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Could the SNES have handled Metal Gear 1 + 2

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What kind of question is this? If the NES could handle it so could a more powerful console.

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NES could have handled Metal Gear 1&2, they just developed it badly on that platform

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NES Metal Gear is a heavily scaled down port, that's basically aremake. . Not a direct port. The NES couldn't handle MSX games.

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The SNES would still be capable of metal gear 1 + 2 would it not?

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I don't see why not. MG1 and 2 could work on the NES, for the most part, but they would have to make some cuts here and there (mostly in MG2).

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Yes, but MG 1+2 on MSX aren't too complicated for an adequate port. The developers were lazy. Maybe it would suffer a little in color depth and animation frames but it could have been better

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Link to the Past obviously works on SNES so of course MG2 would be capable on it.

It would of never happened at the time as Kojima was interested on making games for Japanese PCs with the highest possible fidelity especially for the audio with Stereo FM sounds for the time and only moved to consoles when CDs became an option like the PC engine's "Super CD-ROM2"

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The GBC could handle it.

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Ghost Bable is a work of art.

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The reason the NES Metal Gear was different is because they were given a 3 month deadline to make it, it's ridiculous they even managed to make a full game.

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MSX is a far stronger system, and has way more colors as well. Reminder that the Famicom is just 70's tech in a new package.

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The MSX2, and not "far" stronger, it still has some limitations that made devs struggle, for example scrolling.
At any rate, I wasn't discussing that so I don't know why you replied to my post, I just mentioned the reason why the NES Metal Gear was very different than the original in terms of design.

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No, that’s why they changed it. NES hardware was weaker than MSX.

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>The MSX2, and not "far" stronger,

It absolutely is. The Famicom is weakshit as a console. Literal 70's tech.

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What's up with the sudden MSX fanboys?
The new gamesuck?

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I'd appreciate it better if it did scrolling better.

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it can't do dat music tho

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>best Metal Gear track
>is on a non-canon sequel

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DOS PCs had difficulty scrolling too, and it took some tricks to get Commander Keen going. They were computers designed for work shit, and gaming second.

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GBC has a fuckload more of RAM and processing power than an NES. So did the MSX2, it just didn't have any dedicated hardware for scrolling graphics.

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But this is shit.

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no but

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>70s tech
Which dumbass YouTuber did you learn this from?

The only piece of the hardware you could make the case for this is the CPU, which is "based on" the MOS Technology 6502, which first produced in 1975. These CPUs were widely used throughout much of the 80s, and the version used by Nintendo in the NES had some added/removed features.

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It's more memorable melodically than any of the rather generic themes of the canon games. Even the "iconic" alert theme on mgs feels rather bland. Jungle infiltration has a pumping rhythm but also a memorable lead synth melody.
It's no surprise the music on Snake's Revenge is good since the game was made by the castlevania team.

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Reminds me of this, which is a better track in my opinion.


>any of the rather generic themes of the canon games

Now you're just asking for it.

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Track reminds me of something else. Maybe Snatcher or Policenauts. Maybe it was re-used in Metal Gear games.

I'm picturing a lobby or Reception area for some reason.

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Melodically is not even close to being as rich. Listen to the part at 0:25 onwards Jungle Infiltration, plus the dynamic and upbeat rhythm.
It's a great theme. I'm sorry if I called them "generic", I actually like that MG2 track now that I listen to it, but while I played the game, none of the tracks really stuck with me.

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Easily. The graphics would be better, MG2 would be slowdown-free but the music would be inferior.

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>NES Metal Gear is a heavily scaled down port,

no it's not

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Konami considered ports of their MSX catalogue to the SNES, with new English translations, starting with SD Snatcher.
An earthquake at Konami Kobe put an end to those plans.

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Oh damn those what-if scenarios.

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>more memorable than MG2's theme
Being this pleb should be outlawed

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Imagine being this wrong

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Unlikely. Metal Gear Solid 1 & 2 are fifth and sixth generation games that run on much more powerful hardware than the Super Nintendo. It could have possibly been done with the Super FX chip but the frame rate would be extremely low

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