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Which one would you choose if you were Megaman? Keep in mind Roll is not related to you this time.

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Tron's a bitch.

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Roll. She actually loves you and is willing to drink every drop of your cum.
Tron just has a childish crush.

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black punk girl who looks at her own grave after you clear Forbidden Island

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Tron, Roll is a greedy cunt

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Source? I haven't seen this one before.

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I'm picking Tron and you can't stop me.

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What does MM Volnutt's benis look like?

Is it hydraulic?

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>Roll isn't related to you this time
what a bummer still I choose her because Tron is ugly af imo

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There's only one woman who loves Volnutt enough

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Yuna & Sera

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There's always someone better than Roll and Not-Roll.

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Which one is more likely to give a footjob?

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What Mega Man franchise is the girl on the right from? I've only seen her in doujins.

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tron no contest even if she washes her vagina in the sink

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Tron-sama forever. I'll gladly rest under her boot until my dying breath

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sexy labcoat tron is bestron

I fucking love those pants

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Luna Platz on the right, Sonia Strumm on the left. Both from Star Force.
The former is better.

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Stop lusting after my little sister.

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I don't know a thing about Star Force other than is being the "series that killed Mega Man" for awhile. Also; the Luna doujins are allllllllright. dem legs and feet man.

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>Roll is not related to you this time.
Tron wins by disqualification.

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his VA certainly did though

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Neither, because I'm not attracted to cis women.

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Roll seems like a chick that craves anal.

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>series that killed Mega Man
How the hell did you reach that conclusion?

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>Hey megaman guess what I sold all of our incredibly illegal and unspeakably dangerous weapons to remodel the house
>I know they were only worth about 10000000000 zenny but I really needed a bigger bathroom
>you'll be fine with just your buster right
>also I sold all your buster cartidges

if you use your lifting arm to grab her roll will literally slap you -to death-

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quiz lady.

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Please like you know how many discs are in Bruce Springsteens 'Live' album without looking it up

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I wish games today were made in this graphic style

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Tough choice, but I'll go with tron.

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>look up an answer to a question
>pick it
>the game thinks it's wrong and was looking for an incorrect answer

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Tron will always be best legends girl.

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"What's that? It looks like a BONE or something."

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That VA was so bad but her voice was so sexy.

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>liking feet

Fucking why.

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There's only one girl for me. But the Museum curator is a close second.

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Tron. I love that adorable tsun, plus she just seems more fun to hang around with.

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Man everyone loved Roll. Is this this version of Roll that everyone likes or all versions?

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Why do so many people like Roll?

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>Keep in mind Roll is not related to you this time

Tron then.

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She never was, Roll is always canon. Not Starforce though.

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Love at first sight. She's probably what gave me my extreme preference towards golden blond hair and big hats.

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Hardly a question.

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I want to be Roll’s first kiss.

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I liked Star Force better than Battle Network, fight me. Neither are amazing though, the games are too similar.

I think those two are the only Mega Man RPG series (Legends is more action-adventure with RPG elements imo), so it's kinda pointless to compare them to the other games. It's weird that anyone would say Star Force 'killed' the series and not Battle Network, though, since they're pretty similar and Star Force came later.

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Tron, easily

And fuck, Tron is super fun to play in MvC2

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Tron gets my bonne.

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All I meant was after Star Force, Capcom retired Mega Man for all those years.

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Roll seems like the kinda girl who'd lay down on the bed, allow you to do your thing while she can't even be arsed to do some dirty talk.

Tron on the other hand seems like the kinda girl who'd dress up all dominatrix like and use her robotic strap-on on you. while Teisel watches via a comically large hidden camera in the ceiling.

I'd go with Tron.

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My favourite Tron outfit. Tron apparently was due to have a civilian look (the one with the glasses and bow) she blended in with the other islanders in. Come to think of it Legends 2 begins with her as a reporter in a different outfit too.

Anyway enjoy The Trons That Could've Been. Some are kind of too far removed from what we got like Nina lookalike and mahou shoujo Tron but the catgirl could've worked if she was thiefier.

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My personal favorite is the purple haired variant. Also, the Tron in the very middle of the page looks like an older version of classic Roll.

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This sort of reminds me of Ryoko vs. Ayeka. I usually go for the childhood friend, but in this case I gotta go with Tron. She's a big reason the Legends games were so charming.

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>just started replaying legends 1 yesterday cause I never beat it as a kid.
Jesus fuck every girl in this is so thirsty. Like holy shit mang. Even the stock npcs want to jump your bone.

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classic roll is a robot. she doesn't have blood or DNA so she can't be related to anyone.
megaman earned it when he saved their asses multiple times.

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It's enough to make you wanna megabust a Volnutt.

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A combination of my favorite games and liking blonde characters

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ok, see, that greased up face does a lot to make me like her but she's still just too bland
you gotta have personality

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I thought both were untranslated for le engrish audience and were unpopular?

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She can't help being the legacy character that isn't the sneaky bumbling thief.

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I never played the Tron Boone game. Was that any good?

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Yeah its pretty fun. I enjoyed that it has different game modes. The crate puzzles were my favorite.

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Mechanical engineers are sexy

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God dammit. Even though he managed to successfully evade going to PMITA prison for it they'd have never hired him back. He stole every scene he was in, too

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Tron a cute but that Roll love is absolutely unconditional. They'd die for each other while Tron is just nursing some ridiculous megacrush. There's just no competition.

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Yeah, it's a shame.

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HOW have they not done another puzzle game with Tron Bonne? It doesn't have to be super fancy, but come on. Its like the simplest shit that combines waifu bait with simple games.

>> No.4658205

Because that would be capcom admitting, even just a bit, that their customers DID want another game in this franchise after all. Wont happen

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Tron is the best

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>Nobody saying how much Tron would lose her mind being dominated by Mega Man
>Not understanding how driven women who are madly into you think

Tron is the clear pick. You would do everything to each other and have the better relationship. She'd go girly for you and only act like a hardass towards others.

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I'd rather have Yuna or Roll's mom.
Good thing I can have both in one.

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wait what

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Look it up bruh. He used to do a shitload of commercials as a crazy scotsman

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Geometry in the models for both MML games is pretty simple, gameplay is not even close to complex... I wonder why no "developer" tried to remake them yet using a modern engine (I guess a proof of concept could be made in less than a month by 2 or 3 people)

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>Ryoko vs Ayeka
Who was your choice, anon?
Mine was Ryoko.

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Tron. She's just so fucking spunky and cute.

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What's the story? I'm intrigued

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remake them in what sense? with higher graphic fidelity? or make fan sequel? or a spiritual successor?

the art may be low spec but there was still clearly a lot of care that went into it. the designs on which the models are based are god tier

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He got picked up by the party van for real.

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I was all about that Kiyone

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>Roll is not related to you this time

>> No.4662723

Based Zenra Restuarant

>> No.4662730

Ah I see your a gentleman with taste as well.

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>It's weird that anyone would say Star Force 'killed' the series and not Battle Network, though,

It's weirder that anyone would even entertain the thought Battle Network is responsible for killing Mega Man. If the franchise was still hanging on around 2000 and early 10s, it waa mainly because of Battle Network rejuvenated the franchise's relevance. The damn thing blew up with a massive successful cross media push.

I also wouldn't attribute Star Force as killing Mega Man. That's fucking retarded. Outside of Battle Network, the series declined in sales and reception since Mega Man 3. Mega Man X regenerated some interest, but that quickly faded away. The franchise was never as profitable or relevant as everyone makes it out to be. Not even the media darling that was Mega Man 9 charted in Capcom's Platinum Titles list. The Mega Man games were always a joke for people to make about yearly releases and rehashes. Capcom finally gets the message and pulls the plug and now everyone is fucking pissed.

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Ryoko all day every day.

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When I was younger I liked Ayeka now at 23 I want Ryoko all over me.

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