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What do you think about Rakuga Kids?

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pretty mediocre. rakugaki showtime is better.

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Has an insane amount of animation frames per character

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Different genres.
Rakuga Kids would be much better if it was faster and the punches/kickes weren't SFV-tier of short

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Looks nice.
Plays meh.

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Concept was bitching as hell. Rented it purely because I loved the cover.
Game itself is mediocre-ish, but it's not like the N64 had any better fighting games.

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Killer Instinct Gold is the best N64 fighter if we don't take Smash64
Fighter's Destiny, MK Trilogy and 4 are good too.
The rest are crap (though I have soft spots for Deadly Arts and Clay Fighter Sculptor's Cut)

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What about the RPG mode in Flying Dragon?

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No love for G.A.S.P.???

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Gasp is Deadly Arts.
Haven't played that one.

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I've listened to the OST like a complete autist several times. It's fucking fantastic.


I'm not sure how they got it sounding so good. I wonder if it used some MP3 style compression or pieced it together from relatively high quality samples, or used a bit of both. Outside of the great music and animation it is indeed pretty meh as everyone else has said.

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I'm actually looking for a way to play it on my US system right now. I got the PAL rom but I'm not sure how to get it to run at 60fps through the everdrive.