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Why are western devs notorious for funneling money?

Pic related

Other good examples:
>Ultima 9
>Duke Nukem Forever
>Aliens Colonial Marines

Western devs love to switch game engines, then claim it's because "the game will look outdated when it comes out!". When in actuality, they just want to keep working and getting paid

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That's some conspiracy theory. Did I stumble onto a political board?

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Let's not act like Japan is any better at it.

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Let's all just give a moment of silence for what could have been w/Trespasser.

>closer to the plot of The lost world than the movie
>amazing voice cast
>could have steered franchise toward fps dino killing

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Trespasser is still a good game. I've beaten it multiple times. Its a very unique game

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>Western devs love to switch game engines, then claim it's because "the game will look outdated when it comes out!". When in actuality, they just want to keep working and getting paid
i don't know about ultima 9 but DNF is the only game i can think of that did this excuse

>Aliens Colonial Marines
they outsourced it to another dev and used the money to fund borderlands 2.

isn't that more of romero's hubris than anything else?

also if you think it's only western devs that have 10+ years development for games then i think FF15 & RE0 would like a word with you

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This. I found a copy at a flea market a few years ago for 25 cents not knowing what it was and now its my favorite JP game and probably one of my favorite dinosaur games period.

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I'm glad someone made this thread, that last anon who mentioned it intrigued me enough to play it. Beat it all last saturday and really enjoyed it. It was far from great but it was still very neat. I really liked the whole arm mechanic, even if it looked really wonky. It made mundane things like entering codes into keypads, opening doors, and grabbing and aiming weapons a bit more interesting. The diversity of weapons was cool too and surprising. Voice acting and music was top notch. The levels were designed pretty well imo, though the last three were a little dissapointing aside from the native american architecture (which was really cool).
The biggest let down was the lack of in door dinosaurs, which was really glaring in levels like the town and lab. I really wish they implemented that, it would have made going from house to house in the town much more tense. You would think that would be one of their top priorities for the game considering the lasting memorability of the raptors in the kitchen scene from the first movie.
Altogether, I am really glad I played this game, but now it's making me want to play more dino games and i don't know where to start.

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>now it's making me want to play more dino games and i don't know where to start.

You came to the right thread anon, not OP but I'm a huge fan of dinosaur games and I can tell you I've played almost every single one in existence. These are my recommendations:
(not all of these are /vr/ though)

Turok 1 & 2 are great FPS games (3 and Evolution are decent but skippable, The reboot is meh)

Dino Crisis 1 & 2 are both great survival horror (Stay the fuck away from 3)

Jurassic Park/Rampage Edition on genesis are both good platformers but hard as fuck

Lost World PS1/Saturn is fun platformer but see above for difficulty

JP Operation Genesis is a great park builder/sim

Carnivores 1 and 2 are great dino hunting simulators I would recommend even if your not into hunting games (The remake is meh)

Jurassic: The Hunted is a fun FPS with dinos but its short as fuck and doesn't have much replay value but if you can find it cheap go for it

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Not this guy, but JP on snes is excellent as well

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thanks anon
I'll definitely look into those last two and more into turok, I really want to keep with that fps immersion that trespasser did so nicely. I've heard many good things about dino crisis as well.

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Don't forget that Konami and Sega made some good light gun Jurrasic Park games back in the day. And Capcom's Dino Survivor is underrated as fuck.

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There's hardly any dinosaurs in turok though, you mostly fight people and bugs

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id conditioned Western audiences to focus on graphics above all else.

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well, for me it hits the full checklist:
- main character got bewbs

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Yeah, I've heard good things about the JP Snes games but I haven't gotten around to playing those so I didn't list them.

All three of the JP light gun games are fantastic but I didn't bother listing them since I feel to truly enjoy them you need to get the authentic arcade experience. Dino Survivor is decent with a controller though yes.

No problem at all anon

You can make that argument with the sequels but the first game Turok: Dinosaur Hunter has you fighting dinos pretty regularly. Hell, one of the bosses is a fucking Cyborg T-Rex. That alone makes it worth playing as a dino fan.

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I'm making that argument as someone who only played the first turok. The t-rex boss is at the end, it's the last thing you fight before the last boss, and it's the only dino boss. The other boss fights are people and bugs, like the rest of the game, with a few raptors sprinkled in here and there. It was literally the main joke about the game when it came out, that it's called "dinosaur hunter" and there's hardly any to be found.

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Dragon Quest VII though?
All of Xenosaga?

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Not to mention FF13? Lots of developers run into trouble when scaling up hardware or scope.

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I think Konami accused Kojima of doing the same with MGS5

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Kojima fucked around on MGR and they had to hand off the assets to Platinum to salvage the game

Kojima was a bit of a dumb fuck

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Not denying that.