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Was it really his mom?

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Joke ending. Eyedol has an official lore, you know.

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They're taking the piss out of Street Fighter

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Somehow.......... we don't think so.

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They should have made a cutscene where Eyedol uses his two heads to eat his mom's pussy and asshole at the same time.

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damn! now I want to see how far eyedol would push his club

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the question is whos that lady?

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>When a shitty game mocks another shitty game

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disregard that, I suck cocks

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>Knuckles doesn't like fighting games
I knew you were a shit-tier namefag from the beginning, but good lord.

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I've made it clear in several threads now that I consider Mortal Kombat and Smash Bros the only worthwhile fighting games, slowpoke.

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Smash Bros I can understand because it's a unique kind of game, but why MK?
I don't think you're 12, are you? Fatalities shouldn't impress you anymore. Once you get past being 12 and being wowed at the fatality novelty, the games themselves, mechanically, are pretty bad.

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I'm eighteen. Mortal Kombat fixes the biggest issue with fighting games: cross-ups. Since there's a block button, you can't get penalized for defending just because of shitty hitboxes. It's not just the fatalities but also the friendships, animalities, brutalities, and more that keep the experiences fresh and impressive to show off to friends. Nobody cares to see advanced tech in bootleg weaboo fighting games except for other virgins.

Fighting games are a social activity, MK has the most appeal as a game to play with friends, it's just that simple. Mechanically, it's great that it's simple but it's not as easy as you think to learn combos.

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