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If you had to decide what games would go in an NES Classic, and SNES Classic, which would you pick?

You can only pick 30 NES games
and SNES games

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I don't understand the soiboi obsession with these toys. It's like buying a Hot Wheels and pretending like it's a real Ferrari.

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I pick Read the Catalog.

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replace Kirby's Dream Course with Tetris Attack

there, perfect

well, i guess replace DKC1 with DKC2 as well

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Well you didn't say any rules other than the numbers so i'm going to assume every game is on the table regardless of localization, or licenses.


01. Donkey Kong
02. Donkey Kong Jr.
03. Mario Bros.
04. Balloon Fight
05. Wrecking Crew
06. Dr. Mario
07. Wario's Woods
08. Super Mario Bros
09. Super Mario Bros 2
10. Super Mario Bros 3
11. The Legend of Zelda
12. Zelda II: The Adventure of Link
13. Metroid
14. Kid Icarus
15. Clu Clu Land
16. EarthBound Beginnings
17. Kirby's Adventure
18. Star Tropics
19. Star Tropcs 2: Zoda's Revenge
20. Punch-Out!!
21. Tennis
22. CastleVania
23. Mega Man 2
24. TMNT 3: The Manhattan Project
25. River City Ransom
26. Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers
27. The Guardian Legend
28. Adventure Island 2
29. Dragon Warrior
30. Dragon Warrior 3

01. Super Mario World
02. Super Mario Kart
03. Super Mario All-Stars
04. Super Mario RPG
05. Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island
06. The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
07. Super Metroid
08. Donkey Kong Country
09. Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest
10. Star Fox
11. Star Fox 2
12. F-Zero
13. EarthBound
14. Kirby superstar
15. Kirby's Dreamland 3
16. Chrono Trigger
17.Final Fanyasy IV
18. Super Punch-Out!!
19. Tetris Attack
20. Mega Man X
21. Earthworm Jim
22. Do Re Mi Fantasy
23. Bust-a-Move
24. Pocky 'n Rocky
25. Super CastleVania IV
26. Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts
27. Joe and Mac
28. Super Bonk
29. Magical Quest Starring Mickey Mouse
30. TMNT IV: Turtles in Time

Fuck these things for not supporting the mouse or the light gun/super scope. I want Mario Paint and Yoshi's Safari.

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kirbys dream course is a good game if you play it with save-states

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If you need save states to enjoy a game for any reason other than a lack of a save feature, it's not a good game.

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A lot of people don't have the time or money to actually go and buy hardware and every cart in the systems so it would be a great novelty for consumers not yet into the retro scene

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do you think we'll ever get a nes classic vol. 2 with 30 more games?

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I doubt it. Especially seeing as how the model 2 is less recognizable as the model 1 and that Nintendo already put most of their hard-hitters into the first one

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What would they even include on it that would be a seller? They already have most of the NES games that people bought the system for back in the day.

If we got an "NES Classic 2.0" it would probably be several years from now, it would have the same 30 games on it, plus maybe 10 more.

And it certainly wouldn't look like the top loader. There's no market to get that sweet nostalgia money out of for that version of the system. Too niche.

The biggest thing they could potentially add to a 2.0 imo is a Zapper that's secretly a motion controller instead of a true zapper.

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Trying to cover perfunctory Nintendo stuff, meme games, good games, and some "hey the NES was weird," mostly at the expense of arcade ports.
01. Super Mario Bros
02. Super Mario Bros 2
03. Super Mario Bros 3
04. Metroid
05. Kirby's Adventure
06. Mega Man 2
07. Mega Man 3
08. Adventure Island 3
09. Castlevania 3
10. Ninja Gaiden
11. Bubble Bobble
12. Snake Rattle 'n Roll
13. Ironsword: Wizards And Warriors II
14. Gimmick!
15. Battletoads
16. River City Ransom
17. Punch-Out
18. Excitebike
19. The Legend of Zelda
20. Zelda II: The Adventure of Link
21. The Guardian Legend
22. Gradius
23. EarthBound 0
24. Dragon Warrior
25. Final Fantasy
26. Ultima III: Exodus
27. Dr. Mario
28. Yoshi
29. The Adventures Of Lolo 3
30. Fire 'n Ice

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An alternate list: what if you just picked the 30 most popular games on Speedrun.com?
01. Super Mario Bros
02. Super Mario Bros 3
03. Zelda II: The Adventure Of Link
04. The Legend of Zelda
05. Tetris
06. Strider
07. Contra
08. Final Fantasy
09. Chip 'N Dale: Rescue Rangers
10. Duck Tales
11. Super Mario Bros 2
12. Ninja Gaiden
13. Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!
14. Castlevania
15. Metroid
16. Blaster Master
17. Ninja Gaiden II: The Dark Sword of Chaos
18. Mega Man III
19. The Little Mermaid
20. Kirby's Adventure
21. NES Open Tournament Golf
22. Batman: The Video Game
23. Battletoads
24. Gimmick!
25. Renegade
26. Kung Fu
27. Marble Madness
28. DuckTales 2
29. Mappy
30. Dr. Mario

Wow that starts out good and just falls off a cliff, doesn't it?

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Good lists so far. They wasted a lot of space with arcade games like Galaga and Pacman.

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30 seeds each of Zelda 1 and ALTTP randomizer

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And? These toys didn't invent emulation. They're shitty SBCs running emulators and put in a ridiculous soyboy sized case.

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>soyboys reeeeee
>giving this much of a shit about how people emulate

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Hey I like those kinds of games, they're fun time wasters. Always play those types of things when I'm waiting my ride.

You know giving how popular these randomizers are getting, it's a real waste that Nintendo hasn't made an official Zelda 1 successor with randomly generated dungeons. Or at the very least, a "Zelda Maker"

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I let the RNG pick for me.

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I don't care about Nes

1- Super Mario World
2- Super Mario Kart
3- Super Mario All Stars
4- Super Metroid
5- Star Fox
6- F- Zero
7- Top Gear
8- EVO: Search for Edem
9- DKC
10- DKC 2
11- DKC 3
12 - Megaman X
13 - Megaman 7
14 - Boogerman
15 - Earthworm Jim 2
16 - International Superstar Soccer Deluxe
17 - NBA Hang'n Time
18 - Zelda ALTP
19 - Crono Trigger
20 - Earthbound
21 - TMNT IV: Turtles in Time
22 - Super Street Fighter 2
23 - Mortal Kombat II
24 - Top Gear 3000
25 - Castlevania Dracula X
26 - Demon's Crest
27 - The King of The Dragons
28 - Final Fight
29 - Super Bomberman 3
30 - Super Bombliss

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I'm gonna do SNES only since that's the console I grew up with.
>Battletoads and Double Dragon
>Street Fighter 2 Turbo
>Super Mario RPG
>SMB 3
>Zelda: LttP
>Super Metroid
>Super Mario Kart
>Yoshi's Island
>Kirby Super Star
>Chrono Trigger
>Final Fight
>Super Starwars
>Super Bomberman
>R-Type 3
>Earthworm Jim
>Super Ghouls n' Ghosts
>Zombies Ate My Neighbors
>NBA Jam
>Final Fantasy 6
>Punch Out
>Mario Paint

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N64 mini when.

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>N64 mini when.

The only way I'd be interested in this is if Nintendo developed an N64-on-a-chip instead of using software emulation. There are just too many issues with emulating the architecture. Nintendo can't even get NES and SNES emulation right.

Running the games on native hardware would also cut down on input delay.

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I'm disappointed that the NES and SNES didn't go that way, too.

I think ideally it'd be a real copy of the console CPU, all the mappers, and in the SNES's case the SPC. Then the PPU, NES's ALU, and the SNES's digital-to-analog sound converter would be emulated, because those are all designed for output formats that have disappeared. The chip doing the PPU/ALU emulation would be a normal off-the-shelf low-end chip, and double as the thing that runs the host OS and switches the ROM banks.

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>It's yet another "Hey I just bought one of these emu boxes to show off to my friends, and wanna put different ROMs on there so I can say I "hacked" it. I don't actually play anything beyond the Top 5 if that, so please tell me what good games are for this thing." thread
Great, all we need is some more "HALP WITH DOSBOX" threads and "This retro game sucks because it isn't modern enough" threads and this board will be little more than a bunch of 20yo's pretending to like retro games while being too lazy to learn anything.

I miss /vr/ from before the Dreamcast got a special snowflake exemption from the rules.

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Despite your autistic and unfounded outburst, the Dreamcast is fuckin litty and vr

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Probably 2019, after the Gameboy mini.

Won't really be worth it though. They won't even try to get the rare games and will likely have even less than the SNES Mini, and unless they do something drastic with the emulation, it won't even be worth hacking.

I'd love to be wrong about that because I love the peresentation of these things. I'm gonna save up to buy an N64 and an Everdrive because i'm impatientm but I doubt it's gonna have a nice UI with all the box art and snazzy extra features.

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I'm actually a little disappointed Pilotwings wasn't included on the SNES Classic. I really loved that game as a kid. As it stands I'm having fun getting my ass kicked by Super GnG all over again

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If I remember right the native emulator doesn't run it quite right, or it makes the screen smaller than either of the borders, making it look odd. It does that to Tetris Attack/Panel de Pon and Tetris&Dr. Mario too, not sure what the deal with that is, but running it in Retroarch should fix that.

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>Dracula X but not Castlevania 4
We should be friends.

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Big Challenge! Dogfight Spirit
Big Challenge! Go! Go! Bowling
Big Challenge! Gun Fighter
Big Challenge! Judou Senshuken
Bio Senshi Dan: Increaser tono Tatakai
Chuugoku Senseijutsu
Druid: Kyoufu no Tobira
Esper Bouken Tai
Field Combat
Formation Z
Fuun Shourinji
Fuun Shourinji: Ankoku no Maou
Jajamaru Gekimaden: Maboroshi no Kinmajou
Jajamaru Ninpouchou
Jajamaru no Daibouken
Knight Lore
Lord of King, The
Magic John
Mezase Top Pro: Green ni Kakeru Yume
Moe Pro! '90: Kandou-hen
Moe Pro!: Saikyou-hen
Moero!! Junior Basket: Two on Two
Moero!! Juudou Warriors
Moero!! Pro Soccer
Moero!! Pro Tennis
Moero!! Pro Yakyuu
Moero!! Pro Yakyuu '88: Kettei Ban
Pizza Pop!

The Addams Family
The Addams Family: Pugsley's Scavenger Hunt
Addams Family Values
The Adventures of Kid Kleets
The Adventures of Mighty Max
Cool World
Dennis the Menace
Eek! The Cat
The Flintstones
Jelly Boy
Lethal Weapon
Manchester United Championship Soccer • Lothar Matthäus Super Soccer GER
Micro Machines
Micro Machines 2: Turbo Tournament
Mr. Nutz
Putty Squad
RoboCop 3
The Untouchables
Batman Forever
Champions World Class Soccer
College Slam
Cutthroat Island
Demolition Man
Power Moves
Dragon View
First Samurai
Kid Klown in Crazy Chase

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Here are the extras I put in my SNES classic:

>breath of fire
>desert strike: return to the gulf
>judge dredd
>mega man x2, x3
>mortal kombat 1,2,3
>pocky & rocky 1,2
>ranma 1/2
>super street fighter 2
>x-men: mutant apocalypse
>zombies ate my neighbors

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