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Is it worth buying? If so, what games are musts?

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The ideal way is to own it since its release.
But if you're gonna jump late into the bandwagon, you can always look for some hayden james that aren't expensive, like BakuBaku, or Last Bronx.
Absolute musts for the system would be Nights, Panzer Dragoon II Zwei and Virtua Fighter 2, for starters.

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not really

if the flagship game of your system is about flying through rings on a 2D plane, you know you got issues

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i wouldn't say that's the flagship game of the system.
and yes it's worth buying.
games are this >>4609791
+ dragon force (the best imo), dark savior, shining force 3, deep fear (great survival), burning rangers, shining the holy ark, sega rally, bulk slash...

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Don't buy the model 2.

The model 1 is higher quality.

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This is mostly a myth. Both models are fine, however, whatever you buy, do get the model 2 controllers. Avoid model 1 controllers, that d-pad is a mess.

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Buy an official memory cart AND an action replay plus to flash pseudosaturn onto.

Yes, you will need the expanded memory if you want to play Iron Storm, Shining Force III, Dragon Force, etc.

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>Is it worth buying?

If you can read Japanese or else don't mind burning games, yes.

>If so, what games are musts?

- Panzer Dragoon series
- Burning Rangers
- Shining series
- Dragon Force series
- Layer Section series
- Virtual On

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this is BS.

It is true that model 2s MAY have slightly more dull colours, but you can recap the unit to fix that.

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fugn manx tt

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Saturn Bomberman, Magical Drop 3, Sonic Jam, mother fucking RayForce (Galactic Attack), Fighters Megamix, and Sexy Parodius are some of my favorites that I've played. Saturn pad is the best controller I have ever used. Just don't let people trick you into thinking Clockwork Knight is good, it's very mediocre and I see it recommended often.

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these MUST HAVE lists are always some moneybags shit, no, im not going to drop 150-400 dollars on my first saturn game, stop recommending panzer dragoon saga, burning rangers, dragon force and other exorbitant unrealistic expectation ass shit for newcomers. those games are not newcomer-friendly shit. and no, we all didnt learn basic japanese so we could read our super obscure futa porn mags...so dont go there....

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Bruh just get nights into dreams
Problem: solved

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meh, its mostly a weeb-fest, and u.s. titles are typically expensive. must haves are subjective, and whats objective is all of the ports being the best versions. like resident evil, for example, the best version is the saturn version, for its good amount of exclusive content. now, take my first sentence with a grain of salt, because im a western type gamer, and i still found a bunch of worthwhile titles for the saturn. deep fear comes to mind, and so does quake, but dont be confused about quake, its no pc port, its a ground-up recreation of quake with much improved lighting, so it can stand alone with its PC version.

japanese games are abundant and cheap, few are English friendly, but even fewer are worth playing. unless, again, you are some sort of mega weeb that took a vacation there just to buy used panties from a vending machine. im looking at you, mr langrisser is a must have saturn title, get the fuck outta here.

anyways, shit i forgot what i was going to wrap up with. just get a jap sat and a action replay 4m plus for the whole saturn package for less than the cost of a u.s. sat. even if you dont plan on getting too many jap sat games, the memory boost it gives is worth it alone. later games for the saturn take up more memory space than whats initially available on the console itself, like NHL 98, to make a save you have to have more memory then whats available to you. my bad for the redundancy there, im blunted.

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if i wanted to play sonic id plug in the genesis

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Musts: Afterburner II, Space Harrier, Nightstriker S, Outrun, Power Drift, Galaxy Force II.

Notice a pattern here.

Disagree strongly here. Yes, this is a programming feat. So is SNES Doom. Neither are much fun to play in 2017. Quake 64 is the best console port, by far. Much cleaner visuals, double the framerate of the Saturn.

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one day i cut my brothers arm with scissors because he wouldnt let me play this haha

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buy steep slope sliders then

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Powerslave aka Exhumed

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Google it you little shit ,I’m sick of these game reccomendation threads,just get a modchip a burn your own games from isozone

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Magic Knight Rayearth is a pretty comfy Zelda-alike. Powerslave is a cool technical piece. Panzer Dragoon Zwei is 10/10. All of these are hard to find and expensive as fuck.

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That's a lot of effort to go through just to ignore arcade-perfect Outrun

Shit list

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>It's missing 1 port so it's a shit list
Handle it down

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Better than Arcade Perfect. It is a perfect conversion, plus optional remix music and optional high framerate mode.

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arent modchips, especially for the saturn, also 100 dollars or more tho?

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100 to play every game for free...dude.

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Got mine for around $20 from that guy in Canada that posts on Assembler games. I don't know of any other location where they can be purchased

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why not just flash an action replay and play burned discs with no swap method required (after the first one to flash the AR)

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No, if you buy an entire console with a preinstalled chip, then it's over 100$.
Modchip itself costs 20-30$, you can find them even on ebay.

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It's almost impossible to find one that isn't scuffed or beat to shit, every good game costs about $100+, and there are only about 10 truly good games worth owning to begin with.

So no, it's not worth it. It's a meme console that says semi-relevant due only to the sheer novelty of its existence.

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Nope, Model 2 has a board revision that prevents a handful of Sega Ages games from running properly (The Japanese solo releases, that is). Space Harrier and either Outrun or Power Drift cannot run properly, as the games utilized a trick that allowed the games to pull power from the audio processor.

NiGHTS is one of the best games ever made, fuck you

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>brainlet that can't figure out how to pirate things

Opinion automatically disregarded.

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>brainlet that buys and damages old consoles when he could just emulate
Retard, if I'm going to play old decaying shit like a Saturn, you can bet I'm going to play the real thing. Why the fuck you would bother investing in a real console just for the authenticity, only to render said authenticity pointless by modding it and playing burnt games?

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if you need to ask, no

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You'd be playing burnt isos either way. What's the difference if it was done at a factory or at home

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-Nights into Dreams
-Panzer Dragoon II
-Sega Rally Championship
-Virtua Cop
-Virtua Fighter 2 & Fighters Megamix

Worth looking into, especially if you import:
-Burning Rangers (3D Platformer)
-Darius Gaiden (Schump)
-Dead or Alive (3D Fighting)
-Die Hard Arcade (Beat Em Up)
-Guardian Heroes (Beat Em Up)
-House of the Dead (Light Gun)
-Last Bronx (3D Fighting)
-Power Slave (First Person Shooter)
-Silhouette Mirage (2D Sidescroller)
-Street Fighter Alpha 2 (2D Fighting)
-Tomb Raider (3D Platformer)
-Vampire Hunter/Vampire Savior (2D Fighting)
-Virtual-On (3D Fighting)
-X-Men Vs. Street Fighter (2D Fighting)

If you can afford it:
-Dragon Force (RPG)
-Elevator Action Returns (2D Platformer)
-Panzer Dragoon Saga (RPG)
-Radiant Silvegun (Schump)
-Shining Force III (RPG)

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Emulation isn't perfect.

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>people shill the FUCK out of Saga
>Zwei is actually the best PD game

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im not him but that true.
however also keep in mind that sega saturn emulation is a lot better than it used to be thanks to mednafen

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Utter horse shit.
Rubbish game. Only ever recommended coz it's a sega platformer. It's fucking awful though, with super sluggish controls and terrible level design.
SSF is still better and has been for over a decade. But yeah mednafen is great.

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Fuck off. Tie off the lid sensor and swap the disks.

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I've never seen the individual chip for less than $40. No listings on ebay except premodded consoles.

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Saturn disc swap is a hassle, especially on the model 2.

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>Fuck off. I'm poor and spent all my allowance on a $150 Saturn from eBay. I'll me crying in the mod repair thread in a few months while simultaneously LARPing in another thread about how I've been using the swap trick without any problem for 20 years.

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I feel like the games barely if at all made use of the six button controller... All the good six button games are on what, n64?

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excluding fighters

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Except for the best fighter of the gen.

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Obviously a Sega console is worth buying, what sort of question is that? Get Sonic Jam, Sonic 3D Blast, Megaman 8, and Virtua Fighter 2.

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It's not worth if you're not a devout old school Sega fan. I can't justify someone new getting into retro games and buying stuff like Sonic Jam or the definitive version of Sonic 3D. It's for really deep SEGA fans.

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Fuck off Nintendo-shill.

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Of what you listed, only Virtua Fighter is a must play.
Jam is literally just a compilation from the Genesis, 3D Blast was ass, and so was Mega Man 8.

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3D Blast was only ass on Genesis, the Saturn version is great, don't act like you played it before. Jam has the best version of the original Sonic and Megaman 8 is the best Megaman game. I bet you think X4 was better when it's just a mediocre game at best. Cry more.

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I bet you also think the Dreamcast was "too ahead of it's time" too?

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No, I think it was the last good console but no matter when it launched it would have failed because normalfags don't appreciate good games.

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>delusional Sega fan just so happens to think that the company's last console was, coincidentally, the last good console of all time
Yep, it might have had the shittiest controller of its gen, the shittiest graphics and only a handful of good games that all got ported to other consoles anyway, but it was the last good one guys!

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Forgot to drop the name this time eh? Caught red-handed trying to incite console wars. I bet you don't even like Sega.

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The Xbox controller was a worse version of the DC controller.
The PS2 controller was too small.
Nintendo made the GCN controller suck on purpose just to make it different.
DC's controller was just the right size and had a VMU. Ports for DC games like Skies of Arcadia sucked because they lacked the VMU features. Show me a port of Shenmue or Cannonspike.

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I like Sega but I just really hate Nintendo and Sony.

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Yeah, too bad it only had one fucking analog stick.

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None of the games needed a right-stick, and it's funny to hear this from somebody criticizing the Dreamcast despite Nintendo fans praising the Nintendo 64 and Sony fans praising the PSP.

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I came to this thread to complain about the lack of six button games and to crypto-praise Nintendo, but even I have a problem with your post.
I got a Dreamcast recently and I can confirm it's a wonderful system, the games are good and cheap. The controller is fine, it's got triggers dood.

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by cheap I mean free ehhehe
but I buy some of them anyway, the games are free which makes legal copies affordable because of low demand. wonderful system.

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Yeah, none of the games needed a right stick because games like shooters weren't made for the console because it didn't have a fucking stick.

Also, trying to throw this criticism back at the N64 is fucking retarded because unlike the Dreamcast controller you could use the d-pad to move and the analog stick to aim in every single shooter on the console, which is practically identical to dual analog controls. The Dreamcast controller had the analog stick and d-pad on the same side, meaning you had to do something retarded like use face buttons for aiming. It was a shit design and you're a retard for defending it.

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PSP is the greatest emulator homebrew handheld ever, mainly because nobody can afford that pandora shit. Still it has its problems, shitty buttons/dpad/shoulder buttons/thumbstick. Just an unbelievably shitty pad overall.

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>Yeah, none of the games needed a right stick because games like shooters weren't made for the console because it didn't have a fucking stick.
Good, shooters should only be made on PC. Moving with the D-pad in shooters on the Nintendo 64 was the worst feeling ever.

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>Good, shooters should only be made on PC. Moving with the D-pad in shooters on the Nintendo 64 was the worst feeling ever.
Faggot you've never played an N64 shooter in your life, you didn't even know you could use the d-pad. And funny you talk about PC in the same post that you shit on d-pad movement considering that WASD movement is the same fucking thing. Keep trying you fucking retard.

>> No.4615105

Console shooters went to shit after they abandoned robust auto-aim for manual aim using the second control stick. If I'm going to play an FPS on console it's going to be Perfect Dark or Metroid.

>> No.4615106

most games on this list are indeed good. But deep fear? I mean if you like "The Room" you will like deep fear. If you thought RE1 is whack, the you haven't seen deep fears cutscenes...

>> No.4615108

Actually come to think of it, wii shooters had pretty good controls. The Conduit was acceptable.

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You can plug in controllers for PC games. Keep reaching, grandpa.

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>Replying to yourself
Okay, so which one is it? Is it the last great system, or the shittiest of it's gen?
You're pathetic, dude.

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>imagine being so retarded that you think the fucking Conduit had better controls than a game like Halo

>> No.4615114

This has literally nothing to do with what I just said. How many paint chips do you eat on a daily basis?

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I said the DC is the last good gaming system and it was.

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> Playing halo on Xbox
> Being a console pleb and playing Halo2 instead of the other '2' released that same year

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>And funny you talk about PC in the same post that you shit on d-pad movement considering that WASD movement is the same fucking thing.
You really must be a grandpa to have Alzheimer's this severe.

>> No.4615120

Given that you're the one who responded with a totally irrelevant post and thinks WASD and d-pad movement aren't basically the same thing, you're the one with the mental disorder in this scenario.

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Except I never acted like WASD movement was necessary. Exposed, faggot.

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What exactly does playing Halo 2 have to do with me calling you a fucking idiot for thinking Wii shooters have better controls than a dual analog control scheme? Talk about trying to move goal posts.

>> No.4615127

PC is still better because it has more buttons.
Cataclysm uses every button on the keyboard, a complex textual RPG that controls like the vi text editor.

Dual analog is the worst shit ever. American (xbox) gamers have bad taste for playing FPS on consoles and not playing genres that actually lend themselves to gamepad controls.

>> No.4615128

Another reason FPS should remain on PC: Hotkeys. You can switch weapons instantly, vs this console bullshit where you hold down a button and drag the analog around, or tap the dpad six times, etc.

>> No.4615130

>Dual analog is the worst shit ever. American (xbox) gamers have bad taste for playing FPS on consoles and not playing genres that actually lend themselves to gamepad controls.
Are you legitimately retarded or what? Dude, I don't even own a console, I've played Q3A and Command & Conquer Renegade for 15 years, but saying that fucking Wiimote controls are better than something like Halo or CoD is laughable and indicative of severe autism. This is common sense shit here faggot.

>> No.4615131 [DELETED] 

I agree. There's no reason to play a FPS on console at all.

>> No.4615132

I wish more twin-stick shooters were available, but instead I get stuck with crap like CoD 3142: The Beginning or Hay-woah.

>> No.4615136

They should take away the second stick and go back to the gamecube layout, but have the A button function like a Steam Controller trackpad.

>> No.4615141

One of my problems with dual analog is that using the second stick steals your thumb away from the face buttons.

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Saturn was the first nominated for John Carmack's
Quad Hall of Shame

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what is wrong with you

>> No.4615203

autism, and not the good (carmack) kind.

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Steaming trash.

>> No.4615273

not into lowpoly girls, eh?

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File: 372 KB, 1692x1128, 1517302450648.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I want to sniff Sakura's bloomers!

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Not 20 years. My original Saturn broke in the late 90's and i bought a replacement off ebay in the mid 00's. So not 20 years, but the swap trick has served me for over a decade you projecting faggot. And also i only paid 25 bucks for it then.

>> No.4615308

>cares about "girls" in a 20 year old video game to begin with
Now it all makes sense.

>> No.4615415

Someone might have believed you if you hadn't outed yourself by projecting that someone else is projecting

>> No.4615515

Imagine responding like this to a joke

>> No.4615879

I really don't give a shit what you believe. And if you aren't projecting you are feeding into the mindset that everyone but you on this board is underage and if they are talking about a console they own then they must have paid several hundred dollars for it last week. And i know I'm being bated at this point but for shits and giggles i looked through my email archive and I bought the replacement Saturn in 09, not the mid 00's like i thought. So there, I'll give (you) that.

>> No.4616307

Has Carmack coded anything relevant at all since Quake 3?

>> No.4616310


>> No.4616315

The disconnect comes from the fact that Sega was in the market of making fun games, Carmack never was. He in fact never knew how to, as was shown immediately by post-Romero id.

>> No.4616348

Carmack was an engineer.

>> No.4616350

The Doom 3 Engine was pretty slick.

>> No.4616628

If you didn't care you wouldn't respond. Most people here are underage. If not physically <18 then maybe a 20 something with a mental age of 12. There are common tells. For example someone calls $150 "several hundred dollars" or talks about seriously using the swap trick. The pattern repeats over and over so either you've been here since two summers ago telling the same stories or you're just one of the legion of slightly less underage parroting the same shit.

>> No.4616828

The fact that he was more mechanically minded does not preclude that he didn't help make fun games, his focus on have fluid, high framerates and increased focus on stage complexity very much factored into how good the golden era of ID games were.

>> No.4616835

Not him but I think the thing is that Carmack is basically a robo-autist savant that's amazing at developing technology but doesn't have a single clue when it comes to aesthetics. Carmack's skills as a developer were tempered by Romero's sense of style and design, that's why games like Doom and Hexen were so cool, and then later id games became forgettable generic trash like Doom 3 and Quake 4.

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>> No.4616934

imagine taking all the time to make this shit and after all that they managed to forget darkstalkers 3...

>> No.4617136

What are "SGI style pixels"?

>> No.4617139


>> No.4617161

More like PS1 is the most mediocre, as Saturn was "nuts" (in a good way) for 2D, and N64 was ahead of its time in 3D.

>> No.4617165

it's too bad the olympics already ended, you could have medalled in mental gymnastics

>> No.4617193

I know who SGI are, but I'm wondering what he's talking about with SGI pixels.

>> No.4617216

Didn't he single-handedly ruin the saturn port of doom? It was going to run at 60fps but with some affine texture warping, which he decided was unacceptable and blocked that build of the game from release. For some reason the PS1 port having that issue was just fine though.

>> No.4617223

I just had a kid. As a result of that i have been spending all of my free time at home. Since he sleeps alot i have time now to dust off some old consoles and play them. Historically I had avoided /v/ like the plague but i had hoped that since the board split up, maybe there would be some decent discusssion about retro games and not just mindless contrarian shit flinging. Turns out i was wrong. If you all want to spend money on modding 20 year old systems using garbage chink chips in order to save three seconds off of start up then be my guest. But I am here to tell you that the swap trick works fine. Maybe if I had played my Saturn every single day for the past ten years I would have problems by now but I didn't.

>> No.4617781

There's always somebody chimes in with one more title they wish were included. Maybe I should go through the archives, find them all, and make a part two. There just isn't room for very many games on these webm charts, since they have to fit on one "screen." I can reasonably fit up to 35 (5x7 grid) in a chart for a 1080p screen, but 30 (5x6 grid) looks better. Static image charts usually have far more slots than that.

>> No.4617812


In its time I was obsessed with this arcade.

>> No.4617818

No mental gymnastics though, just facts.

>> No.4617830

good game, but I thihnk it has like 3 stages

>> No.4618090

>NiGHTS is one of the best games ever made, fuck you

It really isn't. The gameplay is incredibly limited, but I will say the graphics are outstanding

Both Nintendo and Sony knew what they were doing. Why was SEGA so unoriginal?

>> No.4618091

>and N64 was ahead of its time in 3D.

perhaps. but there was a tiny texture bus, and how do you explain those low framerates?

the expansion pack is also slower than the regular RAM, so it wasn't always properly utilized. that's why konami games ran like shit in hi-res mode

>> No.4618104

>the expansion pack is also slower than the regular RAM, so it wasn't always properly utilized.
Do you have a source on this? I'm not doubting you but I'm legitimately interested. Are you saying games which don't utilize the expansion pack would actually run better using only the standard jumper pack?

>> No.4618118

One of the most convincing LARPs I've seen on /vr/ recently. If I didn't have kids of my own I might have bought it. The more you expand your story the more holes you expose. People on 4chan are experienced at seeing and calling out bullshit. Remind me again, how many games did your imaginary friendself play for how many decades on which console that wasn't modded. Do you even know that the original imaginary console you "owned" was actually owned by your friend or older brother or parents or whatever? The wew is strong with this lad.

>> No.4618124

Yeah you can also criticize the PS1 and SS for other flaws they had, it doesn't make the statement any less true. PS1 being the "mediocre" system isn't really a bad thing, and it was the first one to launch in late 94 so there's that. N64 came out 2 years later almost.
N64 was the most powerful home system for video games in mid 96 when it came out, until the first 3dfx cards came out for PC.

>> No.4618128

He means the game that have the extra RAM as optional (like Hybrid Heaven, Star Wars Racer), which indeed run at a much lower framerate, in the case of Racer making it unplayable since it's a game about reflexes, HH is more tolerable since it's semi turn based. The textures are higher res, but the framerate suffers for it. You can disable it though.
For games like Majora's Mask or DK64, which required the expansion (that is, were made with it in mind), no, they wouldn't run better without it, in fact they couldn't.

>> No.4618224

I have a modded model 2 with a working lens and I couldn't be happier with it.

>> No.4618671
File: 72 KB, 1280x689, 61PqbzwmW5L._SL1280_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>knew what they were doing
Reminder N64 had less 3rd party support than the Saturn.

>> No.4618674

>N64 was the most powerful home system for video games in mid 96 when it came out, until the first 3dfx cards came out for PC.
Too bad that only lasted for a couple of months, hope those 2 launch games were worth it.

>> No.4618676

Not that guy, and I love Saturn and Nights, but Nintendo still managed to outsold Saturn, and within Japan, despite Saturn selling more units, N64 sold more software.
Also, while N64 doesn't have nearly as many 3rd party support as other consoles, it still has some pretty stellar 3rd party exclusives.

>> No.4618678

>hope those 2 launch games were worth it.
They were.
By the end of 1996 I was mostly playing Wave Race and Killer Instinct Gold though.

>> No.4618686

Doesn't really matter who had more third party support when the N64 was the only one with good games.

>> No.4618787

> it still has some pretty stellar 3rd party exclusives.
And the Saturn had more of those too.
>and within Japan, despite Saturn selling more units, N64 sold more software.
>the N64 was the only one with good games.
This is how your brain operates if you're a Nntencuck.

>> No.4618801

the saturn was such a flop it didn't even get Tony Hawk, Resident Evil 2, and Ridge Racer

at least n64 got those basic essentials

>> No.4618828
File: 25 KB, 398x500, 1499482256996.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>This is how your brain operates if you're a Nntencuck.
Sorry, but I don't consider flying homosexual jesters and arcade ports to fall under the category of good gaming experiences. Saturn had a small number of worthwhile titles, but by and large it had one of the worst libraries of any mainstream console ever, and the sales show it. You can call me a "Nntencuck" but all this really means is that I got to play cool shit like Perfect Dark, Doom 64, Ocarina of Time, Star Fox, Smash Bros., F-Zero and Killer Instinct while you were stuck with last-gen Sonic compilations, barely-playable multiplats and 2D fighters. Stay mad.

>> No.4618851

>cool shit
This is how your brain operates if it's permanently stuck at 12 years old.

You are an archetypal Nintendildo QED.

>> No.4618857

lmao you got blown the fuck out dude

>> No.4618902

>Sorry, but I don't consider... arcade ports to fall under the category of good gaming experiences
you're just wrong, here

>> No.4618908

Are the save files larger than the onboard memory? I tried looking up how big the SFIII Scenario 1 and 2 saves are with no luck, I'd like to do the file transfer but if onboard isnt enough that kinda sucks

>> No.4619064

meh. it had deep fear and steep slope sliders

>> No.4619068

Nope. I'm really not. If you buy home consoles to play inferior arcade ports you are a fucking retard.

>> No.4619069

5th gen arcade ports were generally really good though

>> No.4619091

I mean apart from Dark Savior I don't really have any fond memories of games I played on it.
I remember owning many many bad games like Le Crow, or inferior short arcade clones of Sega Games.

>> No.4619150


>> No.4619161
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>being so assblasted that you post a YouTube link as a comeback

>> No.4619279

Ok dude. My Saturn broke the late 90s. I bought a replacement in 2009 for $24.50 on ebay. Since I bought it, when i want to play a title i dont have i burn a backup and play it with the swap trick. I love how convinced you are that i would make up such a mundane thing just to fit your headcannon that everyone on this board is full of shit but you.

>> No.4619320

i already had killer instinct, f zero, star fox and doom on my SNES when i bought the saturn. damn i never realized how shitty the n64 was before your list

>> No.4619564

I'm not interested on a Saturn vs N64 war, I love both systems (more than the PS1)

>> No.4619840

Ok dudeling. You're not fooling anyone. Someone who claims to have used the swap trick for years would make up stories? Perish the though. lol

>> No.4619842

>i already had killer instinct, f zero, star fox and doom on my SNES when i bought the saturn. damn i never realized how shitty the n64 was before your list
>I had a bunch of last-gen versions of these franchises therefore the N64 sucks
Are you legitimately autistic?

>> No.4619870

is any of these games better on the ultra 64?

>> No.4619885


>> No.4619887

they're different games altogether.
Killer Instinct is the only one that's closest to the original game (and still has a bunch of new characters, techniques, etc).
Star Fox 64 and F-Zero X are definitely next gen sequels to the originals, and yeah I'd say they are better, even if the originals are still good on their own way, again, they're different games anyway.

>> No.4619892

kek, we both know those games were shit or mediocre at best

>> No.4619954

(You) got me man. Made up a story about owning a mass produced consumer product and using a very well known and easy exploit of that product just to impress users of an anonymous image board. I don't know what part of the spectrum you fall on but I wish you a happy life inspite of your disability.

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