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I'm about to waste a lot of money on these two useless add-ons to create the ultimate monster known as the Sega Genesis CD 32x and I've got a few questions.
>What are the metal plates on the Sega CD for?
I see people selling the Sega CD (or Mega-CD) with and without these plates that go on the bottom of the Genesis. Some people say the plates are for RF shielding, others say they're just for stability. Do you need them?
>What's up with those extra cables you need for the 32x?
I own both a Sega Genesis model 1 and a PAL Sega Mega Drive model 1. In order to hook up the 32x properly, that fucking mushroom needs a Mega Drive 2 power supply, a Mega Drive 2 RGB SCART cable and then a cable which connects the 32x to another special cable which connects to the AV out and headphone jack on the Mega Drive. Sega never made that last cable, they only made a mono version which only connects to the AV out on the back, so you gotta make it yourself or buy it online. Is that it or did I miss something?
There's gotta be some good games out there other than Sonic CD, Snatcher and Knuckles Chaotix. What are your favorites?

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The metal plats are for keeping the sega cd in place with the model 2 genesis,they arent necessary.

Also it really is not worth getting a 32x since that thing is mostly genesis ports and stupidly expensive exclusives.

For games get spiderman vs the kingpin
final fight cd
The lunar series
Rise of the dragon
The terminator
Robo aleste
and silphead

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That ad is fucking hysterical

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There are literally 34 32X games. All the CD-32X games are FMV.

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>There are 34 32X games.
works just as well anon

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There are exactly 34 games. There are precisely 34 games. There are, as unlikely as it may sound, 34 games. It's no exaggeration, this system literally had 34 games in its lifetime.

What a flexible, subtle language we have here.

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>There's gotta be some good games out there other than Sonic CD, Snatcher and Knuckles Chaotix.

the SEGA CD really just doesn't have that many good games, especially compared to the pc engine CD

Lords of Thunder got a decent port, so did Space Adventure Cobra (same genre as Snatcher)

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shut up

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One of my examples was a bad comma splice anyway.

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Problem with the 32x is that the best game on the system is Afterburner 2. It runs at double the framerate on the Saturn and the Saturn flight stick is perfect.

My favorite CD games are Lords of Thunder, Terminator, and Lunar 2. I also like playing the tech demo-y scaler games like the 2 Batman games and Soul Star. I love sprite scaling.

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The Sega CD has loads of great, obscure games that are worth your time. Since they all sold like shit however, anything good on the Sega CD will cost you an arm and a leg.

On the other hand, I can't think of a single game i'd want to play on the 32X. A complete waste of space.

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don't bother, 32x is just a money pit. Metalhead is okay, Doom just outright sucks (as many console ports do), Virtua Racing deluxe is a solid port (even better than the saturn version), Virtua fighter is a good port too, but there's better versions out there. Probably the only reason to buy one would be to use it to kill rainbow banding present in the composite signal, even then there's better ways of doing that.

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Snatcher sega cd is really good

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Popful Mail is also a pretty good game if you can play the japanese version or overlook the
>working designs
With an Everdrive you can load foreign BIOS to play imports, and there's no copy protection on the CD unit, but burned CD-Rs stress the laser a bit more than official CDs. Replacing the laser isn't very complicated, and not too expensive either, but if you're a sissy who's never held a screwdriver before, you might wanna reduce stress by playing official discs. Then again
>buying disc-based games

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Tempo, kolibri, knuckles chaotix and zaxxon's motherbase 2000 are the best exclusives on the 32x.

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knuckles chaotix is a terrible game though. It looks excellent and showcases the hardware well but it plays horribly. Level design is such a slow, cramped, single route clusterfuck.

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