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I think it's about time we officially agree that World is better than 3.

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Why would we agree on an opinion that's wrong?

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IT's basically the same game but with smoother controls and technically upgraded

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If by "smoother" you mean "slippery" then sure.

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World has better music and aesthetics overall also the cape is better than the racoon suit but it was 3 the game that define 2d Mario

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it's got better controls i guess but besides that? nah. mario 3's got better variety and more challenge

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cape is broken af. It's the baby version of the raccoon leaf

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another quality /v/-tier thread, keep it up OP here's your upboat.

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*lets you fly over 90% of the levels*

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Cum at me, bro.

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This fucking thread again? C'mon /vr/

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>doge meme
Way to kill your argument, lad.

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Too bad SMB1 and SMB2J have that awful momentum system

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Yes let's make this agreement official since everyone on this board clearly agrees with your objective assertion

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>Sm2U better than anything
Are you rating them on difficulty? Also Sm2U it's the worst 2d Mario and is barely a Mario game

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There's just no getting around the dact that mario controls infinitely better on World. At the end of the day I just want to play more of that.

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hey guys do u like mario?
i think he's the best videogame

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>coin ship and white toad houses
gonna need a quick rundown on this

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How does it feel to be retarded?

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Cape and the spin jump is just so broken it almost ruins the game even without the flying
>spin jump on nearly any enemy with no penalty
>cape works like the racoon tail, but faster and hits both sides
>and works on more enemies than fire flower
>and works undewater
>and lets you glide for longer jumps and more safety
>and it works while riding Yoshi unlike fire flower

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Both are great.
I'm glad I'm not a binary-minded person.

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I'm officially agreeing with you since Mario fags can't reason without Mario.

Best thing we can do is officially declare Donkey Kong Country 2 as superior to both of them.

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You have to legitimately be blinded by nostalgia to think that 3 is better than World.
>Absolutely no color besides ugly brown
>Floaty physics
>Game feels so lifeless and in turn boring
>Music isn't as memorable as World's

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Agree in all those points.
Even when I was a kid in the 80s I couldn't stand the ugly and muted palette of a lot of NES games.
SMB3 artsyle and music are really boring.

Yes, it's a good platform game, but SMW even with its flaws has so much color and fun. And, it has ghost houses. You can't compete with that.

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DKC1 is better than DKC2

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How do I play SMB2J on an NES?
Is it not possible? Do I have to get an actual famicom?

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No argument,The worst part it's that it was a simple question but it looks you really like smb2u which by no doubt it't the worst "Mario" game

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try internet search?

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Practically everyone remembers the time old classic of Super Mario Brothers 3 but a better question is do you remember or know the very rare “White Mushroom House” secret. It’s a secret Mushroom House in each world that appears when you collect all the coins in one particular level in each world. You receive goodies such as the P-Wing, Air Anchor, Clouds.. etc etc.
Another rare sight in the game of Super Mario Brothers 3 is the White Treasure Ship. Out of the dozens of times I beat Super Mario Brothers 3 I have only seen this exclusively rare White Treasure Ship 2-3 times. According to the Super Mario Brothers 3 players guide there is one specific way to see this White Treasure Ship.

The guidelines are as follows.

1.) End the stage with an even number on the clock.
2.) Coins must be a Multiple of 11.
3.) The 10’s digit of your score must be the multiple of 11 that corresponds to your coins.
4.) Finally it must be in World 1, 3, 5, and 6.

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It's not a question of nostalgia it's a question of how much you care about difficulty and level design. SMB3 has more balanced difficulty and better level design. SMW is better in most other respects.

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Probably. I don't think SMB3 it's a bad game, as I said. It might be better designed as a pure platformer, but for me it's just too ugly and barren.
Different tastes, I guess. I might play the All Stars version one of those days to refresh it a bit.
Yeeeees! DKC1 forever.

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SMB3 just looks so much more aesthetic despite being technologically inferior

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yea its got a nice style

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Back to /v/ contrarian

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>having good taste is contrarian

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How is this a debate, it's Mario 3.
You might as well include the New Super Mario Bros titles in this "debate" since SMW is the proto NSMB.

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>SMW is the proto NSMB.
Doesn't even have the same physics, New series' physics are more like a mix between SMB1 and SMB3, with added walljump and some other new stuff, none of them from SMW. The only thing it borrows from World is the ghost houses (and Yoshi in the case of the titles that have him).
There is no debate, kid. Both SMB3 and World are top tier games and these threads have been troll general for quite some time now.

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I like the themed maps and powerups in 3 much more than World. I also didn't care for Yoshi. 3 will forever be my favorite.

That said, I'm ok with differing opinions and perspectives. It's good to have a variety of people on this planet.

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Best post

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Cant we just all be friends and laugh at Yoshi's Island loving degenerates?

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i like your style, anon

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>not liking YI
You monster

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YL is a great game but it's too diferent from a regular Mario game to compare

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Agreed. Can you imagine how amazing a Super Mario Bros V on the SuperFX would've been?

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2D Mario peaked with SMW, the next logical step was SM64.

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I would rather had a real Smw2 than yoshi island

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i literally had no idea the white toad houses were a thing til now. and i knew about it, but i don't think i've ever found the coin ship in-game either

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Thing is, there isn't much else to improve on SMW. Or you mean you wanted something like a Lost Levels SMW? There's hundreds of fanmade hacks and some are pretty good.

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No I mean something with a new engine and assets simply think SMW would be like SMB and this SMW2 would be like SMB3,They could have added stuff like the wall jump (Snes games already had it) and new power ups and they could have gone a bit more crazy with the areas like they did in SML2

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Maybe make the levels less shitty
Maybe make the levels less samey
Maybe actually give me a reason to use spinjump, ever
Maybe remove autoscrollers and ride-a-block levels
Maybe add more interesting enemies than just shit that bumrushes you
Maybe have more poweups than 1 (and some shitty ones)
Maybe have a less retarded final boss

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Maybe make the levels less shitty
"shitty" is just your opinion
>Maybe make the levels less samey
I'll give you that SMW lacked in ice levels (although it did have some, one of them being one of the best in the game imo), but World also introduced forest levels, ghost houses (which take the puzzle element out from Fortresses, making fortresses more action-oriented, so we got 2 type of levels instead of 2 combined into 1), and then it has the same kind of levels as in other Mario games: plains, underground, treetops, sky/bridge, underwater.
>Maybe remove autoscrollers and ride-a-block levels
So you complains about not giving you a reason to use the spinjump (which isn't true), but you complain about block-riding levels, you can blast through them if you do some spinjump cap tricks. Get good.
>Maybe add more interesting enemies than just shit that bumrushes you
Magikoopas, and the guys who throw sports shit at you/cave and throw rocks seem pretty interesting and do some unexpected stuff that will caught a new comer by surprise.
I love SMB3, I really do, but at the end of the day, you replied also in one main powerup on SMB3, it's really cool that you can pick any powerup and replay levels using other ones like hammer or tanuki (turning into a statue is a nice thing to do, but ever actually useful over just jumping/doging an enemy?). World's powerups are fine and people even complain that the cape is too OP. Anyway, Yoshi counts as a powerup, as do his shell color-based abilities (fly, fire, stomp, or all 3 combined).
>less retarded final boss
Bowser in SMW is great. It requires you to throw his mechakoopas upwards, making you calculate your timing and direction arc you throw these things up. It also has a lot of evading (his last pattern when he stomps on the floor is basically a faster version of Bowser in SMB3, although in 3 he was less predictable, there was a lot of reaction time).
The only point I sort of agree is the autoscrollers levels.

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3 is a better designed game overall, but world is the most mechanically interesting of the two, so it makes me want to play it more.

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>Get good
Not an argument when the game is this easy.

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SMW's style is this weird hybrid of 8-bit and 16-bit where the majority of its graphics don't use the full pallete row to save on cartridge space or something. The only graphics in the game that uses the full 16 color pallete row are Mario, Luigi, Bowser and Peach. Every other graphic in the game's limited to like 4 or 8 colours.

That explains why the game is so simple looking, but it certainly doesn't explain why the art-style is so all over the place. It's not a bad art-style but my god is it inconsistent and weird.

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You complained about ride-a-block, then get good and use the so-called "OP cape/spinjump" to go through it in a blast. C'mon get good.

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If Yoshi was introduced in SMB3 then there'd be three more rideable dinosaurs because Nintendo wasn't fucking around when it came to content back then.

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Both are so close it's hard to choose. I grew up playing both (oldfag) and I would have to say World edges out 3 by just a little bit.

Like if World was a 100, SMB3 would be 99.5.

They both have their pros and cons but I think world does the 2D mario the best. SMB3 was the biggest progression in a sequel before SM64 or Zelda OoT.

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Has this person even played all the way through Super Mario World? Am I taking the bait?

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SMB2U is more of a Mario game than SMB2J by far, and is a much better game even in its own right. You're obviously retarded and fell for the "le mario 2 is doki poki gambit, not real mayro!!1!" meme so do us all a favor and get you shit-tier bait back to >>>/v/

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