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well this was fucking disappointing

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It was Dracula

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Still the best FMV game.

If you want something with more meat to its gameplay, check out D2 on Dreamcast, one of the most batshit crazy survival/horror games of all time.

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That's what I was looking to see. Honestly yea the lack of meat and puzzles is what got me. I know it's much older but still.

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The guy who made Shadow of the Colossus worked on this.

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It's only hyped up because of weebs. The only cool thing about that "game" is how Kenji tricked the ESRB.

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Sotc sucks dick tho

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I hate how this game is pretty so so but it gave me PTSD as a kid, was afraid of the dark with all the cutscenes playing in my head

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I hear you there, I was really disappointed with thi as well. Like second anon said check out D2, it's a really fun and unique game. As far as FMV games have you ever played Lunacy or Mansion of Hidden Souls on Saturn?

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No I haven't. Would you recommend? Trying to play all retro horror gems.

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Seems like a good gift for her, though.

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Well you get vored at the end of you dont do it right so I guess

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Mansion of Hidden Souls is pretty cheesy but I had fun with it. Lunacy is great though, the story and setting are really cool. I'd recommend them to play through an emulator maybe since they're pretty short and Lunacy is expensive

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anyone played Lunacy on the sat that looks pretty good

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Enemy Zero is also good

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Laura Laura Laura LAURA

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funny scream

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I finally got around to watching a play through of this game. I remember seeing it in game magazines, specifically the screen shot here. I didn't get a 5th gen system till I bought a PS1 in 1996, and at that point Resident Evil had come out and I had forgotten about D. In 2000, a friend of mine had a Sega Saturn and a copy of D and we played it for a half hour before getting bored.

It's not bad and for the time it was released it was a pretty damn creepy game. The directors cut is a bit better, but otherwise there is no reason to play it instead of just watching a playthrough.

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ffs laura look UP stupid

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