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>The fans love our first games atmosphere
>Hey I got an idea you watch Star Trek the Next Generation?
>Lets make the borg but add more gore!

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The strogg are not that bad I don’t get why muh lovecraft atmosphere fags always complain about 2

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Because 3 was nothing but multiplayer thats sadly the most popular Quake and we do not talk about 4....

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The only problem with Q2 is some redundant weapons thats all. By this I mean the single barrel Shotgun and the Chaingun.
> rage will be induced now

All they needed was the SSG, they could've nerfed the damage slightly so that you'd be forced to use better items later on (id be okay with only 100 damage coming out of it, thats 400 on quad).
The Chaingun does excellent damage but it eats through ammo too quick and its not very controllable. Could've done without it. If the machinegun was a tiny bit beefier, a slightly higher fire rate, less muzzle climb it would've been just fine to me.
To fulfill iD's need for a gatling gun in it the hyperblaster could have been a full on gat.blaster similar to the gatling laser from fallout. Same fire rate or whatever, with the spinup on the front end rather than the end cycle.

Another minor problem the game had was:
* enemy weapons did 1/3 damage to you compared to the same ammo they dropped, but they also did 1/3 damage to each other. They should have done full damage and just applied a damage resistance to the player. That way grenades would have splashed you up to 120 map units away instead of 40.

* The Parasite alien not only drains health it drains armor too, which doesnt make sense. Same with drowning (furthermore drowning is only supposed to be a temporary kinda damage, a person can get over that quickly as long as they dont incapacitate from it).

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>"first game"
He doesn't know

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Had they gone with another name it wouldn't be a problem. Too bad the name they wanted was copyrighted already.
I can't even talk about the singleplayer because all I did was play online

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I don't think anyone would have a problem with Quake 2 if they had just given it a different name.

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I like Quake II as a game, even the console ports. But I agree the atmosphere of Quake was unique and I would have loved for them to stick to it. But hey, Quake is still there to enjoy, so I'm still happy.

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The Strogg are frankly more like another Star Trek villain race, the Vidian than they are the Borg.

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I don't think so. The viidian harvest organs for themselves while the borg and strogg just assimilate. I'd say it's something between borg and zerg but sc didn't even exist.

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>strogg just assimilate.
They don't though. They use limbs and organs from the captured and dead for themselves. Except in Quake 4 but you know, fuck Quake 4. The Quake 2 strogg don't turn humans into Strogg.

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I don't really remember the strogg difference between 2 and 4 and yeah I played both a long time ago. I thought they just grabbed bodies of whatever the fuck they found, like those dogs, and enhanced/brainwashed.

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>The Quake 2 strogg don't turn humans into Strogg
I'm pretty sure the base enemy type in Quake 2 is stroggified humans


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>I don’t get why muh lovecraft atmosphere fags always complain about 2
Maybe because one game had a unique atmosphere that no other shooter has ever had, with creepy enemies and highly diverse environments, meanwhile Quake 2 was derivative sci-fi trash with no personality and an endless stream of grey corridors?

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Since in the game we see captives going into a machine that serves no purpose other than to gib them I rather expect these guys are Frankenstein-like constructions. Meat golems held together by their cybernetic components.

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What I don't get is why don't they give the Quake 1 campaign a proper sequel already? I think it would be so well received and there would be crazy hype for it. It would do just as well as Doom 4 did if not better (and yes Doom 4 had a fantastic campaign, best officially released one in well over a decade, you stupid fucking '90s born hipster).

Oh well, a man can dream. I can only imagine how great a proper sequel to original Quake that's true to the game would be like on a modern engine/graphics. It could be so fucking splendid. This is why we can't have nice things.

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>you stupid fucking '90s born hipster
Way to out yourself as a spermling you fucking retard. Never come back here again.

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>there would be crazy hype for it.
From whom? The kids who have never played Quake or from the adults who know a modern developer could never do it justice?
>Doom 4 had a fantastic campaign, best officially released one in well over a decade
Oh, the audience that both likes the classics AND thinks d44m is just as good? There's not many of you lot. There is no reasonably sized target audience for a Qu5ke. I don't think there'd be much hype at all.

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>Never come back here again.
that's gonna work

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I don't expect it to. I just want to make sure he doesn't enjoy his time here.

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>thinks d44m is just as good?
I didn't say it's 'just as good', I said that it's been the best campaign in over a decade, which it has been. Hell it's the best commercially released FPS campaign since '97. What is better? Half Life? No. FEAR? No. Unreal? No. Cawadoody? No. Halo? (Your favourite but) No. Etc.

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ahahahaha. this kid is so reddit it's embarrassing. First week here or what bud?

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>being this new
Time to go back

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It's time to stop being casual and making the same shit threads for years, /vr/

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holy shit the chaingun is a million times better than the machinegun in every situation but maybe quad runs
thank g-d you didnt balance quake 2 or the multiplayer would be shit

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*And furthermore, the people that actually grew up on the classics are in fact more likely to enjoy Doom 4 and admit that it's a great game, simply because we are unpretentious and know a good game when we see one. It is the retarded mid-to-late '90s born clueless doom babbies that feel they have something to prove so they claim the game is shit, apparently because they think it gives them brownie points or fuck knows what on the internet. Same old typical false misplaced sense of elitism that can be found from the average FPS shitter on 4chan /vr/.

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When I play Quake 2 on console, I literally neglect picking up the machine gun just so I can switch to the chaingun faster. That added second of convenience is literally worth more than that underpowered piece of shit. It's like the regular Nailgun of Q2.

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Quake 1 was different, other than the huge jump from Doom to Quake where it was actually 3d and you can look up or down, Quake had that lovecraftian feel where it was different. Instead of a machine gun people were used to and soon would be OVERFUCKINGWHELMED by in years to come, you had a nailgun and super nail gun. Sure it is same thing but felt/looked different, and had an axe. Then you had the gothic/lovecraft look where you are still a marine, but stuck in a twisted dungeons and dragons thing with castles and magic and monsters, surgically altered soldiers, and laser knights. Then the sounds, the shotgun is the most satisfying sound next to the lasersword from strider. And then, Trent Reznor. As much as I thought Nine Inch nails would suck in a game, Trent's ambiance actually made the game feel better even compared to the expansions (plus the nod to NIN for ammo). The game was unique. Q2, great game and music, but should not be Quake and it just redoes aliens/robots vs Marines.

Would by real quake 2 in a heart beat, but so far that is Quake 3, but the remake/sequel needs Trent Reznor, no exceptions.

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quake 3 is not like quake 1 aside from the most surface level similarities like having a lightning gun and picking up items on the map
quake 2 has more similarities in terms of play, weapon lethality, armor system
quake 3 is a simplification of the series and intentionally made to be arcadey to be easier for entry level players and some of the more complex tricks like slope jumping and double jumping was removed whether or not these design choices are good or bad is subjective but i think it pushes the game away even further from quake
quake 4 mp actually feels more like quake 1 with how the crouchsliding lets you keep speed around corners and play aggressively

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That is from gameplay point of view, which is important, but I literally just meant in looks because that was mostly the only difference in most of ID's games till Doom 3/Quake 4.

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>Same with drowning

the armor gets rusty

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>quake 3 is a simplification of the series
lol oh please. Just because a game had slight limitations to some movement aspects (which probably weren't even intentional, rather a consequence of the engine) doesn't mean the game was a 'simplification' in all aspects. Quake 3 for example had far better weapon balance than Quake did. Quake mp was literally just LG and RL, everything else was useless. this not only makes the gunplay deeper but also translates into more complex dynamics of map control. can't comment on Q2 because that's just boring slow wank. Q3/QL is the pinnacle of FPS multiplayer gameplay -- not just Quake, but every FPS ever made.


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I've always suspected that the id Software devs didn't really like Quake 1 and that's why they never made another game like it.

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It seemed only Romero liked the Lovecraft theme and once he left, that was it.

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haha another moron who knows nothing about quake
Q3 has the most simplified map control, especially quake live which lets you pick up the same weapon which respawns in 15 seconds or less to refill ammo completely
the weapon balance in quake 3 is set up so that you almost only use the rockets, lightning gun, or rail unlike Q2 which has more viable weapons such as the SSG, hyperblaster, or hand grenades for getting back into control after a fresh spawn
the armor tiering system was removed completely so now you can just cycle yellow armors on the map
its also funny that you are completely uninformed on Q2 yet you have the audacity to call it slow when it has much higher frag counts than Quake 3/QL the game that pioneered the +back and rail and where people are proud of the grand finale having over 30 minutes of overtime in a final because both players kept running away
Q3 is frankly the worst quake in the series and Q4 did everything it did but better and faster

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>Q3 is frankly the worst quake in the series and Q4 did everything it did but better and faster
Yeah, according to vr's resident quake 2 autist big whoop.

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>Halo? (Your favourite
Such insults are uncalled for.
>And furthermore, the people that actually grew up on the classics are in fact more likely to enjoy Doom 4 and admit that it's a great game,
Oh, grow up. People have different opinions. Incedentally I don't hate d44m but I don't think it's near the best FPS since 1997, or even 2007 so guess that makes me underage b&.
>simply because we are unpretentious
You're having a giraffe. You're the one intent on proving you're older and more refined than everyone (which, of course only gives more reason to doubt it).

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>resident quake 2 autist
that's where you're wrong
just someone who recognizes how Q3 is massively overrated and inferior to the rest of the series

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but anon, you're irrelevant, facts.

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