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What is the right control scheme?

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Moving with dpad, looking with stick, aiming with L button, shooting with R, switching weapons / activating object with A and B. It's the setup that most closely resembles dual analog, and if you use one of those raphnet adapters with a GameCube controller it will be actual dual analog. Anyone that moves with stick or moves with c buttons is retarded and is using a left-handed control scheme.

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>Using a scheme that requires use of both L and R buttons.

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Sorry, meant to say Z not R. Yes, that would be retarded.

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I just found out earlier this year that you can use dual analog with two controllers.

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How do you strafe?

Ha me and my brother used to do this for "Co op".

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like any other dual analog control scheme -- move back and forward and strafe with left input, control camera with right input.

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And if you use the "Domino" or "Goodhead" dual controller config, you can shoot during cutscenes as well


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Oh duh. Not sure what I was thinking. I will try this.

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yo who's played this on emulator with mouse and keyboard? can you do online multiplayer?

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Check this out. I haven't tried it but it looks pretty cool.

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Holy shit why is his face like that?

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64 bit face melting

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Oh, so Golden eye just looks like that in real life? That's a pretty weird character design choice, but whatever, it worked for Dick Tracey I guess.

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Goldeneye 007 cover would be a permanent thread on old /b/.
All these newfags going "can't unseee" lol.

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Golden eye is a pretty cool guy. eh shoots the terrorists and doesn't afraid of anything.

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I use 1.2 Solitaire
It works fantastic

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No, not wrong, objectively right. The only way it could be wrong is if you're either left-handed, or have mega manlet hands incapable of reaching A/B while holding the middle prong with your right hand. Outside of those two scenarios, this is the only setup that mirrors a modern dual analog controller and anything else is counter-intuitive. Try again frogfaggot.

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Mouse and keyboard via emulation.

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Don't even get him started. We all know how these arguments turn out. Trying to get an emulation autist to understand the appeal of real hardware is like trying to get a small child to understand the difference between browsing a fine art gallery and looking up images on google. Just ignore them and find comfort in knowing that you have superior taste. Kings do not concern themselves with the opinion of peasants.

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I can't figure out why these aren't the most popular schemes. Even speedrunners don't always use it.

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1.1 or 1.2, since your left hand is used to being on the middle handle

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You don’t know what objectively means. Also, you’re wrong.

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>You don’t know what objectively means.
Yes, actually I do. And I'm objectively right. Any normal right-handed person is going to use their left hand to control movement and their right hand to control aiming. That is literally the fucking industry standard and how basically every FPS made over the last 15+ years has been made. Using any other control method is completely counter-intuitive, unnatural for a right-handed person and offers no discernible advantage. Stop being a fucking retard and just admit that the only reason you play with a shitbird control scheme is because it's what you grew up with and not what is logically the best. You have yet to provide one actual argument for why I'm wrong so I can only assume that you are trolling, mentally handicapped or incapable of accepting fact.

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Kissy is the only correct answer.

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It's logically the best on a controller that isn't the N64 controller. On a N64 controller you have to work with what you've got, which is a controller that, in your configuration, you've got to hold the right prong and stretch your thumb out to the middle prong to look while shooting with R. Perhaps you meant Z, which is the button under the middle prong, and not R?

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>Perhaps you meant Z, which is the button under the middle prong, and not R?
I literally corrected myself on the third post in. But yes, I meant Z. Holding the middle prong, using Z to shoot and using the controller like any modern controller is easily the best method. Also as I previously mentioned, if you use a raphnet adapter with a gamecube controller, you can map the dpad to the left analog stick, effectively giving you dual analog.

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Op here. I played through the game on 00 last night using the controls you advised and it was excellent. To think of all these years I've wasted on default. Thanks bud. Time to invite the boys over for some multiplayer.

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When you can straif, you will own everyone.

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Glad I could help you dude. You're one of the few people I've managed to redpill on this issue. Usually I just get a bunch of retards telling me that using the default control scheme is better only because they never bothered to configure the controls in the first place. Why anyone would use that shit when you can play with a method that feels like a modern shooter is beyond me.

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I beat the game on and I honestly don't want to touch it again. It's got that creepy factor to it, like spongebob squarepants revenge of the flying dutchman. It's supposed to be a bond game, but it doesn't feel like one entirely, it feels off... like talking to npcs who dont give a fuck theres bullets flying left an right of them but when you shoot an enemy in the same room, the npc starts shooting you. There's plenty of weird game design choices like that. I think it's overrated. Games like quake that came out at the same time might have not been as complex and revolutionary, but they did their job better and made sense. Goldeneye almost seems like a weird fan made game. Also, if a game was now released that ran as badly as goldeneye, it would be deemed unplayable and people would be asking for refunds. Why didn't they just go with sprites? The framerate is ridiculous. It's a fun little mess, this game, but It's a mess nonetheless. Most games from the 8 bit era have aged much better than goldeneye

I know this has nothing to do with OP, just a little rant for fun

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Many systems can be emulated well. The N64 is usually not one of them. Because of the limitations of the hardware creators came up with creative solutions to smooth out textures. There's a few forms of emulation that you can filter in the same way but most don't do it very well and things look way more blocky. All that being said not everyone has a boatload of cash laying around to buy an original cart of everything, and I don't mind emulating more expensive titles just to get the basics of a game.

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cute pasta

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The answer is Solitaire and only Solitaire.

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I would actually try to play some PC FPS (retro or not) with a n64 controller using the solitaire setup, just for novelty.

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youngfag dopes can't even understand what a good controller the N64 had, much less the best control scheme

kissy was the only way to play

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hence kissy #1

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>Moving with dpad, looking with stick

Literally impossible on original hardware. You cannot put forward and backward movement and strafing on the same stick.

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Are you retarded? You move and strafe with d-pad, you aim with stick. It's literally an option in almost every shooter on the console.

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C'mon anon. I had a N64 growing up and I loved the system but that controller was a hot mess even back in the day. Button layout was nuts (Except I always did like the Z button) and the build quality took a sharp nosedive because Nintendo couldn't into analog sticks, which was only exacerbated when Mario Party came out and everyone simultaneously demolished the palms of their hands on the rough edges of the analog stick and chiseled said sticks into dust.

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I can't think of any flaws in the controller besides as you say, the stick being rough on the thumbs, and wearing out too fast.

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What. The button layout was completely standard aside from the middle prong existing, which was the new thing they were figuring out.

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Why do brainlets have so much trouble understating that the c-buttons were to be used as the "second stick" for FPS like Goldeneye?

Also, the SNES-like d-pad + 6 button layout made it one of the best fighter pads ever, it's a shame it didn't have more fighters.

Also, reminder that this was the competing controller. The dual sticks didn't come until much later when they were playing catch up.

The N64 pad was a complete ground breaker.

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>ground breaking

Nintendo Controller Ideasmen: "Hey, guys remember the atari 7800 controller? Well, i think we should attach it to the snes controller!"

Nintendo: "Thats fucking fantastic! Its going to be ground breaking!"

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This is your brain on soy.

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aaand the thread went to shit.

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>the N64 controller still confuses her

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>i have no argument. Quick, throw an insult... yeah

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>the build quality took a sharp nosedive because Nintendo couldn't into analog sticks, which was only exacerbated when Mario Party came out and everyone simultaneously demolished the palms of their hands on the rough edges of the analog stick and chiseled said sticks into dust
“I’m underage and get all my knowledge about vr from meme e-celebs”

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We get it, you're a faggot.

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What the fuck are you inferring from my post? I was using the C-buttons to strafe in Goldeneye and Turok 2 probably when you were in diapers. PS1 originally didn't have analog until Ape Escape came out, that's true, and Saturn didn't have analog (Well, ever) until Nights, but that doesn't negate the design flaws of the N64 controller. It was 'ground-breaking' because it was the first true analog stick, at least. I think.

The analog stick wearing out fast was pretty important. The only games I can think of where you can even use the D-pad for movement by default were the AKI wrestling games and maybe Flying Dragon. As has been touched on Goldeneye and Perfect Dark had many control options but on a lot of games you were shit out of luck, especially in Turok 1. That game had terrible control options.

I'm 30, you faggot. I lived through it. All my controllers had fucking dust from the N64 analog sticks caught in the center and me and my friends did end up killing our palms when we rented Mario Party (The original, not 2 or 3).

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Well I'm not balding but that actually is fairly spot on.

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>pooping in your own mouth to avoid being shit on

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We're on /vr/. 0.01% of us actually look like Chads.

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Nah, fuck that. I like coming on here and talking about video games a few times a week, but I'm not a fat ugly loser with no girlfriend and no hobbies outside of video games. Misery loves company, but don't lump me into that shit.

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Sure, kid, sure. Few times a week. What time is it again? I don't know about you but it's 6:30AM here. You're probably a Brit so it's a little before noon for you, right? Must be nice to be able to be on 4chan in the middle of the work day shitposting.

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>I'm a fat ugly faggot so that means you are too
Lol, whatever helps you sleep dude.

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Clearly I'm not sleeping because if I was I wouldn't be here shitposting with Chad and his two Stacies at 6AM.

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>saying "whatever helps you sleep" implies you are sleeping
I'm not asking to be a dick but I'm legitimately curious, do you have a spectrum disorder? The lack of picking up on basic sarcasm and social cues could be part of your problem man. It's not too late, you don't have to sit around feeling like a loser forever. Like I've been where you are and I would happily give you some advice for turning things around. I'm being completely sincere, too.

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The one where you switch the cartridge for a good game.

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Whoa now that's a retro meme

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It's just banter dude, chill. I could either get mad at you for calling me a fat ugly loser (Which, to be fair, isn't that far from the truth but you don't need to be an ass about it) and be a complete asshole or I could just shitpost.

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>when you were in diapers
>i'm an old man posting on 4chin arguing about video games
where did it go so wrong for you?

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Why does Goldeneye have such a big mouth?

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That joke was already made.

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kissy is best

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