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Fatal Fury thread

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The series was unplayable until it got to Real Bout

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FF1 is rough around the edges but it set the basics, FF2 and FFS are classics dude.

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Real Bout is just a reskin of fatal fury 3

The first game isn’t too bad. AI isn’t hard since your special moves are so powerful, and they all have a certain technique. Usually you can burn knuckle someone and immediately throw a power wave. They literally don’t block as they get up

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Yeah, RB1 is very similar to FF3, Real Bout Special is when it went back to the classic 2-planes of the older games, and it's more like a proper sequel to FFS.

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You probably have motricity problems or plain brain damage if you find FFS unplayable.

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the AI gets cheap, it's obnoxiously long at 15 levels, and the 2 plane gimmick doesn't feel natural. It was better in the first game honestly

the OST is amazing though

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>and the 2 plane gimmick doesn't feel natural
get good

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Real Bout Special, Real Bout 2, and Garou are all among my favorite fighting games.

Special is actually pretty solid.

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I appreciate how Mai looks a bit thicker in RB as compared to her KOF sprite from the time. Less emphasis on just boobs, more on butt and thighs.
Actually, pretty much all characters that are in both series look better in RB. Except for Billy, he looks like a crackhead.

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Fucking neo only shit fightan game had fuck you

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Is this a JoJo reference?

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Maybe try this game.

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Dragon Ball I think

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Any love for First Contact?

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Only good Andy is FF Andy.

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This is the best GCCX episode.

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>leaving the attract mode in FFS
>a match between Andy and Mai
>suddenly they stop fighting and just stand there until time runs out


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One of the best soundtracks in all franchise. I still listen to some of the songs until today. Shiranui's, Joe's and Big Bear's specially.

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Yeah it's one hell of a soundtrack.
I love listening to the arranged album released by Pony Canyon and the SNES version of FF Special also has some of my favorite versions, like Jubei's theme

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Thank you, i will!

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Fat fury 3 is where the series got playable. Its criminally underrated too.

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>FF2 and Special
>not playable
Get fucking good.

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Gameplay is unpolished due to shit hitboxes in that game. Get fucking real bruf..

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Gameplay is unpolished due to shit hitboxes in that game. Get fucking real bruv.. FF2 feels more like street fighter 1, which isn't a big wonder when you consider who was behind it at that time.

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>I just learned that the guy behind SF1 did Fatal Fury, so I'll just say they're similar

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Don't be ridiculous, even FF1 is leagues and bounds more playable than SF1. You can actually pull off your moves just fine and don't take 70% damage from one punch.

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I also like Ryo's theme better on SNES
Really fucking good

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RBFF2 is the best non-Last Blade 2 SNK fighting game, even with Tung being awful

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i go even further by saying that all DIMPS games are utter rubbish. Grow a lumber sexual beard you shaven feggit.

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>I have no arguments and I'm a big ignorant sack of opinions, but here, have this NOT RETRO opinion, too!
You're not in the pink today, boy.

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SNK always has good arranging.

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>removed plane switching

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I play in on fightcade from time to time, and I real problems doing Big Bears tick command grab. The grab feels too damn unnatural.

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