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>Widescreen SotN


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>Widescreen Alundra

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now do Oddworld

nah i'm fucking with you, what is this?

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>stretching out a 4:3 2d game

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>off-center hud


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> being the prince of retards

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>b-but muh purity muh original hardware! *capacitor explodes

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oh my god, did you really? you can't be.

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Is that even the native resolution of those games?
Are you using a wide CRT or what?

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hey, one step at a time

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I'm trying to think a way for a PS1 emulator to play 2D games in widescreen without patching anything (with cheat codes or else) or increasing the emulated VRAM and I can't think of any. I'm impressed. What is this magic?

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I don't even need to look the picture to tell the aspect ratio is messed up to hell

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this is NOT what the developers intended

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lol whatever gramps! New gewneration new rules! I'm also playing them on my phone with touch controls.
I keep losing though...

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new generation new rules gramps. gamepads are for old people.
In fact, I'd just rather watch LPs. In widescreen.

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Is this a shitposting battle?
Cause I'll have you know I graduated first in my class in the navy and blahblahblah

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Can you do that with mednafen? Asking this for a friend 8D

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Developer intent is law, buddy.

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how do you get this all to run smoothly on modern hardware with 1080p monitor? i was thinking about getting this and some of the resident evil silent hill and dino crisis games emu

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See, that'd be nice on the PSP.

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SotN was already widescreen. That's why it was letterboxed. All you need to do is scale it up by like 4 or 5 so the letterbox portion is offscreen

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>SotN was already widescreen. That's why it was letterboxed.

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>SotN was already widescreen. That's why it was letterboxed.

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>enhance the 43d3d3d3d

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I bet the developers intended to make a less shitty game too cuz

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>playing widescreen instead of fullscreen

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