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>better than both Perfect Dark and Goldenye
How did DICE do it, lads?

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Dunno about that but I'm literally watching Saving Private Ryan as I type this.

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Haha nice same. It's on my screen right now

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Cool game. Had an understated and well-developed female lead in the days of Tomb Raider.

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I'm ready

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Better than Call of Duty too.

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I love my PS1, but some of you faggots are way too predictable.

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>t. butthurt nintentoddler

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>conveniently no mention of n64's inability to play CD quality audio

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Been a very long time since you've been here, wonder why that is?
Continue conversation, folks. Ignore the shitposter.

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This. Even if we all the PS1 had a much better library, the shit people like on this machine is agonizing awful. Crash and Spyro are fucking garbage, were always fucking garbage, have somehow aged worse, and are nothing compared to the best platformers on the N64. People would be much better off admiring Tomb Raider and OddWorld, but of course, those aren't exclusives.

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Spyro was alright, but I’ll never understand the appeal of Crash.

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The people who enjoyed Crash and Spyro were kids, mostly. Who cares?

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You could say the same thing about all the games this board is for. To me, every time somebody talks about how great Spyro or Crash was, it's either they were kids and didn't know any better and didn't play the platform with the better platformers. It would be like people who only owned Nintendo 64s remember Quest 64 as fun, or Paper Mario 64.

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Seriously, played Crash as a kid and, while I was never crazy about it I still liked the games a lot. A few years ago I started questioning what was so great about them, and last year played 1 and 3 for the first time in a good while; really nothing special, feels like they were popular just because they were really polished, despite being fairly 'meh' otherwise...

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