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So it was recently discovered the "RetroFighters" ripped off a chinese company and rebranded controllers that are already on the market and said it was a new product they were making.



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Who cares? Babby's first private label dropshipping realization?

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Actually they probably hired that manufacturer to make their product, and then on the side the manufacturer sells an unbranded version for cheaper. Check the date that Chinese listing went up, I bet it was after the retrofighters campaign was announced

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Sounds right. Chinks like to clone games before localizing them too.

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Haha, what a mess. Not only are the controllers meme garbage, but they even plagiarized some Chinese company's design.


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The controllers are fucking garbage with awful sensitivity and they fuck up the system due to incorrect power draw.

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Remember that cringe thread from a week or so ago that was like "It's hard to believe we live in a time when there's a good N64 controller alternative to use!", lmfao to anybody who bought this steaming turd, get fucked.

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4chan has a unique IP counter, you know.

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And? There are 8 posts and 6 users in the thread, two posts are responses. Are you this bad at math or legit retarded?

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No, it wasn't that.

Chinese are known for steal CAD designs when they're sent to create the molds.

They probably stole their design and released this knockoff.

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>Send test run to China
>Expect them to not print another 10.000 controllers and try to sell them

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This. They do it all the time if you're an Amazon seller. If your product idea turns out to be a hot product, they'll jack your design and undercut you. When Amazon finally takes off the "fake" product, they either will create two more accounts and sell it again or you've went out of business for having a large stock of items that now you can no longer sell for at-profit.

There was a similar thing I've seen with cat egg beds. The Chinese stole the design but without knowing why the egg has that particular shape. They didn't understand the engineering behind it. The knock-off version resulted in cats and small dogs dying when the egg would inevitably tip over. Unlike the real one, theirs also didn't have a small hole for the animals to breathe air through. The real company had to shut down because people kept buying the knock-offs on eBay for half the price thinking they were buying the real thing. I only know this because I have the real egg and wanted another one but no longer could buy it and people were crying on their Facebook page accusing them for killing their pets.


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They stole the design and released it... Before the Kickstarter launched?

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yep. They don't care about patents, environment, labor, QA and stuff like that.

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See: >>4649340

Also this:

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See: >>4649340

Also this:

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I need some sauce in this to add to my "fuck china" folder.

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Anything to support that folder. Here's the sauce:


(Error: Our system thinks your post is spam. Please reformat and try again.)

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Did they flip the d-pad and stick position in an attempt to avoid copyright infringement claims or something?

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Um what did you expect from a Chinese company?

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Except the fucking kickstarter literally addressed the concerns in a comment posted on that controller website.

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I don't think you guys get it.
There's a comment on that french website in August, before the Kickstarter, talking about the D-Pad and analog stick.

Then Retro Fighters started a kickstarter, claiming they came up with this great new idea to change the mold and make the c-buttons larger and all that. But it wasn't them, this controller, with analog stick/d-pad, was out before the new kickstarter changed the placement.

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I'm literally shaking. This can't be happening. My mom came into my room to bring me a plate of chicken nuggets and I literally screamed at her and hit the plate of chicken nuggets out of her hand. She started yelling and swearing at me and I slammed the door on her. I’m so distressed right now I don’t know what to do. I didn’t mean to do that to my mom but I’m literally in shock from the what happened today. I feel like I’m going to explode. This can’t be happening. I’m having a fucking breakdown. I don’t want to believe the world is so corrupt. I want a future to believe in. I cannot fucking deal with this right now. It wasn’t supposed to be like this. This is so fucked.

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copypasta, the Chinese knockoff of posting

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I bet all those youtube faggots are really regretting having told their followers to go out and buy these lies now.

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Is there actually a good alternative to the N64 controller out there, or is the Hori Mini literally your only option?

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Thanks but I’ll wait for confirmation from someone more trustworthy like metal jesus before accepting unsubstantiated rumours

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The issue is that they did a kickstarter to get funds to "develop" the controller.

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response from Retro Fighters

They bring up that this started out as a NES/PC controller


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Called it. What a dumb thread.

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>our product is better than our competitors'
What a surprise. One thing still confuses me: why does their controller not support the controller pak and the rumble pak? I'm sure a lot of N64 games used at least one of the two.

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They're saying the rip-off doesn't

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But this' not the first Retro Fighters controller, their first one was the NES "Jab", the N64 is based on that.

The OP post is a mix between the NES "Jab" and the N64 button placement.

The NES "Jab" one is old, like 2 or 3 years old.

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The ripoff doesn't, and from all youtube videos I've watched... none of them complained about the analog. Why is there so much Retro Fighters hate here? Are you the chinese manufactor?

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>Why is there so much Retro Fighters hate here?
desu the thing that gets me is the fucking extremities. you have people shitposting it's the most perfect thing ever and people shitposting it's the worst thing ever, both drowning out everything with exaggeration and hyperbole.

it's like a 6/10 it's okay controller but people are acting like it's from jesus/the devil

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>none of them complained about the analog
Is this a trend in tabloid media?
Instead of elaborating on a thing, you ignore it and just state that its fine? Without any granularity or proper verbose examination?
I mean
what is wrong with saying "it has poor granularity in its motion, and the lack of gates means that you can't force it to properly do 45 degree angles"? That isn't a negative remark anon

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>and the lack of gates means that you can't force it to properly do 45 degree angles"?

wow anon, you just proved you're shitposting, because the controller has the an octagon gate.

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Looks more like a 8/10 to me.

You'll only feel difference if you're speedrunner or pro, or something.

For the average user is pretty good.

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It's not a 10/10 because I read it's not as precise as the original one, but it's precise enough. It doesn't work with the Transfer pak and has a L hitting the analog problem. But they said they're going to fix the L button thing.

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The question is: how does it compare to a Hori Mini Pad? I have one of those already, but if this is equal in quality at a lower price, then I'd be interested in picking one up just to have an extra controller.

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I heard it's better, because if feels bigger and has a better D-Pad.

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I'm still really confused about this.

Because like the N64 controller is the most comfortable controller I've ever held in my life;the only 3D game controller other than the Dreamcast that doesn't compromise the sweet spot of the D-pad or analogue stick. It's an ergonomic dream come true. Is the idea that you switch between analogue and digital with your whole hand instead of just with your thump completely incomprehensible to most people? Or has every first party N64 controller on the planet except mine worn out?

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Mostly interested in how the stick compares to the Hori's.

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desu once they fix >>4650716 and fix some of the weird niggling QC issues some people have been reporting at individual levels (memory cards don't work despite working on real controllers, buttons stuck, etc), it'll probably be like a 7/10. if they make the Z-Buttons actual digital buttons and not analogue triggers, 8/10. Make the stick even more accurate? 9/10. Make a new controller in the OG N64 ergonomics with what they learned from the first in addition? 10/10.

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People who complain about the N64 design have tiny hands, like a gypsy.

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I just bought a N64 without any hookups.
This, OEM controller, Horipad, or one of those $30 adapter things I've seen on eBay that let you connect a Game Cube controller?

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get one of each, then you'll have four controllers

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Would, that I had 4 friends.
Also a Hori Mini alone would cost like half of an Everdrive.

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I don't see anyone saying it's perfect on /vr/

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If you buy a OEM and it's not in good condition, buyt the Kitsch-Bent gears/stick, sand a little bit the flash of the plastic and spray it with silicone grease. It'll be just like new, I mean it. It'll be perfect.

If you don't want to have the trouble, the Retro Fighters one seems to be the best choice, it's better than the Hori minis.

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Almost all N64 controllers have worn out, that's the only defect with this controller, luckly, we've got Kitsch-Bent gears and stick to fix that.

>> No.4652389

Thanks. Much obliged.
For now I've ordered an OEM one, atomic purple because nostalgia, and will look into that manufacturer you mentioned if the analogue stick needs replacing.

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then you didn't see the early threads after the controllers started getting shipped

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I'm sorry, I said silicone grease, it's NOT grease, but silicon lubricant spray!

If you use grease you'll fuck up everything. I'm sorry.

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Reply if you read it.

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No worries. I probably would have done some googling before taking the controller apart anyway, as the controller hasn't arrived yet- it was only shipped last night, but thank you for your consideration. I'll be careful/keep that in mind.

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So the solution is to manufacture different parts at different factories? So factory A gets plastic molds, factory B gets rubber parts like buttons, factory C gets chipset, and then factory D assembles it?

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Yes, a lot of industrial designers/companies does that. They manufactor different parts at different factories.

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This. These sorts of things are actually very common with Chinese manufacturers. Beware the eternal chink.

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