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>you will NEVER get remakes of these games with high-resolution backgrounds and character models while also keeping the gameplay intact

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hmm, that's fine

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I'd really dig high-res bg "remasters" of old games with pre-rendered backgrounds, but I think the closest you'll get to anything like that are the REmasters and the sourcenext versions of RE2 and 3

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How did they go so right?

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honestly, capcom seems so focused on touching up their big name titles in the RE series but they don't quite see the profit in touching up the other games and releasing them on modern systems

RE1-3 collection with higher res backgrounds and more content, where RE1 is basically the saturn, director's cut, PC, and DS versions combined, and the other 2 are basically beefed up PC versions as well
I mean, shit, if they just touched up the outbreaks and gave them online again they'd easily make a quick buck off that

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Who cares? The originals look fine. You're not missing anything by not having 4k resolution or whatever.

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Squenix fuck with the old 2D Squaresoft games enough when they're remade/ported that I'm fine just playing the originals forever.

Remakes are anathema

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Also this.
This too.

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Good. Nobody wants remakes of those. Besides, 8 and 9 are shit anyway.

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You almost had an intelligent opinion, but then you went and ruined it by throwing 9 into the mix.

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You're right. Sorry I suck a lot of dicks so I have really shit taste

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>high-resolution backgrounds and character models

the characters were low res and blocky but the backgrounds were high res and detailed. wtf are you on about

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>want to play FF7 on PC
>if I set to a high resolution the battles look really nice but the chibi models clash horribly against the backgrounds
>if I set to a low resolution the chibi models blend in better with the backgrounds but the battles look like shit
I wish there was a mod that let me have the best of both worlds.

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240p is not high res bro

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PC FF7 modding community has been around fixing/improving shit since the Eidos release. You can get the best of both worlds if you put enough time and effort into it. g'luck.

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You could easily mod the PC version of FF7. The other two are fine as they are, at least from a graphics standpoint.

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Why the fuck would anyone want to keep the gameplay intact? The gameplay in these games is terribly simple and limited by modern rpg (or proper old rpg) standards, if you disagree you're crazy. If you care about them for muh nostalgia then play them as they are, I did not too long ago, it was fun but the gameplay was definitely the worst part of it.

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I wonder if the original background renders still exist somewhere, they should be of much higher quality.

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Nope. Lost to the sands of time.

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That's a fucking shame man, I love prerendered backgrounds.

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>Cloud's model is hanging off of the misaligned background

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I'm not bothered about the models, but the textures maybe. Those backgrounds really hurt FFIX so much that it's much more worth it to play that shit on the original hardware, on a CRT TV, native resolution and all that. I could appreciate some of the changes in the Steam edition but the way it looks is just dumb.

It's all the backgrounds. I don't understand, did Square really get rid of all of their resources after making games just for the sake of it? Didn't they think at that point, at which they were already porting SNES games to PS1 and going with these remakes and such, that they would maybe need some of that for future versions? Specially in the early 2000s?

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Gameplay wise I think they could be polished, but changed and replaced with what constitutes as modern JRPG mechanics, specially with the amount of stupid gimmicky battle nonsense games started taking on the 6th gen and such is just a silly thing to ask for. I wouldn't want a FFXV version of these if I was paid to play them.

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The "original" renders are the renders in the game, when they modelled them and hit the "render" button it was to render for tvs at the time. They would have to be remade from scratch and from the iOS ports we've had we know what that looks like.

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The issue is the work was done on obsolete computers with propriety obsolete software designed specifically for those Silicon Graphics computers, even if they had the data they would need the computers to work and they wouldn't be capable of HD since it wasn't a format back then meaning someone would have to rewrite the software for a 20 year obsolete specialised graphics computer just to use it to redo some backgrounds, and I doubt it would b as simple as outputing a bigger render, you would need to redraw them basically taking as much work as making them all from scratch on modern computers.

tl;dr: it's not practical

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the games are fine the way they are. maybe there will be an unofficial hd mod at some point.

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Who cares when you can play the original games themselves?

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Imagine being this fucking stupid.

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I disagree. The materia system is really fun, the random encounter rate isn't too bad, and boss battles are usually pretty good. What was your problem? If I had to nitpick something, it would be that everyone can do everything so the characters lack individuality. That's a problem in most FF titles, though.

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only 9 is good
the others are weebshit sci-fi

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We would've had PS2 updated re-releases of VII, VIII, and IX, as well as a WonderSwan Color remake of III if Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within didn't bomb horribly.

I actually really love that movie.

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But there are plenty of sick mods to tighten up those graphics

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