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>/v/ doesnt work
>/vg/ doesnt work
>/vr/ does

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Too many spammers of the /r9k/ suicide kid

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>/r9k/ suicide kid

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Get out, we're full.

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Some kid fell for ">tfw no gf" memes and killed himself

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We’re old and have jobs. Those of us who aren’t tourists who watched a Zelda video on YouTube, anyway.

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and he streamed it or something? how the fuck did i missed that?

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Uh, OP meant that posts aren't working on /v/ and /vg/.

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>playing dumb to turn this into a thread about it

just go to r9k u fag

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Nintenbabbies thinking they can escape safely to /vr/

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He streamed it in a discord and someone from there uploaded it.

anyways this isn't a /vr/ thread so if there are any MODS on this board, please feel free to nuke it

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I'm just glad that they're posting on other boards during the outage

while we're on the subject, what are some games about being overrun by monsters, or about escaping or preventing things from escaping?

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Im glad this happened /v/ needs to cool the fuck off
Hope it stays down for a week

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Full story? Link to video maybe?

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You do realize this will only open the opportunity for the newfags and shitposters from /v/ to trickle down into smaller boards?

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