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This is my favourite game, /vr/. Whats yours?

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Mine too. It's the perfect tbt game. Nothing even comes close.

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Do you recommend mods? I remember one that claimed to fix aim and had new guns and neat stuff like FOV highlight iirc.

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1.13 is THE go to mod. It just add's and improves so much stuff, its like a proper remaster. Most of it was made a single German guy.

otherwise, you can check out all the mods here


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The 1.13 mod is highly recommended. Higher resolution, tons of guns and improved gameplay

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Best Boy

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Haven't played JA2 for years. Good game
So, what should I get and do to reintroduce myself to the game? Please dumb it down for me as much as possible

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>Jagged Alliance 2 Gold from GoG
>Latest Stable version of 1.13 from here http://ja2v113.pbworks.com/w/page/4218334/Downloads
>Install JA2
>Extract the mod into the install directory
>apply the Windows 8/10 fix from the Docs folder, if you use it
>play the game

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The amount of guns it adds is pretty fun. Its like going to a candy store with the amount of shit you can buy.

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My favorite game was made after 1999, so I can't post it. As far as /vr/ games go, probably Metal Gear Solid.

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Game feels too chaotic in my opinion, not sure if it even possible to finish on iron man.
I didn't like aiming mechanic that's not showing chance to success. Stamina bar reduces AP and often you don't even sure how much action points you will have in the next round. Moving is quite slow in terms of AP usage, if you end up in bad spot, you're pretty much done.
Maybe I didn't understand something important about the game, but I had more fun with x-com.

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trying to play the game like X-COM, doesnt work. Its more realistic. Like, getting shot actually fucks you up really bad.

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>I didn't like aiming mechanic that's not showing chance to success
you can display a numeric value but that's already visible with the color bar if using OCTH - which you should be

in JA2 the CtH algorithm is pretty complicated to begin with ( http://ja2v113.pbworks.com/w/page/4218322/%22How%20does%20it%20work%22%20Part%204%3A%20Chance-to-Hit ), but also it does not account for actual obstacles - you will only get an information if your merc can't see the target. so the shot can be aimed on target but hit something along the path

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Good lord thats fucking complicated

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I just skimmed it for like 10 seconds with my eyes, but does the chance to hit actually depends on your mercenaries throwing witty one liners?
Because, that would be so fucking cool and in the spirit of JA2.

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For me is the AI fix, which doesn't get stuck.
Also the new inventory system for sake of realism.

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And speaking of /vr/ tactics games, I hugely prefer MechCommander over JA2 because it has actual mission variety and resource/item management that is challenging without being tedious.

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oh shit. what is that game title?

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I want you to sit down and really think about this for a second.

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I've thought about it - I'd like to renew the other poster's question.

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There must be an answer to this riddle here somewhere. I'm sure of it.

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Oh man my brother used to have this game, it was really hard from what I remember

Doom 2 is one of my fav

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can't get this to run on steam. i bought the gold edition.

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Steam version shits itself. Just get the GoG version

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Not sure if trolling or retarded.

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Do remember what site you are on

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Can one even pormadeath this game?

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I think it's the other way around, they throw one-liners on a particularly good hit.
However, "psycho" characters DO get a better chance to hit.
And by pretty lofty 15%!
I always thought these types of character were a straight up liability wasting ammo on bursts and stuff, but they're actually better at shooting than everyone else. Hell, because this is ON TOP of scopes, aiming, Sniper trait and marksmanship, that means that Psycho characters would make the best snipers in the game!

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>someone remembers MC
it's always nice to understand I'm not alone
the game is such a gem, it's still plays quite nicely (I finished both the campaigns some 5-6 times, I think; the last time was mere 2 years ago)

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It's a tactical game. That means that as long as you're careful, know what you're doing and you're playing well, you can reasonably avoid your mercs dying at all.

And even if they DO die, it's not like Commandos, some mercs CAN die. You have like 70 different mercs to choose from. As long as you have money, you can buy replacements - and even crappy mercs can be useful if you train them.

70 mercs is WAY more than you need to complete the game on permadeath.

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>Check it out
>real time
Welp, I guess it's not for me. I always struggle to strategize under time pressure.

Also I like Jagged Alliance not even because of tactical aspects (though they are fun) - I love it because of it's raw personality.

It's like a tycoon where you manage cast of five different 80's action movies running concurrently at the same time. One is about a Finnish sniper straight from the Winter War silently killing enemies by exploding their heads with an SKS, the other is about a contract killer called "Reaper" finding himself having to fight alien bugs inside mines, and another involves a crazy Pole fireman nicknamed Steroid dual-wielding machineguns while defending a South American village from tankswhile another is about a Russian named Ivan being captured and tortured by a crazy dictator queen.

I fucking love that. No other game has ever managed to reach this level of emergent storytelling. Games like Deus Ex or Dishonored lack the scope to tell truly grand stories, while games like Minecraft or XCom are too free-form and characters lack any real personalities aside from the imagined ones.

But Jagged Alliance... Jagged Alliance has a giant, fully-voiced cast of fully-fledged characters that you can put in any story you want, in any way you want. Do they live? Die? Do you send them on a recon mission, or on a frontal assault? Your choice, and these characters, and the game itself will respond accordingly to any situation.

In other words - JA2 is pretty good when treated as a straight up tactical game - but as a tactical RPG it's near-perfect. It's a game where role-playing and tactical gameplay are truly and completely inseparable.

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You can mustard gas sweatshop children in this game

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Damn, I like Buzz even more now and she was already number 1 on my list.
Where did you get that info though?

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From the article mentioned earlier in the thread in >>4654686
- http://ja2v113.pbworks.com/w/page/4218322/%22How%20does%20it%20work%22%20Part%204%3A%20Chance-to-Hit

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Maybe it's true only for 1.13 and vanilla has a different formula.

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How come former-SirTech people haven't tried to kickstart some kind of a sequel to the game yet? I bet they could gather several million dollars in days.

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The article says it does.

However, I'm assuming they didn't take the "psycho rule" out of thin air and it at least somewhat reflects old ruleset? Maybe? Idk

Besides, who is playing JA2 without 1.13 these days?

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About former Sir-Tech people....
Ian Currie - director of JA2 - currently seems to have proper good job at Turbine Inc, an MMO developer - he was recently credited as a Creative Director for Batman: Arkham Underworld, and earlier on Dungeons and Dragons: Eberron Unlimited. So he doesn't need to pull the whole kickstarter thing - he is still active in a big role in gamedev.

Linda Currie - credited as one of main designers on JA2 - has no recent credits aside from "special thanks" on Arkham Underworld. Her Mobygames seems to say she used to be called Linda Sirotek, so I'm assuming that's her maiden name (and she's probably related to Norman Sirotek to whom Sir-Tech owes its name) and that she's Ian Currie's wife. So it's safe to assume she retired from gamedev to become a full-time wife (idk, kids happened maybe?) or she changed her career path.

And the final of the core trio of JA2 devs, Shaun Lyng, was ... actually responsible for Silent Storm and Brigade E5: New Jagged Union.

Most other people credited with programming or additional design seem to have either quit game development long ago, or have steady jobs.

So I guess there you have it - Silent Storm and Brigade E5 actually had one third of the three-person core JA2 design team working on them, so I guess they're as close as it gets to an official followup.

There you have it - your 'followup' has already happened.

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Brigade E5 and 7,62mm High Calibre are fucking dope

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What's the difference between them? I played only E5.

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7,62 is to Brigade E5 is like Jagged alliance 2 is to Jagged Alliance 1

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Thank you for the information. The games both look great!

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mah nigga

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>latest stable

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I like it when My game doesn't crash

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Actually the stable version has a bug which causes constant freezing. It was fixed last year. http://thepit.ja-galaxy-forum.com/index.php?t=msg&th=23364&goto=349596&#msg_349596

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Huh. Always thought it was a hardware issue on my old 2-core PC. Fixed the problem by assining a single core to the exe file with task manager

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Nice to see they are still getting jobs

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good taste OP, its my favorite game of all time as well.

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I want to give it another try but its tough

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