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I am trying to play Space Channel 5 but I keep missing beats when I feel like they should be right. I did some googling and it looks like newer tv's can throw off the timing somehow, and that it might be possible to mess with the tv settings to fix it. Does anyone know what specific tv settings to play with that would reduce input latency?

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>Does anyone know what specific tv settings to play with that would reduce input latency?
you're usually stuck with whatever latency your tv/monitor has. some screens have less latency on "game mode". but the game just has strict timings and you need a low latency monitor or CRT.

honestly you can play space channel 5 with your eyes closed listening to the audio.

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>honestly you can play space channel 5 with your eyes closed listening to the audio.
But some Anons said there was an audio lag too. Also, if I close my eyes how can I look up Ulala's skirt?tell when to hit O to rescue hostages?

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if you get an audio lag then the game is nearly unplayable, dunno what to tell you. there are very few visual cues, at least in Part 2. never played the first.

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>it’s a “babby falls for the pvmeme” episode

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...whats that?

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You need a CRT for retro rhythm games, end of story.

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You sure it's not you?
I have a similar TV and I can do Jammer Lammy just fine.

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Well shit.

It could be, but sometimes I feel certain I hit a beat right and will still get the mistake sound. I just tried emulating Vib-ribbon and when I make a mistake it is usually obvious to me that I did it wrong.

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Does Space Channel 5 have awkward beats, though? The only time I played it was at a retro vidya exhibit years ago and I sucked at it pretty bad.

Also I may be wrong but I believe emulation has a similar issue where it's not accurate. In the same regard I can do Jammy Lammy on a CRT but I have to be purposely off beat a tad to beat it on an emulator. It's also why Mother 3's rhythm combos don't work on emulator.
Again, might be wrong but that's what I heard, anyway.

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Bullshit. I just replayed the first level on my TV that was made in the last 5 years of so and did just fine.

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So I'm confused. Is OP talking about the Trinitron on the pic or he means HD LCDs?

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What are awkward beats? There are long pauses sometimes and I'm bad at judging them, but that's not what I'm talking about. I'm talking about straight-forward beats that I feel like I'm hitting but end up being wrong.

Also sometimes I feel like I hit a button and don't get any response, maybe because I'm in the middle of a move? I dunno how it works, to be honest...

>I have to be purposely off beat a tad
Maybe I should try that.

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just watch a perfect playthrough and mimic their timing. i guarantee your setup/latency is fine and you just suck.

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The pic is just an image I found when I googled 'Trinitron.' I don't know much about tv's, but my manual says mine uses a picture tube called FD Trinitron Tube which is apparently a high-definition CRT, although I'm not really sure what that means...

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Is it widescreen? I hear they have notable input lag
I'm using a more newer CRT that's not widescreen and I don't feel any input lag on my SNES at least

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That vid is the second game, but pretty much this. It's a really hard game and most people who'll ever touch it will probably suck at it.

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Depends on the version. The Dreamcast original has early but consistent timing. The ps2 rerelease has buggy and extremely strict timing. Part 2 is native to ps2 and has proper onbeat timing.
As for emulators, I've played MvsC2 on nulldc ages ago and didn't notice anything different, so I'd think any modern emulator can handle it fine today with the right settings and a non-shit monitor.

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Oh, well, I didn't specify because it's not /vr/, but I am playing the PS2 version. I guess I ought to try emulating the DC version.

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WELL I tried the DC version and I seemed to do better, but sometimes the game sputtered and then when I got to Pudding it crashed.

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What the fuck? Padding? Her name is PUDDING.
for christs sake it says so right on the sign behind her
and her voice is pure sex in the drama segments of the soundtracks

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I keep getting the timings wrong, meanwhile my girlfriend finished it in one sitting. That made me a believer in gender inequality. I absolutely destroy her in every other type of game.

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OP here, I tried a few more times and I have to concede that it's probably not lag, I just sucked at it. I eventually beat Evila and then finished the rest of the stage in the same go. It's weird, sometimes I keep fucking up easy beats when I feel like I got them right, and other times I can do a series of difficult beats nearly perfectly.

Anyway, now I'm playing the extra mode and trying to find all the character profiles.

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You know what, I'm not sure, now I'm replaying level 2 and it does feel like there is some lag between when I press the button and when Ulala says the direction. But some of the quicker beats, like in levels 3 and 4, feel like Ulala responds as soon as I tap the button.

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I got bad news anon, as we age, our reflexes get worse.

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>Is it widescreen? I hear they have notable input lag

I've had a couple widescreen CRTs over the years and I've never experienced this, in fact I play all my retro-era rhythm games on one. HD-CRTs on the other hand suffer badly.

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I agree for the most part, but you can get by on some less strict games on Game mode - Vib Ribbon for instance I can play on my PS3 fine. Parappa/Lammy or Bust a Groove? Fucking forget about it, CRT only.

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When you play through the game a second time, it changes her name to Padding. In a later level it changes Pine's name to Texas. I forget if anyone else is changed.

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she says things differently based on the beat. just focus on keeping the buttons in rhythm, not her response.


i love the stomp dance they do in this level. wish there was more of that

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I've got good news for you anon. When you're born you have very slow reflexes and your reflexes improve into the mid 20s. You have a lot to look forward to. For the next 20 years or so they plateau but are complimented by experience, which has given you you better though processes and muscle memory. Unless you let yourself go to shit you should be able to outperform anyone younger than yourself, with the same innate aptitude for gaming, in a game you started playing as a child. So 20 years from now you will literally crushing you opponents at candy crush. Hell if you're super hard care you might even be a legend in the lol scene. lol

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