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What went wrong?

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You grew up.

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Probably women got in development team and somehow equated worms as phallic patriarchal objects so the game was fixed to not be racist.

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Armageddon and world party was too good with little to no room for improvement

same with HoMM 3 really

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they perfected the formula / physics with Armageddon.

then they tried to keep making them with worse engines and physics after

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There wasn't much else left to be done with the series. Maybe improve customization and terrain generation, but not much else.

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People lost interest,It's not that the new games are shit they are just armageddon again

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They didn't tried hard enough with the 3D games.
Worms was the game you used to play back in 90s/2000 when you mom bought you a PC but you had no internet so all you could do was play Age of Empires, use Paint or fuck around in one of those AOL encyclopedias.
Once you had internet you could play better games like GunBound.
Ultimate Mayhem was the natural evolution of Worms yet they didn't try to polish it.

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This,Ultimate mayhem was good but after that they just decided to do armaggedon again and again instead of trying to make a batter 3d game

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Peaked with Armageddon, not through lack of trying but because that was as perfect as the formula was ever going to get. I liked Ultimate Mayhem though.

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The AI is really truncated and can't use the rope tho.

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Worms could be a great e-sport game if they tried hard enough

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>What went wrong?

They ran out of ideas for improvement. Admittedly, it's difficult to keep innovating on such a simple concept.

>Armageddon and world party was too good with little to no room for improvement

Honestly, there wasn't much room for improvement even after Worms 2, let alone after Armageddon - I still think Worms 2 has the best soundtrack and best UI of the lot. I imagine the UI got shat on for the sake of easier console ports.

>They didn't tried hard enough with the 3D games.

I kind of agree. Worms 3D was terrible, but I've already seen the concept done well in Hogs of War. They should really have looked at that game to figure out why it worked and why their attempt didn't.

>Worms was the game you used to play back in 90s/2000 when you mom bought you a PC but you had no internet

You poor soul. Playing against the AI is laughable compared to playing against human players.

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Bought worms reloaded some time ago and was disappointed to hell.
Its weaker than Armageddon in pretty much every aspect, generic boring levels, less weapons, shitty graphics that managed to lag despite being 2D, physics, gameplay options, level generator.

Out of curiosity visited steam page to see whether I was the only one to hate it and suddenly see tons of positive reviews and this.

Buy Worms Reloaded: Game of the Year Edition

Includes 6 items: Worms Reloaded, Worms Reloaded: Forts Pack, Worms Reloaded: Puzzle Pack, Worms Reloaded: Retro Pack, Worms Reloaded: The "Pre-order Forts and Hats" DLC Pack, Worms Reloaded: Time Attack Pack

Did they made a weaker game and then tried to sell you stuff from previous games?
Fucking hats

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Nope. OP is still 12

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Worms became over saturated. They pretty much perfected the formula with the first game but where can you go from there? Well, there's better graphics in Worms 2... and you can add network play in Worms Armageddon. We can get people to essentially buy the same game 3 times... Then what?

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They moved away from Armageddon/WP. New games are just like the old ones but offer 50% the content + more customization options.

Throw out a game with as much content (worms, weapons) as Armageddon; expand on the weapons arsenal, make team customization deeper and add rpg elements like leveling your team to unlock new weapons, team buffs and whatever, include pre-game setup with all the things you own, etc etc. make weapons have ammo, turn it into a competitive online game, maybe even experiment with a moba hybrid with realtime 5player per team worm play....so much to do, experiment or take a conservative approach and better Armageddon into something better.

Don't remove 50 weapons and give me 4 worm hats. That's what went wrong.

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The game didn't age well, that's it. The other worm game, Earthworm Jim suffered the same fate.

Games like Doom or SMB aged well, because their concepts can be dragged forever by modding tools. Games with gimmicks can look good initially, but lose their welcome sooner than you expect.

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>add rpg elements like leveling your team to unlock new weapons
Horrible idea. No, thanks

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It's a huge problem when Gunbound is better than modern Worms

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Ninja rope was the beginning of the end for me.
>>4649493 meant you could play only with friends, and most casuals were outright scared from rope users.

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How does it feel to make up the same story for everything you disagree with? Don’t you get tired? Do you ever feel like an idiot?

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Pretty sure he's joking dumbass

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you can turn the rope off if it bothers you

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Any Worms game is comfy to play. But yes they reached the peak with WWP. Pic unrelated just a great spinoff puzzle game.

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Crazy Golf is ok, as well.

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"It dosen't work in 3D"-fags

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Yeah. Pretty much all they needed for a sequel success is 32bit color, and make all custom user content p2p like Trackmania so people can hear eachother's voice packs, see custom grave stones etc.

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The problem with 3D games is they focused more on voxel terrain destruction than games being fun. Hogs of War managed to transform Worms formula into 3D on fucking Playstation by removing terrain destruction.

And the truth is, it just wasn't very fun to play 3D Worms BECAUSE of terrain destruction. Obscuring line of sight works in side view, but it just doesn't make sense in 3D. Similarly, there was another artillery game, Scorched 3D, but it was fun because it had a very simplified terrain and very simplified terrain destruction - you could never really be obscured from others by sitting in a foxhole and having a patch of ground above you.

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>play with friends online few years ago
>random BR waltzes in
>load up loli map and start the game
>he freaks out because he is streaming game on Twitch and is about to get banned hard

good times

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>abloo bloo Doug said mean things about trannies can we all agree that EWJ games are shitty now???

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Here's what annoys me about WMD. On Worms Armageddon I played with 10-second rounds to make shit more hectic. Do that on WMD the AI wouldn't be able to decide between steak and dog shit.

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God, so now we have dumb fucking reactionaries plugging their politics everywhere. Shut the fuck up.

Earthworm Jim was never good. It was never fun or a well designed game. It has charm, it has beautiful animation, but it's also absolute garbage to play, with bad controls, sluggish movement (we have to fit all these pretty extra animation frames somewhere!) and cheap/forced damage all the fucking time.
It's like Cuphead but without all the fucking polish, it's just a collection of pretty graphics.

People played it because it was pretty, because it was well animated, and because it was edgy, but not because it was good. And the reason you remember it well is because you were a dumb kid with shit taste.

End of fucking debate, god.

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>bad controls, sluggish movement and cheap/forced damage

have we played the same game? EWJ has tight controls and attack patterns can be learned quickly

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Just because it's BEATABLE doesn't make it fun. You can't MASTER Earthworm Jim, you can only MEMORIZE it. With games like Contra, Castlevania or Megaman you get an actual skill at the game. If you sat a person who can perfect run Castlevania, but who never touched e.g. Castlevania Chronicles or Rondo of Blood to play these games - they will do pretty damn good, because they built a genuine skill.

EWJ games are as barebones as it gets. Enemies exist to hurt you in a way that is basically impossible to avoid first time through until you memorize it, and pathetically easy to avoid once you do. None of enemies are interesting, or combine with other challenges.
There is no tech, no expert skills. No backwards whipping like in Castlevania, no controlling boss patterns and weaknesses like in Megaman, not even keeping Spread like in Contra.
If you record play of a veritable master of EWJ who played the game for hundreds of hours - and compare it with a play of someone who beat the game once and has it still in memory - they are going to look almost identical.
The game has extremely low skill ceiling, and very little depth (defined as amount interesting choices the game asks of player). In EWJ, there is almost none, since once you learn optimal path (the ONLY path), there is nothing else to learn.

None of the weapons are good or fun to shoot, and anything other than excuse to show CRAAAZY animation.

Earthworm Jim was a harebrained idea from step 1, when someone decided that the best way to utilize all this edgy humour and pretty animation with zero design experience was an action platformer, genre requiring tight design - instead of a point'n'click Lucasarts-style adventure game, where the strengths of EWJ as an interactive Animaniacs cartoon would shine.

And now, that is the a reason why almost noone remembers these game, except for few nostalgic people who install the game, realize it was shit, and quickly uninstall it. That's the fucking truth.

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Criticizing mediocre game is not fucking bait.
No, please, name me one expert technique in EWJ. One piece of movement tech, one trick, anything. Something that separates expert players from newbies.

And if you can't do it, then shut the fuck up and stop shilling a mediocre game for political goals.

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>political goals

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>>abloo bloo Doug said mean things about trannies can we all agree that EWJ games are shitty now???

I didn't mention politics in my argument once. You did.
>or someone else who agrees with-- oh come the fuck on, it was you, let's not kid ourselves here.

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>Anonymous is 1 person
Off yourself retard

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They made way too many of them and oversaturated the market. They tried a few times to bring the series into 3D during the period of time where everyone thought that was mandatory, and failed. The 2D games never really did more than Armageddon.

It probably would do better with the yearly release model (Worms 2018 is expected to just be Worms 2017 with more stuff in it) or the freemium model (changing your worms' appearance costs money). It could also stand to have separate "lots of tricky to aim weapons" and "lots of explosions" modes for the esports/casual split.

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Also WWP was the pinnacle of this game. The sheer comedy in the voice acting for all the countries alone was worth the sticker price.

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So, MtF?

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>Also WWP was the pinnacle of this game.

WWP is literally repackaged Armageddon. You're actually better off playing Armageddon since it is still being patched and WWP was abandoned quickly after release, and even the new remastered version isn't based on new W:A versions.

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I think Revolution was the peak of the series even though it's not retro, most stuff and best aesthetics
what the FUCK went wrong after Revolution though?!

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If you're playing on PC it's useless, anywhere else and it's the most up to date version.

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Team17 set a very high bar with Armageddon and they keep failing to reach it, let alone innovate with the sequels. Ever since a given game's major feature is effectively a novelty like 3D or the classes.

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it doesn't 3d

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The Tube Race needed skill. Also Andy Asteroids, and the punishment round.

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Host when

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