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What the fuck? Go here talk to him, talk to her, talk to him (repeat x5) find obscure Chinese restaurant, now find three guys and talk to them. When does this pick up? So far it’s been this and a couple QTEs. Fuck it tho I’m gunna stick with it.

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>When does this pick up? So far it’s been this and a couple QTEs. Fuck it tho I’m gunna stick with it.
If your not digging shenmue by this point then your really going to hate it when the game makes you get a job.

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Shit, was too young to appreciate it in it’s prime. Still will probably keep going though as I like the vibe.

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i think this is the case. I've never played it, but i've been told the magic of this game was in it's world-building, mostly through things that we take for granted nowadays like npc schedules and stuff

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I haven't played it since the early '00's but I remember it being a really was a fun experience. It just can drag a bit a certain points. When I would get bored with the plot I would just go to arcade for a couple days. I even eventually won the space harrier disc from the local shop so I could stay home all day playing it for free on the Saturn.

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Kinda reminds me of Persona in a way. Neat little game. Makes me want to keep the Dreamcast hooked up and just pop in and out through out the week. Just got the Dreamcast btw and am realizing last minute that 90% of it’s library I already have access to. Ah well, still dig the hardware. Somehow it still feels fresh & sleek to this day.

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>It just can drag a bit a certain points

This is a bit of a problem in the first game since you have to wait for certain events with no quick way to pass time. It's usually something like "get here at 3pm tomorrow" when it's like 9am now so you have to hang around until bed at 8pm then hang around some more until the event at whenever. There are things you can do on the side but they can get a bit monotonous; arcade, slots, capsule toys, training, etc.

The second game allows you to fast forward for events most of the time so it ceases to be a problem. For non-story events that happen on certain days you still have to hang around, but that's bonus stuff.

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Yes, I agree. I also played it back in those days and enjoyed the game and its sequel a lot, but you can't deny there are some really slow parts that can get a bit annoying.

I haven't played it again, but I think it's a kind of game which belongs to another era where you didn't get so many games a year and so, you could take your time to slowdown and lost in the streets and discover little secrets. It's not GTA, but a very japanese game that's made to complete, but also appreciate the details and enviroments. We have to remember that back then there wasn't anything like that, so Sega wanted us to be amazed at that 3d world maming a long, quite slow game.

It kind of reminds me to a similar problem with Sonic Adventure, when the hub world felt amazing back then, but nowadays people complain a lot that it's pointless and there are a lot of "better" hub worlds in other games. Again, I thought it was amazing to be able to move Sonic in 3D in that city, taking trains, entering the shops, going to the Casino, etc.

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I think you might be me.
It's one of those games I never played but always heard about how great it is, a few years ago I watched some gameplay on a whim and just didn't feel like I missed out on anything. I guess this is what people who didn't play CT or OoT when it was new feel.

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its mainly a detective game built into a life sim that also has a little bit of combat. it doesn't really change, so you have to hope that clicks with you.

the big deal back then was that npcs have set paths and schedules, so it really makes the game feel alive even though the town is pretty small. the sequel drops that aspect however

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Yeah, it'll help if you try to visualize yourself in the 90s experiencing this startlingly realistic representation of normal 80s Japan. This was before the SoL genre and the first game for a lot of us where the world went on around us and we were free to experience it at our own pace and on top of that the graphics were extremely outstanding hopefully you're playing it in VGA at least even though in hindsight all those things don't seem as revolutionary.

One notable thing that does persist is the really real 80s feel of the game, one that came from he developers personal memories rather than research and cultural nostalgia.Also, like >>4629931 sort of alludes to the first game is kind of slow by design. One thing we regularly forget is that Shenmue was conceived as a fucking DECALOGY of ten games so the first game is pretty much just a prologue, which is probably just too depressing to remember and we just think of Shenmue as a slow series instead.

I am very curious how far into the overall story Shenmue 3 is going to take us. I can only assume the original 10% per game schedule is going to be revised if it's ever going to get finished and I hope that we get enough hours of content that the PACING can still feel the same. Maybe we'll get a 200 hour epic that finishes things up completely. We can only hope.

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I’m playing it for the first time now (not OP)

>talk to people
>Charlie is at a location, meet him at 3
>he’s not there, go in building
>he’s not anywhere near it
>miss event? Start day over

It’s fun but I wish the combat was a little more fleshed out. It’s atmospheric as fuck and it’s fun to role play, especially while drinking

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It was Sega trying to make a non Sega game to follow the boring narrative games trend. Sega was the best at making fast paced arcade games.

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>Yeah, it'll help if you try to visualize yourself in the 90s experiencing this

Naw, I don't believe in that at all. The technology factor is gone nowadays, it's still highly atmospheric though. Shenmue is a good game, I don't think many would consider it one of the best games ever. It's like the Sega equivalent of Zelda or Final Fantasy or The Elder Scrolls - Sega's best but Sega's best is still a bit lacking.

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fist time i feel myself "free"in a vg

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All of the games ported from dreamcast were screwed up in some way so now you have access to the best versions

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I've never made it through the first half hour of the game before getting bored out of my mind and playing something else. And it wasn't for lack of trying. I picked the game up like the week it launched and I've just never been able to get into it.

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just jump to the second game if you want a larger focus on combat, its a better game overall tbqh

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>Sega's best is still a bit lacking.
You're simply wrong. I don't have the time to explain why: carry on being wrong and yet feeling right.

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>DECALOGY of ten games

I heard it was just meant to be 7 games since Suzuki conceived 16 chapters, and Shenmue 1 is chapter 1 or so, Shenmue 2 was meant to take place ENTIRELY on a boat from Japan to China, Shenmue 3 was meant to be the first part of Shenmue 2, and Shenmue 4 was meant to be the reamaining part of Shenmue 2.

Honestly, if Suzuki got what he wanted it would've spanned multiple consoles and such. Hell, someone even took a picture of a white board that had the chapters sorted into games, and all it had on there was Shenmue 1 and 2, then trailed off into the number 16.

>I am very curious how far into the overall story Shenmue 3 is going to take us.

It's not the final game in the series, that's for sure he said that he wants to make a Shenmue 4 and 3 will not complete the series. Although, he did say that if he DOES get a chance to make 4, it'd be a better game since they spent a good few months learning the software and they wouldn't have that problem anymore.

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Eh, how'd you miss Charlie?

He's the tattoo guy right, you're meant to go up the stairs and meet him inside his parlor around 3pm.

The only time I got stuck was when I had to find a phone book, and I had no idea where one would be. Turns out there's a stall where you can phone people near the bus stop down the road from the arcade that I would've never have assumed to be the answer.

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This is exactly where I am right now. I've waited until night and I went to all the bars. I think I even found the 2 guys. There were 2 guys with one chick in a bar. I think it was a hooker. She told me I should go home. So now I am stuck. What am I supposed to do? Not OP.

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yeah...describing it to someone...it doesn't sound amazing when you put it that way. also the combat is clunky not to mention turning and getting stuck in corners!

focus on the world itself. the cracks in the walls. the trash on the ground. the seedy-looking alleyway. the random people walking about. the world felt so alive back then and it still does today. I liked that it was gritty...and although I never lived in japan...the suburb of seoul, s korea that I lived in for years was very much like ryo's neighborhood. captures it really well. love Shenmue and beat it every 2-3 years.

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I got it sorted, I was just overthinking it, here’s what happened:

>Charlie gets pissed at me and challenges me to a rumble at 3
>he actually ambushes me as i’m heading into town
>didn’t realize it was Charlie, go to arcade thinking it was just somebody else I pissed off
>realize that Charlie wouldn’t get his ass beat twice in the same day
>restart day to go get the letter sorted out

I just didn’t want to miss anything cool even though I probably did

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> I wish the combat was a little more fleshed out
What do you mean? It's no God Hand that's for sure but Shenmue still is one of the better 3D beat em up games gameplay wise.
Did you even try to train new moves by yourself? Or buy scrolls for new moves?

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Yeah I bought a few scrolls and train almost every day, and I get that it’s an 18 year old game on a console with no right stick, but the camera goes all over the fucking place in group fights.

I’m not expecting a 2D plane of movement like Street Fighter or even a 3D plane of movement like Virtua Fighter or Soul Caliber, but it would be nice to be able to readjust and focus on what I need to do in order to take down the dudes. I almost died to Charlie’s goons when I redid the day because the camera nearly fucked me. Come to think of it, that might be the point

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Good info thanks. Definitely adds up.

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Shenmue is one of my favourite games of all time but even I can say it's flawed. Doesn't stop me from loving the fuck out of it

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Fair enough, always ask around so you know what the fuck is going on though, you can sometimes get some valuable information as well that'll go into your notepad. Check that a lot too.

The fighting is pretty crappy I'll give you that, but just learn the moves that really do damage. Learn the throws and the elbow move (I think it's like Analogue Stick and X or Y) and you'll be getting through mobs easily. I think there's also a frame perfect counter on the Y button you'll need to git gud at for some fights.

The fighting can get really annoying as time and the game goes on, but once you get the hang of it it's not too hard You can also just cheese big group fights by running around in a large circle and regain health easily.

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Shenmue is about exploring and just existing in the game.

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Hello can anyone help me please instead of ignoring me?

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You're looking for Sailors at this point right?

You need to find out about a bar named Heartbeats, so you'll need to talk to the people around the bars at night so you know where Sailors hang out. Keep trying and talking to people, and use your head there are several bars around the area and there are maps close by so you know where they are.

If you're not looking for sailors, then I'm not sure.

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If I like Yakuza will I like Shenmue?

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It depends on what aspects you like of Yakuza.

If you like the Japanese aspect of it, the story and having dumbed down minigames, then sure. You'll like it.

If you enjoy the wackiness, the combat and the amount of content you can find in the latter half of the Yakuza games (2, 4, 5, 0 for example), then you'll probably find Shenmue to be dated.

The game is meant to keep you enthralled by it's atmosphere and "realism" by having you actually do things someone in that situation would do in Japan. Walk and talk is a big aspect of Shenmue and something you'll be doing a lot. Waiting around for things to happen is a big aspect as well, hell you get an actual job in Disc 2 you'll be working on for 20 minutes real time over five days.

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Dude what does your notebook say

Thanks for the tips. I don’t feel as if I’m utilizing throws enough.

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Hello read the notebook, talk to people, and pay fucking attention you illiterate faggot.
>playing 2 without playing 1
Ignore this fagot.

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>playing 2 without playing 1

No trust me I wholefartedly ignored him because that’s retarded

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It had atmosphere and character. Something most games, as well as real people and places lack nowadays. Looking forward to how much the kick-starter will disappoint and prove my point.

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If it doesn't draw you in the beginning it most likely won't later. Playing the detective in a small quaint Japanese town totally hooked me.

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So... except for the camera, what actual argument you have that explains why Shenmue has "crappy" fighting?
Literary all I see is that you are bad at the game.

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This game could have been good if only they'd invested a bit more money in it.

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Okay, first of all I'm not against Shenmue in any way shape or form. Secondly, that's not me playing in the webm I just got a video of some dude playing off youtube and made it into a webm for a thread a while back, and lastly the combat in Shenmue isn't "crappy" per se, but it's very easy to cheese and spending time actually learning the combat is pretty much a waste of time.

The combat might be good or deep, but to an average person it's just kinda bad. You shuffle around a bit, punch, throw and dodge and that's around all you're doing. Your inputs matter more than Yakuza that's for sure. I just spam Square combos with a Triangle finisher in that game, Shenmue at least requires a bit more from me.

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This game takes an acquired taste. You really have to explore the world within this game to enjoy it. I got the strategy guide, so I already know where to go, who to talk to, what to unlock and everything in between. I especially love fighting in this game, as well as playing video games at the arcade.

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Yeah, you're right. There's a reason why bmups have simple combat. A moveset large like tekken for this game is dumb. Only reason to care about is if you're feeling bored and want to create a youtube video, otherwise you can cheese it all the way.

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