would easily outlive you.

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No, you're just to retarded to understand that RAM is RAM.
The N64 isn't using some magical unique RAM that you can only harvest from other n64 games.

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>No, you're just to retarded to understand that RAM is RAM.
>The N64 isn't using some magical unique RAM that you can only harvest from other n64 games.
Lmao imagine being this laughably ignorant. I repeat, link me to a guide explaining how to replace the memory in a non-battery saved N64 cartridge that doesn't involve taking it from another N64 game. You can't because you have no clue what you're talking about, that shit is proprietary you dumb fuck.

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this has been discussed to death and it is already well known that nintendo used proprietary memory in most n64 cartridges. there is currently no solution other than stripping from donor carts and you are dead wrong. stop talking about things you dont understand.

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fooken ninty mang

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He's probably on to something. I've had to replace exactly zero batteries so far of my childhood NES and SNES games, but I've bought a couple games which were former rental copies and those did need replacing.

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You said it right here: >>4662739
>but I have seen no such thing
Clearly someone here is too retarded to understand what an example is but it sure ain't me.

>do my homework for me
Top kek kid. No. You wouldn't understand it anyway because you're clearly retarded.

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You could probably build some kind of adapter to use standard EEPROMs if it's a pinout issue.

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my super mario world battery is dying. it usually loses save data when the game is turned off, though not 100% of the time.

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Stop, you got blown the fuck out and now all you can do is keep stamping your foot and crying. You're the one who said "LOL ALL RAM IS THE SAME BRAH", and then got proven wrong. The reason you can't provide me with a guide isn't because I need you to "do my homework for me", it's because you can't find said guide because the memory is proprietary. You are absolutely fucking retarded my dude.

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>You said it right here:
not him but its pretty easy to tell he was just using n64 as an example of a cartridge that you cant replace the rom for. the op only mentioned nes/snes anyway so pretty sure anybody with a double digit iq would be able to figure that out. it seems like youre just being petty and trying to nitpick after two people proving you wrong. how you can call somebody else retarded after saying all ram is the same is laughable

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Until the screen dims, or slows down. Then its time to change your batteries.

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Where did I say that kiddo? Do you think there is only one person on this board named Anonymous talking to themselves? You've already proved your ignorance. Now you're just bragging about it.

Cool samefag bro

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>start up secret of evermore 15 years ago
>whoa, this game is cool, play 5 hours
>load it up the next day my save is gone
>never play it again

;_;, that was the moment I stopped being a collector fag

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>You've already proved your ignorance

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>jumped on the bandwagon too late
>couldn't afford real hardware
>emulated but know it's inferior
>very self conscious about it

;_;, that was the moment I went over to 4chan and LARPed

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Are you?

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I love threads where some ignorant fuckhead with more attitude than brains says something stupid and then promptly gets his shit pushed in for it. They spend the rest of the thread desperately trying to troll anyone in order to soothe the asshurt, and watching it all brings me untold amounts of joy. I just wanted everyone to know. Thank you for your attention. I'll leave you with a picture of a super rare collectible gem.

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Can anyone explain me something? I guess im too dumb.
I use to buy sfc games from ebay to play, and as soon i get them i always replace the battery first.
But in some games theres still a save data, and despite that i remove the battery and put the new one, that save is still there. How is that possible? Does the battery despite neing 25 years old still capable to charge the board enough to keep the memory for the minuted im doing the replacement? Thats amazing.

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>Only known US copy
Thanks for the giggle

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Are you doubting the authenticity of this obviously legit cart? Hell, just looking at the label alone proves it's real.

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I don't know what the story is behind this, if the guy that bought it didn't know any better, or if he's knowingly scamming people with this.
I don't know what's worse.

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I wonder if you could mod the carts in some way to alleviate this, or if your only real option is to back up your saves often.

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>want to play some arcade DK
>slam in DK64 on the N64 to play the arcade game
>all files were completely wiped
>what the heck, I'm starting DK64 all over again
>complete the training
>turn off game
>go back to it the next day
>my original 101% file is now there again

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fucking retard, games have batteries in them that hold the save data. kill yourself.

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You should kill youself

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Nah, you're the retard. But you realized it and deleted your post a little too late.

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You should tell him more about those old magic batteries that used to hold saved game data.

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Lol everyone look at this faggot.
He thinks old games dont have batteries in them to save the data

I deleted the post because I felt bad for you, but then realized you're probably living with your mother still and should indeed kill yourself retard

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Jesus christ you're stupid. The batteries keep the data saved in memory by supply power.

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This is an absolutely delicious amount of embarrassed damage control. God, I'm going to enjoy this. No, you deleted your post when you figured out that it isn't the battery itself that holds the data, and you realized just how much of a fucking retard you looked like. Thankfully, I managed to screencap it.

Protip: Google how things work BEFORE you post in the future.

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No I deleted the post because I thought( you the retard that I replied to) surely wasn't mocking me like a dumb fucking idiot saying I emulated a game and started larping for no reason.

I quickly came to my senses, and realized you're the biggest idiot I've spoken to today.

kill yourself soon

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Are you okay, kiddo? You seem a little flustered. It's affecting your ability to form coherent sentences. Try to calm down a little and relax before you try to reply again. Work through that embarrassed, red-faced haze you're in right now that's making you type gibberish. Maybe you should talk about those magic memory holding batteries some more?

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>Thankfully, I managed to screencap it.
You could still check it on the archives.

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kill yourself sooner retard

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Nah, the point is to be able to repost it quickly in the thread. It catches them in a vulnerable moment and makes them go into full blown embarrassed damage control mode and start knee-jerk replying, as you can see.

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He doesn't know what those are. He's stupid.

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So you're admitting to try and troll in a thread to derail? back to /b/

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>i said something stupid and this faggot won't just leave me alone

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I kinda thought that was fairly obvious. I mean, you can be asshurt about it and report it, I really don't care. I've already had my fun with you, kiddo.

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Both of you are retarded. Anon who deleted his post is retarded for getting butthurt over this and deleting his post, the other anon is retarded for getting upset about semantics and trying to blow common-speak out of proportion. I'm pretty sure nobody is actually stupid enough to think that the fucking battery holds data, it was clear what he meant.

Other anon though, you need to stop. You're getting way too upset about this guy trolling you, once you devolve to "kill yourself" it's a classic sign of butthurt. Both of you just need to let it go.

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>mfw some twitch viewing kid comes to /vr/ to try and fit in and talk semantics over batteries.
>he also doesn't know of 4chan archives

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>it was clear what he meant.
Yeah, it sure was. It was pretty clear he posted something really stupid, thought the better of it a minute or two later and Googled it, realized just how badly he fucked up, and then tried to delete it to avoid going through the exact assravaging he's experiencing right now. There is absolutely no way I'm letting this go while this kid is still in damage control mode. WAY too many kekz to be had here.

>> No.4671410 [DELETED] 

>defending the guy above you, in any capacity
You just made him feel even more welcome. Enjoy the pit of mud to roll in you created for yourself.

>> No.4671414 [DELETED] 

lol "magic batteries"

what a dumbass

>> No.4671432 [DELETED] 

>when kids try to call other people kids


>> No.4671434 [DELETED] 

>when kids think batteries are made of magic and ram


>> No.4671443 [DELETED] 

>when I have no arguments or intelligence so I copy the smarter anons sentence structure to try and drive home a point that everyone thinks is retarded already


>> No.4671447 [DELETED] 

>when some plebs make fun of me for preaching about the magic batteries of yore


>> No.4671450 [DELETED] 

>when I have no arguments or intelligence so I copy the smarter anons sentence structure to try and drive home a point that everyone thinks is retarded already


>> No.4671452 [DELETED] 

>when some plebs make fun of me for preaching about the magic batteries of yore


>> No.4671457 [DELETED] 

>when I have no arguments or intelligence so I copy the smarter anons sentence structure to try and drive home a point that everyone thinks is retarded already


>> No.4671458 [DELETED] 

>when some plebs make fun of me for preaching about the magic batteries of yore


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Thanks for proving to everyone you're an idiot

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>Thanks for proving to everyone you're an idiot

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This thread is erasing cells from my brain

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Funny, I'm having the best time keeping this kid here and asshurt. Try not to think too hard about it, and just get a cheap laugh or two at his expense. It's on me.

>> No.4671472 [DELETED] 

The funny part is that he trolled himself.

>> No.4671473 [DELETED] 

simply epic my man!
can I donate to your paypal?
you r simply a GEM and u seem lik a [email protected] who dont take no shit from noonez

>> No.4671476 [DELETED] 

You can do whatever you want to do, kiddo, just as long as you stay here and keep the lulz coming. Anyway, are you an expert on multiple retro subjects, or just batteries?

>> No.4671481 [DELETED] 

seriously doe, lets talk about how EPIk you are TROLLING dis guy. ur so frickin cool man.
ets talk about how cool you are and how long u been epically torlling the boreds of 4chan.

I bet u r so uber old user that has hacked the sites gibson for maximum trollin. man u r cool

>> No.4671482 [DELETED] 

But you trolled yourself, that's the funny part. I'm not doing it to you, you're doing it to you. You're still so flustered over being called out for posting something stupid that you can't see it yet.

>> No.4671486 [DELETED] 

man ur so SO FRICKIN COOL, im gettun wet at how U be trollin dis guy. I bet you have all duh girls :( wish I was your girl. u so cool I bet u become king of /vr/ after dis legendary thread

>> No.4671491 [DELETED] 

Hey, I'm just here for the (You)'s.

>> No.4671502 [DELETED] 

lol, guess his mom said he had to get off the computer and go to bed

>> No.4671512 [DELETED] 

Holy fucking shit. I just joined this thread and I have to say without a doubt this is THEE most EPIC trolling I've ever seen in my life.

LIKE seriously someone make this guy a mod, like HOLY FUCK, he epically DESTROYED that guy. WOW, I bet this is on the front page of reddit RIGHT NOW, I bet this anon will never EVER forget this legendary moment on /vr/ like holy shit, I want to be a mastter trollman too now. I say everyone on /vr/ should go into every thread RIGHT NOW and start just trolling everyone. ITS FUCKING EPICCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCc

>> No.4671514 [DELETED] 

How many hours is this kid going to waste replying to anything anyone posts?

>> No.4671517 [DELETED] 

I duno but u shud totes keep egging him on like I no u r supa busy in life unlyke dat loser but u shud stay here an keep trolling him for da lulz its so cool n i lyke it lots :) u duh man!

>> No.4671518 [DELETED] 

Yeah, I planned on it. This is a comedy and screencap goldmine. Going to be here until a janitor finally shows up and deletes this kid's shame.

>> No.4671520 [DELETED] 

I b here wit u but first i NEED to do sum homework,

>> No.4671523 [DELETED] 

Okay, kiddo. You go do that.

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>screen cap your own posts

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lol, someone's still a little mad from earlier

>> No.4671641 [DELETED] 

More like embarrassed.

>> No.4671656 [DELETED] 

>replying to yourself

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I replaced my batteries using the electrical tape method because I suck at soldering and am a giant idiot all around.
It worked though

>> No.4671668 [DELETED] 

Sorry sir, this is a thread about a 12 year old boy trying to get with his own words in 2018 "lulz" with very shitty trolling. We're going to have to ask you to move along.

>> No.4671672 [DELETED] 

No, it's mostly about you still being embarrassed from earlier and still shitposting.

>> No.4671674 [DELETED] 

>trying to get with his own words in 2018 "lulz"

>> No.4671676 [DELETED] 

>he still doesn't realize he got BTFO by the person he supposedly trolled

KEK, good thread indeed.

Egomaniac incapable of rational thought.
Go figure!

>> No.4671678 [DELETED] 

I'm not the nerd you were having a pathetic internet slapfight with, I'm just pointing out the obvious.

>> No.4671681 [DELETED] 


>imagine posting shit like this in 2018 and thinking you shouldnt be the one embrassed.

>imagine showing your non existent girlfriend this and thinking "wow, I'm da man"


>> No.4671683 [DELETED] 

Whatever you say. Just popped in because a unique IP bumped the thread. Will be leaving again since you're still here doing fuck knows what. I'll pop back in later to see if things are back on track. Either way, good luck getting your revenge on the guy who hurt your feelings, though.

>> No.4671684 [DELETED] 


>> No.4671692

It usually does work. Not really much of a difference between tape and solder for batteries, provided you don't do anything really dumb. At least as far as I know there aren't any disadvantages to the tape.

>> No.4671713 [DELETED] 

lol, you're still here running damage control

>> No.4671719 [DELETED] 

lol, you're still here samefagging

>> No.4671720 [DELETED] 

so are you, it seems

>> No.4671723 [DELETED] 

>spending literal hours arguing with each other over a single deleted post
Just be aware that you are both highly autistic and there is no winner here. Seriously, you're both fucking retarded and the chances that you aren't both fat virgins is 0%. Food for thought.

>> No.4671725 [DELETED] 

More food for though: The moderators of this board are shit.

>> No.4671726 [DELETED] 

>desperately trying to play it off like you're a neutral third party, and not the retarded battery kid from earlier
Just be aware that you're not fooling anyone, and I already won this thread ages ago. I'm still in the process of collecting my reward, one asshurt post at a time.

>> No.4671730 [DELETED] 
File: 1.76 MB, 235x150, it_becomes_so_tiresome.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Okay then, have at it.

>> No.4671731 [DELETED] 

>implying the battery kid isn't a janny

I will. Thank you, good sir.

>> No.4671738 [DELETED] 

Your dads a janitor irl

>> No.4671752 [DELETED] 

no, ur mum kiddo

>> No.4671754 [DELETED] 

>if I call people kiddo, this means people will think I'm an adult when really I'm a kiddo. I AM THE MIND FREAKKKKK


>> No.4671760 [DELETED] 

i just think it's funny that you'll reply to anyone who replies to your posts. it doesn't even matter if they're the faggot you were fighting with, or even what the posts say, you'll reply to anything.

>> No.4671765 [DELETED] 

You should post me on /r/4chan then for t3h EpIk LuLz!

>> No.4671767 [DELETED] 

ok bro i will

>> No.4671768 [DELETED] 

Stay on reddit where you belong after you do!

>> No.4671770 [DELETED] 

ok bro i will

>> No.4671781 [DELETED] 

>was the only person who mentioned reppit

>> No.4671790 [DELETED] 

>when I don't get replied to in 5 minutes I make a new post

Man, your parents should give you more attention.

>> No.4671792 [DELETED] 

ok bro i will

>> No.4671834 [DELETED] 

the asshurt continues lol

>> No.4671891 [DELETED] 

> loses save data when the game is turned off, though not 100% of the time
> being so dense that changing a battery is impossible

>> No.4671897

At least you've moved past accusing him of larping.

>> No.4671902 [DELETED] 

This faggot is trying to derail the thread again

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Every time I get a new cartridge I replace the battery with a socketed one, even the Gameboy games. Some GBA games can't fit a socketed battery unfortunately, but most GBA games have flash memory instead of SRAM anyway.

>> No.4672708 [DELETED] 


STFU retard. Who's asking you anything anyway?

Fuck you and your opinion.

>> No.4672738

>I just sold off most of my collection
stopped reading there .png

>> No.4673594 [DELETED] 

Aww, the magic battery kid got deleted. Sad days.

>> No.4673634


>> No.4673646

what's the point of installing a socket for a battery which is going to be swapped once every 10-15 years?

>> No.4673651

To not go through the trouble and risk of de-soldering and re-soldering a battery to a PCB. Batteries tend to explode when exposed to extreme heat ya know.

>> No.4673848

Because he has many many 10-15 years left in his life and it will be a few of those before he's old and wise enough to know better than to use a battery.

>> No.4673869

>not every game lasts 100k writes
indeed, some may last 200k writes

>> No.4673871

Why couldn't these run on gas or clean coal?

>> No.4673895

And some may last 5k. Kind of missing the point my dude.

>> No.4674021

then learn to solder

>> No.4674027

>Pokemon G/S/C batteries die a lot quicker than any other games
Interesting. The only time I had this happen to me so far is my Pokemon Silver cartridge.

>> No.4674046

No it's not just an estimate. It's a rating, and it's a minimum. Nearly any guide on swapping EE from a donor cart would be written by a fool as you can usually just use an off the shelf part instead. It's a well known fact that there are fools "all over". Also, global rule 2.

>> No.4675515

>No it's not just an estimate. It's a rating, and it's a minimum.
Oh yeah? Point me to the verified source you have for proving that EPPROM lasts for minimum 100k writes. I'll wait.
>Nearly any guide on swapping EE from a donor cart would be written by a fool as you can usually just use an off the shelf part instead.
Except you actually can't.
>Also, global rule 2.
I suppose you should leave, then.

>> No.4675728

First out of about 80k results on google.
>Except you actually can't
I think you mean you. I can do it just fine you projecting little faggot. Now run along back to whatever underage shithole you crawled out of.

>> No.4675746

>Data Retention: 10 years
Lmao. I'm glad we've now established that these figures are estimates and not factual minimums or maximums. Moving on...
>I think you mean you. I can do it just fine you projecting little faggot
No, I mean literally anyone, because many cartridges use memory with proprietary features and thus you can't just use any run of the mill EPPROM in their place.

Until you can provide both A) verified, factual proof that said memory lasts for a minimum of 100k writes, and B) a guide detailing how to replace the EPPROM memory in, say, an N64 cartridge, without using a donor cart, you have no argument and are wrong on all fronts. I expect you to say something about "spoonfeeding" or continue calling me a child in place of an actual argument, so I'll go ahead and assume you won't be able to provide either of these things and that I've won the argument already.

>> No.4675754

just fyi that 100k includes both erase and write cycles so you probably wont get 100k writes no matter what

>> No.4675856

>i'm glad we've now established i don't know what a datasheet is
Well there's yer problem
>N64 cartridge
Oh, it's this faggot again. Are you going to keep crying until someone holds your hand and shows you how the EE in an N64 cart works? You'll be crying a river then because I'm not going to tell you. It's not exactly rocket science. I've got 20 year old chink shit that does it. But it's so fucking funny to watch you throw a tantrum every time your chronic ignorance flares up. So stomp your foot, hold your breath, and throw down more flaccid challenges.

I'd get 100k writes if I never used chip erase, which I never would.

>> No.4675878

Replacing Saturn batteries is painless though

>> No.4675880
File: 7 KB, 200x200, ba2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>still no proof of the cart actually lasting 100k writes
>still can't provide a method for changing it
>talks about me throwing a "tantrum" while calling me a faggot, telling me I'm going to cry (twice) and telling me I'm chronically ignorant despite not being able to provide any proof to support his argument

>> No.4675887

Mileage may vary: I had to replace the batteries in my Pokemon blue and gold carts.

>> No.4676007

N64 repros games exist, i would the parts made for them could be used for what ever this anon wanted

>> No.4676129

>still no proof of the cart actually lasting 100k writes
He already posted a datasheet and proved you wrong about that.

As for N64 eeproms, not enough have failed to warrant anyone finding a replacement. It could be done but it's not worth the trouble. Because they normally last 100k write cycles like the datasheet says.

>> No.4677254 [DELETED] 
File: 54 KB, 500x375, Time_to_Stop_Posting.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>cries about being told he's going to cry

>> No.4677454 [DELETED] 
File: 81 KB, 743x800, 1513026022184.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>when you made a post claiming that batteries could somehow store save game data and you got clowned for it for like twelve hours so now you gotta argue with anyone about anything desperately hoping to actually be right about something

>> No.4677478

>He already posted a datasheet and proved you wrong about that.
A data sheet is not proof. If it was proof, the same data sheet would not say that data retention was 10 years. That's probably an estimate, because they last far longer. Meaning, the writes could also last far longer... or far fewer... because it isn't fucking proof of anything.
We both know the only reason you can't provide a guide is because it doesn't exist, because most memory in video game cartridges uses proprietary technology and any old EPPROM simply won't work. All you'd have to do to "BTFO" me is to simply provide this guide, but instead you just keep pretending that you don't want to spoonfeed me. You've lost the argument man, put up or shut up.

>> No.4677586

SRAM doesn't lose the data the instant it loses power, and there's often a capacitor across it too. Wouldn't expect it to survive over a couple minutes though.

>> No.4677593

The datasheet is a guaranteed minimum, it might last quite a bit longer than specified, especially when used under less demanding conditions than at the min/max specified voltage temperature etc, but very few should fail before the specified cycle count.

>> No.4677634
File: 809 KB, 599x799, super mario world.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anon Your post just reminded me of something that confused the hell out of me as a child.

So as a kid I owned two copies of Super Mario World. One came with my system and the other my dad gave to me at a later date saying he got it from a friend at work, but was probably stolen as I found out later in life he and his buddy ran a chop shop stealing cars and car parts.
Anyway the weird thing is the stolen cart had three saves on it that were permanent. They were always there and always at the same point. No matter how many times I played them and saved they would not change. One save was set right after Castle 1, the second save was at the start of the forest of illusion and the third save was at Bowser's castle. No matter what I did these saves would always stay where they were and never progress.
The label on the cart was different then my normal one too. This is not my pic but the labels looked exactly like this, the weird cart looking like the top copy.

My best guess was that it was a cart from a store demo kiosk, but it didn't have any markings to indicate this like most "Not For Resale" carts.
Does anyone have any idea what the deal was with that cart?

>> No.4677665 [DELETED] 

reported for ban evasion

>> No.4677675 [DELETED] 

>that absolute retard that says hes here for da epik lulz keeps coming back and getting buttfucked by everyone


most pathetic person on 4chan

>> No.4677718 [DELETED] 

Yeah, I'm not banned for anything. Cool post, though.

>> No.4677726 [DELETED] 

You forgot to add "kiddo"

>> No.4677728 [DELETED] 

Why do you say that? Because you think I'm the faggot you had the battery cringefest with the other night?

>> No.4677986

>most memory in video game cartridges uses proprietary technology
Nope. Most are standard parts. You don't know what you're talking about.

>> No.4678452 [DELETED] 

>Nope. Most are standard parts. You don't know what you're talking about.
Oh, okay, so you won't have any issue providing me with a guide for how to change the EPPROM in a cartridge with a donor cart then, right?

>> No.4678457

>Nope. Most are standard parts. You don't know what you're talking about.
Oh, okay, so you won't have any issue providing me with a guide for how to change the EPPROM in a cartridge without using a donor cart then, right?

>> No.4678468

Based Sega actually put EEPROMs into some of their Mega Drive games like Wonder Boy in Monster World, even though they were really expensive back then.

Enjoy your original Super Metroid save biting it at some point while my Monster World save lives on effectively forever :^)

>> No.4678480

most probably a fucked SRAM chip, no matter how many times you save to it, it doesnt rewrite the data.

>> No.4678483

forgot to mentio, the difference in those 2 carts with different labels is that one is the first release bundled with the cionsole, the other is the one sold at retain in box, forgot which is which but thats the story.

>> No.4678606


The data sheet is the most proof you will find for pretty much anything. It is what the manufacturer- in other words the one with the most iin depth knowledge of the part who has designed tested and built it - guarantees. If you now of course act like a little underage faggot who considers nothing as "proven" until I guess it happens to himself in person and he sees it with his own eyes (which btw for everyone else then would be absolutely no proof because anecdotal experiences do not equal proofs- unlike the data sheet) then pretty much nothing can proved.

>> No.4678771 [DELETED] 

>i bet you're not smart enough to do my homework for me
Yeah, maybe that works on your mom or something but it's not going to work with me. I enjoy watching you cry too much. Cry so much you have to cry to the mods. I bathe in the sweet tears of children.

>> No.4678779 [DELETED] 
File: 35 KB, 700x438, teedus.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>still can't provide this method he claims exists
>still using spoonfeeding as an excuse
>still talking about crying
>still being this butthurt

>> No.4680064

I sure would have a problem because EPPROM isn't a thing. If you mean EEPROM the process is the same as replacing any other part. Identify what it is, buy a new one., swap it. I actually did this with a wily wars cart just a few weeks ago. It was easy as fuck. I'm not sure why you're sperging out so much about such a simple task.

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