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Post 'em

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Here's a rather obscure one, Pettan Pyuu.


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>arcade classics
Might as well just get pic related out of the way.

Played this last summer for the first time. Very fun addicting game!

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I love early Konami arcade games, they're so charming.
Played the shit out of Circus Charlie on my famiclone when I first got it.

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C64 version, done by Parker Bros. Their video game division folded from the crash which may explain the lack of any ports on other systems. They could have made the graphics a bit better, that blue background is ugly. Other than that, it's about comparable to the NES but you do notice the slower framerate right off the bat since the NES is a good 75% faster.

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I was under the impression did a few C64 ports of their games in-house, since the C64 was internally similar to the MSX1.

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My favorite game, not just arcade, of all time is probably Dogyuun.
Here are ones that I think were very influential that I still very fun to play:
Flying Shark, Ghost n Goblins, Final Fight, Super Contra, SFII: Hyper Fighting (multiplayer), Gradius, DoDonPachi, Robotron 2084. Tempest isn't as influential but I have to mention it.

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I still find very fun*

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This, BombJack and DigDug where my intro to arcade games.

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>I was under the impression did a few C64 ports of their games in-house
Who did what in-house?
>since the C64 was internally similar to the MSX1
Excuse me? C64 and MSX have nothing in common. They don't share a CPU and the sound and graphics chips are completely different. The MSX1 is mostly like a Colecovision with a keyboard (Z80+TMS9918/19).

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This is true although the VIC-II did borrow some design ideas from the TMS 9918. In fact the NES PPU did as well.

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Pooyan also got ports on the Apple II, C64, and Atari 8-bit which were done by Datasoft, another developer that succumbed to the video game crash. That Famicom version however never made it to North America.

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Nor did Circus Charlie or several other early Konami games. I don't think anything they put on the Famicom pre-Castlevania made it here.

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Parker also planned to release their Atari 8-bit and C64 titles on cartridge to be more kid-friendly, but thanks to the crash they had to go with the cheaper disk format--for example, Montezuma's Revenge is a disk game despite having been purposely designed to fit on a 16k cartridge. Their video game division was closed down sometime in mid to late 1984.

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A true classic.

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Being the only arcade machine in your country automatically makes you an instant classic.