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>20 years later and this is still the best stealth game
How did Kojima do it, lads?

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Need to be more subtle with the bait, C for effort

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It's only one of the quadrumvirate of best stealth games.


But yeah it is its self enclosed kind of stealth. Games like Thief appeal to a different kind of stealth.

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Pseudo 2.5d pacman is not stealth. Running away is not stealth. Shitty controls are not stealth. Mapping 12 different actions to 4 buttons is not stealth.

Its a shitty game that is an enjoyable experimental bundle pack of gimmicks. It was a chore to play back then and it's a chore to play now.

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It's one of my favorite games ever, but as a stealth game?
Hell no.

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Sounds like what someone who sucks at games would say.

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Sounds like something a blind nostalgiafaggot would say when someone laid out objective criticism of his favorite childhood game.

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>muh faggots

What objective criticism? I saw none of that.

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Hence "blind" you autistic twat.

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Just stop.

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Look man, I love MGS but it's stealth mechanics have been surpassed several times over by almost every other stealth series that was ever on the market.

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It was one of the best TECHNOLOGY games of its day but Thief was clearly the king of stealth games.
Played on the proper settings, if you fucked up on Thief you would be slaughtered by guards in seconds, unlike MGS where you can rely on combat skills to get you out of fuckups.

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Cinematic Pac-man

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>post thread with completely stupid little kid opinion
>get totally shit on by the board
>in an embarrassed fit of damage control, try to play it off like it was just "bait" the whole time

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>How did Kojima do it

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Top Tier:

High Tier:

Mid Tier:
Splinter Cell

Low Tier:

Overrated Shit Tier:

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it honestly hasn't aged very well. replaying it now on my vita. still as charming as ever though

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Twin Snakes was a better game, it only gets shat on because many MGS fanboys are also PlayStation fanboys.

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Here's that (You) you wanted.

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But the best way to play MGS is on the Dreamcast via Bleem

SEGA always wins, baybee.

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You may prefer the original due to nostalgic reasons (inclding prefering the original voice acting), but TS is objectively the better game, the mgs2 gameplay gives it more to do, you can fuck around with guards in more ways than you can on the original. I don't get why someone who is a fan of the game wouldn't want this. "hardcore" fanboys complain about MGS2 gameplay breaking the game, as if you haven't already played through the game countless times. Also first person camera on TS is optional, you can still play it as the original.
All in all a great remake of the game with QoL improvements. It's not an amazing game like REmake, but it's still up there as far as remakes go. I do think it's better than the original.

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I loved MGS 1, but I liked the VR Missions more. A lot of the creative techniques the game teaches you in VR aren't required or even applicable in the main game due to its on the rails linearity. MGS1 would have really benifited from some kind of Zelda Master Quest style redesign.

also fuck MGS2's copy-paste VR missions

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Do you think love can bloom even on the battlefield?

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Mark of the Ninja is a better stealth game.

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Ladposting should be a bannable offense.

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Mgs1 map editor and pc multiplayer when

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VR missions was better.

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Have another one.

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I'm not even saying anything bad about the original, I just think the remake improved on it.

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But TS isn't "objectively better" when it objectively breaks the balance with the MGS2 mechanics due to the lack of redesign for the levels and bosses. Also I have to question one's sanity if they prefer TS's cutscenes to the original.

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I already explained that point. To someone who has already played through the original game once, who cares about balance? You know how to play the game already, it's good to have more options, guards also have more actions and better AI.
And again, the first person camera is optional.
I don't think they're particularly great in either game, they look better on TS, sure, but both versions have very corny cutscenes. I get that TS is more "over the top", but honestly the original isn't some deep kinema either, it's still silly kojima doing his hollywood impersonations, often quite tongue-in-cheek.
However, as I said, it's OK to prefer the original due to these reasons. If you prefer the original's music better, or the voice acting, or cutscenes, that's understandable. Now, the core gameplay is better on TS, objectively.

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Oh well, we'll have to agree to disagree. I don't dislike TS. In fact, I like the fan theories attributed to it (such as it being Otacon's retelling of the story), so both versions should be played to any potential series newcomers who may be reading this.

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>low tier

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This makes me think Hideo Kojima with his "solid" game series is the perfect madman to show us how 3D was a mistake in videogames and how it should never have been used outside some niche experimental genres... a fine example of how gamers have been trolled and literally been eating shit for decades while praising turd after turd because they were told that was the right thing to do...

This world could have known a golden age of videogames beyond imagination if A) 2D would have continued its natural evolution and B) real developers would have made games like always instead of corporative lunatics

TLDR the 2 original metal gear games are the only good ones after all this time.

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Ghost Babel is the best 2D MG game.

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Nowhere near as good as snakes revenge

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Snake's Revenge has the best music, and it's arguably better than the first Metal Gear game, also it was developed by the Castlevania team.
But I think MG2:SS and GB are better.

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>having taste this shit

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Wtf that's not a picture of Thief

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But I had way more fun playing Metal Gear 2.
My perspective is a bit unusual, I played the whole series in chronological order last year. After playing MG2, MGS1 didn't have enough new game mechanics to really impress me on that front. I think there was wall leaning and a scope weapon, everything else was from MG2.
Obviously its far beyond the time to be impressed by the 3D, so I mostly enjoyed MGS1 for its story, although MG2 had a good story as well.
I don't like the anti-kojima contrarian shit that seems to float around this site now. These games are gold man

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Collaboration project when?!

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Well it isn't the best stealth game, Thief is better, Tenchu WoH is better. It isn't the best Metal Gear game, since MGS3 is. So no.

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>a chore to play
underage pls go, this was awesome when everyone first played

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Fuck all those games. MGS isn't even a stealth series to begin with

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doors looked all the same in mg2, whereas in mgs you can see which card is needed. Voice acting both in cutscenes and as a game mechanic in alerted guards adds a lot to the game and gives mgs more attitude. Shadow Moses was also more impressive in visuals with its cold aesthetics. Boss battles were more fun as well, just compare fox and metal gear fights.

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Not even the best fucking stealth game of its year

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Story in video games is cancer though. If you want story just read a book. Metal Gear Solid is a shitty game because it was the beginning of the end for the medium, too many games tried to tell stories after it was released.

I finished the game and it just sucks, no game should have more cutscenes than gameplay.

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disregard that, I suck cocks

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MGS's main focus is the boss battles, and if you know how to play the game its essentially just a boss rush.
This is why V was trash. Insanely bloated with only 2 or 3 bosses the whole game.
The same people who consider these games stealth games are the same people who hide behind shields in souls games.

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>Sorry, but your princess is in another castle!
>turn off console because fuck story

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As shitty as Mario is, at least it has more gameplay than cutscenes.

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friendly reminder

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I like Tenchu

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Why is Splinter Cell above Tenchu?

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It's still great because it was one of the new generation 3rd person games without all the cinematic AAA nonsense which plague gaming today. Also the difficulty level was not "press x to win" level. Game still resembles vidya of the 1990s but stands between the next generation emergent gameplay.

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Sorry but I have to take his side. MGS1 had several issues with backtracking at points

>Encounter sniper wolf
>Through the cave, through the missile storage, across the tank field, down the elevator, get the PSG1, up the elevator, across the tank field, through the missile storage, through the cave, beat her.
>Up the elevator, across the tank field, bomb goes off, through the missile storage, through the cave, into the tower.
>I forget this part but the tower had a lot of up and down bullshit. Moving on.

>Up the metal gear, down the metal gear, get the key, up the metal gear, use the key, down the metal gear, chill the key, up the metal gear, use the key, down the metal gear, through the freezer, up the elevator, heat the key, down the elevator, through the freezer, up the metal gear, use the key.

Short segments yes but the game suffers artificial longevity with those parts.

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Lolno. As a stealth game, MGS isn't even the best in the metal gear series, let alone beyond it.

The best stealth game is still Thief.

I think MGS is better than Thief as an over all product, but the stealth game aspect of Metal Gear is quite primitive next to Thief.

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>without all the cinematic AAA nonsense which plague gaming today.


MGS practically fucking started all that shit.

It was the most cinematic game of its time. Nothing else really came close to it in that regard.

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>can't into challenge

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and if thats not fucking kino much it comes in a box

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You realise the entire reason shit like this exists is because people will bitch about """value for money""" if the game isn't X hours long.

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I played it a couple months ago for the first time and really loved it. I was 2 when it came out.
I only say this to point out that you just suck and that myself a 6th gen baby has no trouble with the controls.

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20 years later and it's still the best Metal Gear game too, minus maybe Ghost Babel.

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MGS3 > MGS2 > MGS1 > MG2 > MGS PW > MGS4 > MG1 > MGS PO > MGSV

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Your forgetting my boy Ghost Babel

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nailed it

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true. it's definitely the best stealth game of the 2010s.

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It was a masterpiece when it was released. Each day my longing for having bought a PS1 back in the days grows. There was nothing like MGS when it was released.

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I'm trying to play this on PC because I want it in a higher resolution (I've already played the PS1 version don't worry) but I says I need to insert Disc 1. I don't have a disc drive and I already tried it in Windows 98 compatibility. Anyone else have this issue before?

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>There was nothing like MGS when it was released.
Aside from Metal Gear 1 and 2?

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Dead franchises not allowed

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He's just memeing.

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Agreed. I mean, let's be honest, Theif overall is a pretty shity game, no question. MGS overall is just a more enjoyable experience.

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>Not dead

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Because Chaos Theory is better than any Tenchu game.

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>I want it in a higher resolution
use PS1 emulator with HD resolution and texture filters

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You seem to have posted the wrong image there buddy.

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It's Tactical Espionage ACTION. Any game with mandatory boss battles and gunfights cannot be considered true stealth,

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>the main games are nowhere near as good as the non-canon spinoff
wew lad

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gameplay or story?

MGSV had the most natural gameplay and the best stealth mechanics when you used it. MGSV suffered from giant open environments and the ability to just "lol fulton me more ammo plz" whenever you got through spraying and praying up an outpost.

MGS3 had great gameplay though, easily the best of the PS2 era MGS games.

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>texture filters

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Just finished completing VR Missions 100%. A couple years back, I finished all the levels with best time record except for the VR Mission, Tonight I decided to finally finish this game Kinda disappointed that there's no special reward for getting 1st place in all the missions. Aftterwards I spent 10 minutes in the Photo Shoot level looking up Naomi's skirt.

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>muh true stealth

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>Kinda disappointed that there's no special reward for getting 1st place in all the missions.

Isn't Mei Ling's photoshoot unlocked this way? Also, I think you're allowed to get into minimum distance now.

>> No.4640872

That's only for the sneaking missions. Having best time for everything should've had some reward, some of those missions were a bitch to beat within a certain time. I managed to beat the 1st record by just a few seconds in some of them.

>> No.4640876

>That's only for the sneaking missions.

Huh? Really? I remember unlocking Mei Ling only after getting 100%.

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