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How well was this game received when it was new?

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Smash hit of course. Sold something like 20x as many copies in the US as DDP sold in Japan then went back to Japan as a reverse import and significantly outsold its own original version in its original versions own market

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Yeah it was a big deal, and honestly it's a great game, yes, even with the DID YOU KNOW factor in mind.

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People were queueing up for it and supply was way lower than demand although part of it was due to the chip famine of 1988.

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It was promoted a lot by Nintendo and it was just as popular as the the first SMB. It wasn't till the release of Super Mario Bros. 3 and other mario games that it became less popular. The GBA re-release gave it another chance and it's interesting for fans of the original game.

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Everybody I knew was blown away by it. When it came out, the differences with SMB1 seemed like cool, innovative stuff a sequel would do. From SMB3 forward, Mario was a lot more homogenous, which makes SMB2 stick out as "weird" only in retrospect.

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Read >>4652581
>even with the DID YOU KNOW factor in mind.

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The GBA version is fun enough to revisit the original, but it kind of feels like a low effort tech demo for the console in the end. Also, the constant voice fx are super annoying

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looking back, DDP really feels like a prototype Mario game anyway
the way the DID YOU KNOW is used to other SMB2 is pretty small-minded, but orthodoxy and Nintendo fandom go hand in hand

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heh, those electric colors made to stand out on that shit screen

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i preordered it from toys r us when i was 6

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this ^^

It's filled to the brim with Mario characters but still people be all like "uuuugh not a real Mario game" wtf?

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As a kid back then, I liked it more than SMB3. 4 playable characters, and the gameplay being very different from 1 and 3 made it stand out to me.

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I don't have any recollection of game hype back then, but my sister and I enjoyed it a lot. I also don't recall any friends griping about it.

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I was 6 when we got it. We had been playing Mario 1 for the past year that we had an NES and Mario 2 USA was incredible. We loved that there were no time limits and how much better the music, sound, and graphics were. Finding all the secrets was so much fun (I figured out that the vases you couldnt go down in the real world must have meant something...)

We played it to death. Only thing was no 2 player mode so we would just switch after each level or after dying.

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This is my dad's favorite Mario game, more so than 1 & 3 desu. He loved it.

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It was really strange for me at the time. I didn't know what to expect until I rented the game since I didn't get the very early N. Powers that covered it.

Multiple characters (playing as princess), pulling turnips/coins out of the ground, floating stars, etc. It felt like a big detour to how the original was. I assume some people would have complained more if there was the outlet for it like today. But generally, it was fun and better than the average NES game so kids were satisfied.

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>How well was this game received when it was new?

was very well received in the west. i don't recall any nes owners during the 80s/90s that didn't have this title.

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This was the mario game everyone in the family could enjoy. Everyone got a little something different out of it. the perfect mario game desu

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It was THE game of the time.

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I was still under ten when Mario 2 came out, but I do remember thinking how different it was compared to SMB. Still had a lot of fun with it, but after SMB3 came out, I rarely played 2. Enjoy it plenty now, but even back then, it was odd.

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For a long time all I had was Duck Hunt and SMB 1 and 2, so of course I played the hell out of 2. Beat it many times, then started playing around with game genie codes to make it more interesting. In my house it was a 10/10 game.

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1984 kid here. Didn't buy new but bought before 3 came out. Blew my mind and it was amazing at the time. A solid adventure for a 5 year old. Creeped me out to be honest.

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>DDP really feels like a prototype Mario game anyway
it was a prototype mario game. they were experimenting with scrolling up and down. they used this for doki doki panic.

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Go back and watch the Super Mario Super Show and you'll see just how much of that is SMB2 related. Actually irked me as a kid because King Koopa had nothing to do with those enemies in the game but they were his henchmen in the show.
I don't remember the Did You Know being such a circulated thing back then either. We were used to Nintendo sequels being weird

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Fantastic game back then, fantastic game now.

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> Just fuck my palette up senpai

Just imagine, with a proper backlit screen that didn't force developers to wash up everything we could have gotten an almost perfect portable SNES. Truly the tragedy of a generation.

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It was a good game until All Stars & the internet came along to inform the weebs that Nippon Land got the 'real' SMB2. The same thing would have happened with Zelda 2.

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Even back then they were shipping less units to inflate demand.

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It was a shit game back then, and didn't age well too.

No wonder it never got a sequel. Those mechanics are dumb.

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seƱor autismo has arrived

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We actually didn't know back then. I didn't discover it until the late 90s after Nesticle came out.

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But there was no "real" Zelda 2...

What you're saying is that newcomers to the series tried the games out and tried to revise history by saying they were black sheep games that nobody liked even upon release.

That being said, it's weird that people seem against Mario 2 but are so accepting of Mario 64.

I liked the game just fine as a kid but it really didn't seem like Mario to me.

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But it did get a sequel, SMB3

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Better sound wouldn't have hurt either

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The first tranny character. A real model to look up to.

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Better sound wouldn't have hurt either.

Couldn't they just have implemented some hardware dectection from the cartridges to alter the color palettes accordingly in non-backlit models? Older consoles were pretty good at doing that sort of color shenanigans

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say what you want about the gba nintendo remakes, they've got some fantastic gamefeel. the dkc ports are the same way

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mario advance 4 had that feature for the game boy player. don't think it worked for the sp though for some reason

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Didn't it have rumble support, too?

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which game is that again? they screwed up the numbering system

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Super Mario Bros. 3.

I always thought it was strange how they released those games out of order.

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I always liked it
3>2>1> shit> world>pig shit>all stars

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Seems like a tine bit of an exaggeration.

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Yes, you got me

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It was so hard to find when it came out. Dragged my father to Toys R Us and a couple of other stores and it was either sold out or they didn't have it.

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Nobody know about Donkey Doki Picnic back in those days. Mario 2 was very popular and I remember my older brother beating it and being happy. Lots of secret warps and pre internet rumors. Mario 2 was also on the cover of Nintendo Power #1
Anyone who claims Mario 2 is not a true mario game is a retard

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>I don't remember the Did You Know being such a circulated thing back then either.
It was mentioned in that NES guidebook with maps for 12 or so major titles. It's where I learned it.

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Mario 2 is definitely not a true Mario game, it doesn't take away from its timeless greatness though.

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>Mario 2 is definitely not a New Super Mario Bros game

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