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I don't have a Famicom, how's Ranma 1/2 Hard Battle for the SNES as a video game?
Like, I know it will be a good Ranma game, but is it a decent/playable/fun fighting game on it's own, too?
I heard it got gimped compared to the Famicom version(s) but don't know how.

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It's not bad, but there is a later Japan/Euro only fighter that has better graphics

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More info: https://hg101.kontek.net/ranma/ranma2.htm

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It's not great as a fighting game bit it's some silly fun if you don't take it too seriously.

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>Famicom version
There's no famicom version, and Hard Battle is ok, but if you want a legit fighting game, play Chougi Ranbu Hen, is like SF2CE but with Ranma characters.
If you want more Ranma games, there's Ouugi Janken, which is a nice puzzle game, Akanekodan Teki Hihou is an alright RPG that luckily has an english patch, the first Ranma game on Game Boy is a nice puzzle game that feels like those early NES games, and the 2nd one (I think is just called Ranma 2) is a Platformer with Adventure/RPG elements.

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How did a guy end up being best girl?

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Anything you do, stay away from this turd.

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One of the happy mysteries of life

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Boys makes the best girls

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Instead of making a thread asking others you could just download an emulator and try it yourself

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>pedophile shit

When I see this, I always picture some slant eyed Jap, with weird teeth and a tiny boner (that he keeps poking with a finger), making those anime noises *catches breath* "ah! AhoOOoohh tch ieee" while giggling like a little child, just dying for work to end so he can go home and tug on his tiny little dick.

Seriously, though. Japs are so weird and perverted over children, it's creepy.

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Ranma's author is a woman.

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The artist is a woman, you dumb little old man.

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i think all characters are over 18,maybe kissing is too much for you amish.

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>street combat have jin-roh

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I think I get what you're trying to say but literally every point you made was completely wrong. Ranma isn't one of those shows and why a fucking kiss on an ice rink of all things would draw you to that conclusion I have no idea. You'd probably gouge your own eyes out watching what passes for romance anime right now.

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He never said anything about the authors gender

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if you wanna easily trigger some anime fans just call them pedophiles

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>defending a post that you didn't even read
Don't ever post again you stupid little subhuman.

>and a tiny boner
>that he keeps poking with a finger
>so he can go home and tug on his tiny little dick

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>LOL I TROLLED U already

Look, you just jumped to a dumb conclusion based entirely on your own prejudice, we've all done it. I agree with the point you were attempting to make but you wrote the most irrelevant, immature post to get it across and got rightly called out for it. Calling out anime fans on fucking 4chan is really not a hill worth dying on.

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Did I strike a nerve, you anime loving pedophiles?

You are disgusting.

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They are pedophiles. Why do you think the PedoStation4 is so popular among weebs?

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>calls others old man
>on /vr/
>is a kiddie diddler

The fuck out of here you creepy weirdo.

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>It's a "dumb normies scream about completely innocent anime being pedophile shit" thread
>on a board that was made by anime fans, for anime fans
Why don't these retards go use Facebook instead kek
All these sweet sweet reportable posts, can't wait for jannie-kun to notice this thread and purge it of grampas

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It's a fun but slow, quirky fighter. There's a jump button.

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>This was the last Ranma game
sucks, another 2D fighter would have been neat.
Hell, a Shenmue-like game with Ranma characters would be lot of fun.

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I only recently got an AV Famicom, and I don't know of any Ranma games on that system. I know there are Gamboy, PC-Engine, and Playstation ones I have not played yet. Ranma 1/2 Hard Battle has my favorite pixel art for the SFC games and feels more solid, but it is limited as a fighter. It is pretty shallow of a game, and I would not say it is a decent/playable/fun fighting game on its own. For me, it is just propped up by its license. As >>4650317 mentioned, Tyougi Ranbuhen is slightly closer to a fighting game, but I feel its visuals are a step down from Bakuretu Rantouhen.

No, Kuonji Ukyou is just mistaken for a guy by attitude and she's tied with Tendou Nabiki for best girl.

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There's a Ranma game on Sega CD, right?

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