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Is there a point buying dreamcast in 2018? Convince me.

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Best home versions of Crazy Taxi 1 & 2
Best version of Skies of Arcadia.
Sonic Adventure 1&2 are actually better than later ports (which is like winning the Special Olympics honestly)
The Berserk game is neat
Best version of Rayman2
cool new games have been made for it like Gunlord
Best version of RE: Code Veronica

Easy as shit to burn games for...

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The Berserk game is mediocre at best, but still worth playing.

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Yeah. It's not amazing but it isn't horrible. Berserk is a lot more well known in the States than it was back in 2000 too so the "lol wtf did I just play" factor is kind of worn off.

I know I bought it on a whim back then because I basically was starved for DC games. I had no idea what it was based on. If it wasn't for it being mentioned in EGM that it was a manga, and then the bonus stuff after beating it, I would never have known.

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>Sonic Adventure 1

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this is a drill but i would say no

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If you like Sega/Capcom/SNK arcade games or 2D shooters circa 98-2001, yes.

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Best versions of Power Stone 1 & 2 too, and to this day, best versions of Shenmue 1 & 2.

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While I liked the platform a lot I have to admit it has a few problems:

-Too many games that are already available in different systems (though I have to admit I liked Rayman 2 on the dreamcast)
-The gamepad is just not good, that d-pad is anti-fighting games in a console that has many good ones
-The noise some models make is just painful, I don't think I ever owned a console so noisy

Other than that it was amazing. And I know some people hate the fact that you could burn whatever and play it on that, but it was neat. It introduced me to the world of emulation on consoles as well because it actually had some homebrew and emulators, and the genesis one wasn't bad.

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Pretty much all, if not all, of the best Dreamcast games have been ported/remastered to other consoles.

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sega swirl alone buys it

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OK, what do i need to buy along with DC and how many, asuming that games will be burned on CD's? What are the redflags?

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two words

Dynamite Cop

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>Convince me

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There's an irony in that word as 90% of the re-releases are vastly inferior versions. Generally speaking if you want to play a Dreamcast game it's best played on the platform, Jet Set Radio is the only good port that comes to mind.

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Yeah, a handful of amazing games that you will most likely never play through emulation.

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Yes. Hipster cred is directly proportional to the number of failed consoles you own.

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Bangao O is so good

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I bought one a few days ago, I can only recommend it if you get one that reads burns. Sega Bass Fishing, Shenmue and all of that shit is cool and looks nice but it’s library isn’t super huge. I was looking into fan translations and stuff, i’d like to play Tokyo Bus Guide and God willing Segagaga

But yeah shit’s fun

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Such a fun game!!!

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The feeling of dreamcast games are so unique, kinda like the arcade kinda like a console. There is no console like it.

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>best version of code veronica
everytime i ask people say the game cube
>best version of rayman 2
everytime i ask that too im told the n64

the only games i can think of where the dc wins hands down is soul reaver and that first person smt game

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Isn't there a way to burn game so it will be read on unmodified console? Or http://www.racketboy.com/retro/sega-dreamcast-101-v2 is lying?

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Best tomb raider LR, best re2, best soul reaver. Its got alot of good multiplats, but it also has its own good shit too. Chech out v's reccomended dc list to get a better idea of some "hidden gems" so to speak.

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If your sole intention is to just play the games, there is literally no reason to buy any retro console because emulation exists.

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What he's talking about is the model numbers. Earlier models play CD-Rs just fine, later ones might not, but it's pretty rare. I happened to buy one that couldn't play them one time, that's only 1 out of 4 though.

Relevant discussion here:

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you are stupid.

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How? If you are interested in a console for just its games library and aren't a collector, why shell out for the console as well as its library (which could potentially set you back hundreds of dollars if a particular game you want is rare) when you can just hook your PC up to a CRT and get the same experience?

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It's the only system where you can play Resident Evil 2 and 3 at 60FPS.

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No ports, no sequel. Noble mecha fighting a la Escaflowne.

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it's okay to be poor but it's not the same experience

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not an argument

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Not retro and never will.

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this is a imageboard not debate club faggot, how about you support your dumbass claim that emulators are the same as owning original hardware with a supporting argument. or just as well don't

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>Every time I ask Nintendo babies say a Nintendo console

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Everything will be retro someday

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It's the only console with Red Dog. What more do you need?

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Best version of Rayman 2 is the N64 version.

Dreamcast/PS2 are the best versions. I would even go so far as to say the PS1 version with its cut content trumps the N64 version. I'll take a few cut levels over such an amazing soundtrack being butchered THIS hard.

>Any other version

>N64 version

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that first sentence was meant to be greentexted

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Man, that chick has a crazy period.

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Dreamcast is retro.

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To play the games you can't emulate? There is literally no reason to post here if you don't know what you're talking about.

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But are those games worth it?

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Nah All the mario games your favorite youtube whore showed you emulate fine.

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>Sonic Adventure 1&2 are actually better than later ports
SA2B is the definitive version, but I agree about Adventure 1.

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What are some Dreamcast games you can't emulate on Demul? It actually supports shitty Windows CE game snow.

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If you live in south america because sega still ships dreamcasts out their

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I'm from south america and I have no idea what you're talking about.

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Shenmue. Only reason. (also jojo's is fun)

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Battle has worse textures and worse lighting. The DC version had all kinds of extras Battle doesn't have.

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Besides that it's easy to pirate games for I'd have to say, after going back and playing through most of the library (this includes Japanese only games, since I understand the language) there are not many good games on it. The one's that everyone touts as amazing are pretty mediocre, even the arcade ports, but the few RPGs, VNs and shooters that are on it aren't bad though.

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Did you own a DC during its day? I think nostalgia plays a part here. A lot of the games I like on it I probably wouldn't give them the time of day now.

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Well its more the fact that just about everything the DC had has been ported a hundred times. So the novelty is gone.

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Not Red Dog though. I'll never get another game like it again I don't think.

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He heard they still sell megadrives in hueland and figured since the DC is newer they must also sell that. So he LARPed like the retarded underage he is.

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Pretty much the fact that it has the best version of almost every game on it, even games that were ported to later consoles.
plus, it's super cheap if you're cool with burns.
and if you wanna take it a step farther, get that USB thingy that replaces the disc drive.

also, play Toy commander and Fur Fighters.

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Most games are shitty arcade ports, there are only few games worth it, shenmue 1 and 2, D2

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Depends on how interested you are in using the original hardware. Personally I think the VMUs are really interesting things to mess around with. Also it has the best console version of ReVolt

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The Saturn?

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Outrigger with twin sticks is pretty fun.

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Is that supposed to be Flame Glide?

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its okay anon, we all screw up from time to time

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>shitty arcade ports
>proceeds to praise D2

What even is taste?

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How do I buy one of these?
Can't be fucked buying another dreamcast

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>wait for preorders to become available
>wait for payment request
>borrow moms credit card
>make payment
Mission accomplished

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>we will never get a restoration patch fixing the censorship
Fuck my life.

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I have not once heard the N64 release cited as the best version. I don't know what kind of deaf, blind, half-a-tard one would have to be to draw that conclusion.


It has the best textures, sound quality, resolution, and framerate (60fps) of any console release with no cut content. Even the PC and PS2 releases didn't get the higher quality textures. Whoever told you the N64 version is best is a terrible liar or a moron.

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Dreamcast > PC > N64 > PS2 > PS1 > everything else

that is the only correct order

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Mom said i couldn't have her card

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Some girl 5 years ago gave me a Dreamcast with the entire catalog. I plug it in maybe once a year and pop in random games. Makes for a fun Friday night, playing random shit with friends. Even the bad games are fun to laugh at. Some sports games are pretty decent. I echo the sentiments of Rayman 2 and Crazy Taxi.

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USB-GDROM is better, if you don't mind sending money to Russia.

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What is this game? Looks interesting

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they're an extra 100 bucks and i live in europe so the gdemu is cheaper for postage too,
and how long is that going to take?

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Darude Sandstorm

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waste of digits

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I say skip the CD burning go for a GDemu if it can read games perfectly. Burning CDs are a hassle we don't need in modern times - you'll have to store them somewhere, you'll have to hope your motor or lens doesn't give out, you can't fire up random games easily as they each require their own burned CD.

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Tokyo Extreme Racer is pretty great

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Oh hey I made that webm. Kinda nice to see someone saved it.

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>Super easy to run backups on
>Lots of great games
>Can still play it online
>still gets new game releases

I adore this system.

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What game is it from? I never seen it before. Looks like a rip off of virtua fighter.

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Your dcs motor and laser will die faster with burnt games, and eventually will fail regardless of if you do play backups. I say emulate. The majority of the best dc games are 2d anyway

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ps2 looks better than n64 though

>> No.4633296

That is a myth

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There is truth to the drive being notorious for failing bit, but yeah the burned games thing hasn't affected me that I'm aware of. My black sports edition lasted some 12 years of heavy use before crapping out. Another model I had lasted 4 months. I'm currently on my 4th Dreamcast.

OP make sure to buy a lot of VMU's if you enjoy the library. I have around 15 of the damn things because I'm a save hoarder and some games will eat up storage.

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Shenmue II.

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Have you played Frame Gride, Lodoss War, and Napple Tale yet?

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Want to play this so bad (along with Guardian Heroes on the Saturn). No VGA mode though..

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Wow, I've never heard of this before and it looks amazing.

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You could emulate all the titles worth playing even back in 2007 on a Pentium 4.
The actual console is fucking loud and noisy as shit, novelty wears off fast.

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What censorship was made?