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Me and my buddy slammed a bottle of whiskey and played through D tonight. I've got a handful of the wanadoo myst like horror games too. Is D2 worth the money? General obscure horror thread plz. In b4 not using a crt. My ps1 isn't hooked up to it right now so whatever.

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D2 is a fucking fantastic game but it diverges significantly from the strictly arthouse style of Enemy Zero and D into "actually a game" territory so if you like static feeling puzzle games you might not think it's worth it. It's basically a survival horror game with action rpg elements but it still has plenty of Kenji Eno style.

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Enemy Zero is the best Eno's game.

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I personally disagree but something tells me OP might enjoy it more than D2.

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You may have me sold gramps. It's me with the cube unit btw (pic related). You gonna cave in and come party in England with me yet? I'm having a light gun bbq this weekend. That is to say I will have the light guns set up and we will bbq meat. Not eat the plastic.

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Here's one of the bargain bin wanadoo games that I really enjoyed. It's fuckin slow but great atmosphere. The alchemy lab section is a bit of a pixel hunt however

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CRT projection? I might have to book a ticket to Eurostan. Is it warm there yet? We're in the middle of a nor'easter here.

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>wife trying to get to work during nor'easter

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Snow forecast i'm afraid. I'm on the south coast where it's typically warmer but we have forgotten the meaning of the word these past few weeks

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Nice blog post faggot.