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what were the greatest tech jumps in videogame history?
>hl1 -> hl2
>sims 1 -> sims 2
>gta 2 -> gta 3
>daggerfall -> morrowind

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OFP was a decade ahead of its time.

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Ultima 5 -> 6 -> 7
Super Mario World -> 64

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Original BJ looks like a cartoony version of a strong but friendly jock. Dude on the right looks like he's a barely literate gay pornstar who fucks trannies while swearing at them or something. How did they fuck that up so badly.

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ff6 -> ff7
Donkey Kong -> Donkey Kong Country

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>ff6 -> ff7
That was a net downgrade

Donkey Kong -> Donkey Kong Country
Those are pretty different and not even the same game

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>ff6 -> ff7
>That was a net downgrade

>Donkey Kong -> Donkey Kong Country
Those are pretty different and not even the same game

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>ff6 -> ff7
That was a net downgrade

>Donkey Kong -> Donkey Kong Country
Those are pretty different and not even the same game

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>Dude on the right looks like he's a barely literate gay pornstar who fucks trannies while swearing at them or something.

That's.....awfully specific.

Is there something you'd like to tell us, anon?

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Y-you too

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Duke Nukem 2 to Duke Nukem 3D. Went from 16-color EGA side scrolling platformer on par with Xargon or Halloween Harry to SVGA 3D FPS technologically superior to Doom. Mirror and camera effects, recorded dialogue, a fucking jetpack, laser-trip mines, multiplayer, and an included map creation tool made Duke Nukem 3D a sequel on a completely different world than the predecessor.

Only other thing I can think of that comes close is Gauntlet 4 to Gauntlet Legends, and that was more of a graphical jump than anything.

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>That was a net downgrade
damn you're so COOL

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>Super Mario World -> 64
You do know Super Mario World 2 exists, right?

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Truth tends to hurt.

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gta 3 to gta 4
morrowind to oblivion
mk4 to mkda
silent hill to silent hill 2
no mercy to day of reckoning
imo daggerfall to redguard was just as impressive graphically as df to mw, even though it was a linear game

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Wizardry 7 -> Wizardry 8

inb4 Elite2->Elite Dangerous

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Fallout 2 -> 3 was quite the difference.

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Static boobs > Boob physics.

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Because it was good -> shit

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Quality jumps (I'm speaking about general consumer avilability only, i.e. PC and consoles):
Bumpmapping/Normalmapping and shaders
discrete physics engines
Tesselation and occlusion mapping
Motion controls (Wii)
Roomscale VR

Other technological advancements are largely incremental within existing technological bounds. Megatextures introduced by Carmack were supposed to be the next tech leap but they didn't because of ridiculous ammount of effort required to realise technology's potential to its fullest, as well as hardware-bound drawbacks.

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I agree that they changed the gameplay in ways that might not have appealed to fans of FO 1+2. You have to admit that it was quite the big jump in tech though. Similar to GTA 2 -> 3.

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>That was a net downgrade
not technologically, which is what OP's asking

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I kind of agree with this.
The pic really shows a big leap in technology, but also reflects the change from a fun and charismatic guy to a buff dude with no personality. It's really a good picture of the things we've won in modern gaming but also what we lost.

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nothing really beats Doom 1993, it was the first time you played something immersive in 3D at a frenzy speed.
It was mindblowing.

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Kid Icarus GB > Kid Icarus 3DS

If that shitty example pic qualifies, then this does too

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ITT Which series has gone from 2d to 3d

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Xcom to Mario+Rabbids

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xcom to new xcom

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>That was a net downgrade
this is the truth

deal with it

Crysis is a technical marvel. but not retro. Lot of them are not retro. The jump from ps1/saturn to dreamcast is pretty neat.

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I do mean technologically. It looked like shit.

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doom 2 -> doom 3

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Shenmue was by far the biggest tech jump ever.

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No such thing.

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What jump? FF7 isn't even really 3D, since it uses prerendered backgrounds. It just has 3D character models. And its game design is exactly like the previous FF's and doesn't utilize 3D in any way: it could've been 2D and the game would play exactly the same (except for some of the mini-games).

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Mah Nigga. Cold War Crisis was ambitious if not buggy.


Advanced the story driven game genre for sure.

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>OFP was a decade ahead of its time.
yet here we are two decades later and there's still no competition

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> change from a fun and charismatic guy to a buff dude with no personality
In the first game, BJ barely gets a single line, while in New Order/Old Blood/New Colossus we learn a ton about his character and personality. About what he likes, what he dislikes, people he lost in the war... seriously, what the fuck are you talking about.

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hl1 is the more technically advanced game tho. hl2 just has bigger textures and obnoxious mocap

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n64 -> dreamcast
Yeah seeing doom for the first time (on a PC with an actual soundcard) in 93 was a real eye opener.
>Advanced the story driven game genre for sure.
No. The story and writing was garbage in Shenmue. The overall engine and tech was great though, especially the attention to physical detail.

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Compared to what? HL1 was popular because it was an actually fun game. It wasn't even the best looking FPS game of its time.

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D2 for DC.

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F-zero - wipeout

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Test Drive - Need 4 speed

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I think you mean "Doom 2 -> Quake"

Making a true 3D engine was a big breakthrough for the entire industry

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>who fucks trannies while swearing at them

lol'd, thank you anon!

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You should try and play the 2014 or 2015 game.

A few hours in and BJ shows more emotion and character than some other games can manage in an entire series.

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You meant to say Id tech 1 to Id tech 2.

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There were several games in between Daggerfall and Morrowind.

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You should try the games, they are kino and in the end you will reverse your guesses about them

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I remember being mindblown by the grass in KOTOR, but I hadn't played games for a while at that point

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>but also reflects the change from a fun and charismatic guy to a buff dude with no personality.
Maybe you should actually play the new Wolfenstein before complaining about it because you're clearly talking out of your ass.

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This and nothing else. Doom 1993 was a quantum leap of such magnitude that it was unprecedented and never seen since. The result of John Carmack in his prime.

Legend has it that his rival from the other 3D gaming company (name escapes me) quit coding for a year after seeing Doom, saying that it's witchcraft

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Arma III?

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The first two games were legitimately impressive for their time too, but good luck trying to convince ignorant HG101 kiddies of that.

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halo 3 -> reach

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The truth is also that you're autistic idiots, what do you make of that?