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Let me make this perfectly clear

>I'm stuck here

Game officially broken. Fuck this shitty game.

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That's what happens when you game a shitty play.

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>using emulators
That's your problem

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You have a fucking room temp IQ

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Nice CRT filter, faggot.
Actually, it does look pretty nice.

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>retard gets himself stuck on geometry
>has tantrum
>expects sympathy

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Fuck you idiots
This isn't supposed to happen at all
It's not my fault for finding an error in the game
I was walking around with the Mushroom bullshit and i ended up stuck between his house and the tree
How is this my fault? Fucking idiots. Kill yourselves.

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Why are you having a meltdown over a game?

If the occasional glitch is enough to do this kind of thing to you, retro games in general probably aren't a good hobby for you.

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Your options are:
-Restore from previous save/state
-Hack it to change your position
-Download a save/state, there are sites where people upload them
-Move on and play a better videogame next time.

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Calm down kid. The game owes you SHIT.
If you got stuck at literally the first map of the game, then sorry to break it for you.
You are fucking retarded. Literally retarded and slow.

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He's obviously a retard given that he's having a panic attack over something so stupid, but he is right in saying that the game blows. Any game which is so poorly designed as to let you become stuck through ANY means is a piece of shit. It's sloppy game design.

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C'mon this thread is clearly bait

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have you tried blowing the screen?

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You could search a Walk Through Walls code in google, fixing your problem in 30 seconds and move on with your life, but no, a fag like you MUST expose how retarded you are.

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Most likely OP could actually get out of there but he was too retarded to do it.
Also, how the fuck do you get shroom'd that early in the game? There aren't any mushrooms near Ness' house.
Stop bullshitting OP.

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>The game owes you SHIT.
>[X] doesn't owe you anything!
I just realized how long it's been since I heard this platitude thrown in someone's face. I used to see it used all the time, along with the word 'entitled' ad nauseam.

Why not just reset?

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>gets stuck on the first fucking map
>"it wuznt my fault"

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Why not reset?

Earthbound hasn't aged well anyways. It was a nice contrast at the time to all the serious fantasy settings common for RPGs. But the inventory management and the item drop rate is pure old school cancer. The combat is pretty stale, too.

Also remember that time starmen.net had that 100,000+ petition to Nintendo to release Mother 3 in english or something, and it was just thrown away by Nintendo?

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Okay listen here motherfucker there are two kinds of men in this world. Big willies and small willies. Pic related, I have a big willy, and you have a small willy. Actual size on a 1080p monitor which is only bought by big willies. Now I don't know about you but growing up I was taught that small willies were to agree with everything the big willies said, if a big willy said it was tuesday first thing on a saturday morning, then it was tuesday and the small willies had to go to school. Just to remind you of where you stand in the pecking order, it goes from top to bottom; big willies, the president of the united states, the manager at 7/11, GameFAQs moderators, my stool, and then small willies like you. The small willies illegally make their opinions heard when there is a big willy present, and that is why 4chan is dying.

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I got shroomed and was going back to the house to see if eating steak would cure it you fucking idiots

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