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This game is unironically better than the PC version.

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They should have designed a save battery for the cart for this version.

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You can buy a memory pak for like $5 on eBay and there's a password system too. Not a big deal honestly.

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Not even close. The multiplayer maps are shit and the SP levels cut down. It's just another early console FPS game.

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Is this the N64 ports thread? This is now the N64 ports thread.
I'm still pretty sure this was the best version of Gauntlet Legends even including the arcade version. Also the non-CGI intro is pretty damn funny to watch how Skorne bounces the dude around like a ragdoll.

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>Not even close. The multiplayer maps are shit and the SP levels cut down. It's just another early console FPS game.
Confirmed for not having actually played the game. The multiplayer maps are fantastic and it's hard for the SP levels to be "cut down" when they are totally brand new.

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Not only is it the best version of the game, it's the best version even including the Dark Legacy expansions. The way each character has their own quadrant on the screen that lets you view character details and manage inventory was done brilliantly. Fantastic game.

N64 also had the best versions of Rayman 2, Hexen, Quake 1... in fact, it had the best version of just about every multiplat of the era.

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>of Rayman 2
Sorry sweetheart.

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Another good N64 port. Personally I think all the Gex games are complete trash but the PS1 versions of Enter the Gecko and Deep Cover Gecko are even shittier with the way the controls are mapped. Sure these are yet another multiplat where the N64 versions lose out on the FMV cutscenes but being able to play through the games without fighting against poor controls more than makes up for it in my opinion.

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I hope you're not implying that the PS1 port is better.

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Such shitty box art

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I don't mind it personally, but it would be a lot better if the gun wasn't visible, like you're viewing it from a first person angle or some shit.

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I was talking more about multiplats in the same generation, but yeah, this is the definitive version if you're including 6th gen.

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>This game is unironically better than the PC version.

Nigger that's not even as good as the PS1 version, let alone PC.

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Geques Custeau really doesn't make up for the missing levels though like Lava Dabba Doo and especially Poltergex, that is a real miss because the ScreamTV levels are the best ones.

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Kinda odd how Ubisoft never uses this version for future Rayman 2 ports, it's clearly right up there next to the PC original.

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The multiplayer maps are like a box split into a few rooms and a couple of ramps. They even got ported to the PC version.

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I'd go for the psx version

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It's pretty cool regardless of whether it's better or not.

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somebody's been watching df retro

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Let me guess, this is yet another cancerous e-celeb? You're talking to someone that doesn't even have Facebook or any social media, so I assure you, my opinions are entirely my own.

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whatever helps you sleep at night dude

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DFRetro is a video series from Digital Foudry, wich analyzes games from a technical standpoint. DFRetro usually compares versions from retro games or just puts the spotlight over obscure or forgotten games. It commonly uses real hardware, but for some special content (such as disable functions to show how things works, or wireframe sections) they make use of emulators.

Digital Foundry is indirectly cancerous because it powers the console wars with pointless face-to-face between ports, but DFRetro it's good stuff.

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Lots of mutliplats were better on the N64. Particularly now that time has passed and no one is impressed by FMV. Pic related

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Never played this, but Doom 64 was awesome, it had a double-bladed chainsaw

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I wish people would stop bullying Quake 2, it's not bad.

JFC who cares? It's fine to agree/disagree with other people, you don't need unique opinions.

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I don't get why people get so hung up on that shit. As long as you don't quote them as if they're an authority, who cares?

AVGN said Super Castlevania was one of his favorites because of how fluid and mobile the controls are, and I agree with him, the controls really makes the game fun. I don't worship the guy however, he's wrong on lots of things, and an absolute scrub at some kinds of games, (like FPS).
Incidentally, because some e-celeb shat completely on some game and called it absolutely awful, doesn't mean they're wrong.
I've seen people here honest to god defend Dragon's Lair on the NES as a hidden gem, even though it was popularly considered an *extremely* fucking awful game over a decade before YouTube even existed.
It's like some people grew up with a shit game, was too stupid to realize it as a kid (maybe it was the only one they had) and never came to terms with it growing up, too blinded by nostalgia of their childhood.

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Shut up.

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They used it for the 3ds one.

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dfretro is helmed by that ps2-humping faggot that everybody knows fudges shit around for their videos whenever he sees fit, using a framemeister's settings to inflate the ps2's actual performance and emulating dreamcast games so they appear to be worse than they actually are.
fuck him and fuck you for bringing up that garbage

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No one ever talks about these shitty ports that barely resemble the original PC and all of a sudden people go "this (port here) is the best actually" after the autismo show makes a video comparison?

Really makes you think

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of quake 1???
noice bait, dude

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Quake 2 starts pretty gud, but ends up shit. The last units have so many of those big bullet spongy enemies that pose zero threat. It turns into such a boring grind.

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