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muh quintology

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muh 2 games and sellout to microsoft

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Muh supposed 8 game (+1) plan

Now nothing but lesser remakes of games which haven't aged a day and don't need to be remade

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Didn't Exoddus have less content in terms of mudokun saving because of rooms filled to the brim with them?

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Pretty sure Exoddus had more screens than Oddysee and more enemies you could possess.

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It definitely has more locations, and it does feel longer. I think there's 3 times more Mudokons or something like that anyway

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exoddus had 300 mudokons, oddyssey had 99.

i played and beat both when i was a child, exodduss was longer and more challenging

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And get this, Exoddus is not technically the second game in the quintology. It's a side story - an expansion pack likely commissioned by Sony as the first game sold incredibly well.

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To our benefit, for once

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Oh hai guys dont mind me, just adding a nerve-racking time element to your puzzle rooms

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They were grouped up more for sure, but the puzzles were much more complex and varied. In the end, Exoddus had way more content. It was also a little gimmicky in the first game to have puzzles where you had to complete it in multiple passes because only one Mudokon could be commanded at a time.

Strange design choice, especially for how early in the game they are encountered. I imagine it was a stumbling block for a lot of players, especially those that didn't play the first game. Still the most stressful part of either game for me, even though when you're familiar with the game they are trivial to deal with.

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Oddysee had 99 Mudokons. Exoddus had 300.

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Is this the only series that lets you control exploding clouds of fart gas?

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All of them are good except for Munch's Oddysee.

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haven't played stranger in a while, uh?

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Stranger's was solid af even though it's the least "Odd" out of all.

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>Now nothing but lesser remakes
They're working on a new game, they were doing a little ARG for a while for fans to find clues to new leaks about it
Definitely agree the remake was unnecessary though, oddysee/exoddus are god-tier any year

thank god they added quiksave along with these dudes

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Surprised to hear anyone say this (contesting the difficulty, not the length). I'm wondering if by "beat" you mean 100% or not. I think Exoddus is far easier even not considering Quicksave. Both games' main areas are roughly even, but to do all of Oddysee's optional zones is substantially more difficult I think.

Those aren't so bad as long as you keep moving, even if you're stuck for a moment, if you keep hopping around and switching ledges it takes them quite a while to kill you.

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Sorry I didn't reply but yeah everyone else has already beaten me to it anyway kek

That was a problem I had with N&T. They had 3x the amount of mudokons to rescue from memory but it just meant they chucked 200 of them into hidden rooms

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Yeah that's what I meant by +1 here >>4609212

It's a pity they fucked up so bad by not going with ps2. Munches Oddysee was actually a main reason I bought a ps2 back when it was supposed to come out on it

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I am still salty about this.

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>follow me

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I thought their "new" game was a kinda sorta remake of Exodus. Just not as close as New n Tasty was to Oddysee

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They are just rebooting the whole Quintology starting with New n' Tasty

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Its the plans for Leisure Suit Larry all over again. Remaking the past rather than doing something totally new.

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Were the Xbox games any good?

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Only Stranger's Wrath

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>(You) (You) (You)

When my wife farts she says 'he he he' and I start screaming 'get em!' *brank*

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When did the series jump the shark? For me it was when Abe started possessing his own farts.

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Sound like a pair of losers

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